-Case 1-

(Terror Rate: *, maybe ** at most.)


"Mummy Won't Wake"

Mai's POV

Naru's going to kill me. I'm lost! Hey, it's not my fault. The house is so big!

"Naru!" I called. "Lin-san?" My voice carried down the hall and out the windows. It must have been a little after sunset because a calm, mesmerizing light glittered through the windows. I tried calling again, but there was no answer. Dang it! You know what would be really ironic right now? If I was attacked by a ghost. I weakly laughed and looked around. I wasn't that much of a danger magnet, was I? I paused to remember all those times I was harmed by a ghost. Getting dragged down a well, getting dragged into the sewer, getting water dumped on me, running from a demon, etc...Okay, maybe I was a danger magnet. But we haven't even been here for twenty-four hours! There was no way I could get attacked so quickly, unless it was a really powerful ghost... I gave a yelp when I knocked over a vase, but I caught it at the last moment. That's strange-no water came out. Was someone here before? I looked down and saw a water spill on the wooden floor. The spill must have been there for a few minutes. I quietly set the vase down and continued on.

"Oh, it's you." I turned around and saw Hayato-kun. "Are you lost?" His eyes twinkled with sadistic amusement. I nodded. "I expected so." Grrr, why is he so mean to me? Wait, I once read somewhere that boys Hayato-kun's age have troubles expressing their emotions. Maybe he was just- Wait, how did he find me? Was he following me? If so, then why didn't I hear him? Oh, maybe I did and I just didn't notice him. Wait, then why didn't he say anything to me? How long has he been following me?! And I really don't like that look in his eyes-like he knows your most embarrassing secret and is just about to announce it to the public. Hold on, Mai, are you sure he's following you? Well, yes! I haven't spotted another living soul! Hayato-kun snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Are you listening? How did you get lost?" I frowned. He didn't need to snap in my face!

"This house is so big, I guess I just took a wrong turn." I shrugged.

"Only an idiot like you could do that. Now c'mon!" He grabbed my hand and started to lead me down the hallway. I wanted to kill him so bad! What did I ever do to him? Maybe he's just offensive because his parents aren't around, and he feels scared? An image of Hayato-kun sitting in a crib while his mother rocked him back and forth popped into my mind. I giggled. Yeah, like that would ever happen! "What're you giggling at?" Hayato-kun inclined his head towards me, his brown eyes terrifying and full of barbaric mirth. I felt as if his eyes were piercing my very soul, just waiting to reach into my very heart and-Snap out of it, Mai! Hayato-kun isn't just some demon, he's a little kid!...Well, a scary little kid with a lot of attitude.

"N-Nothing's wrong." I felt every muscle in my body tense. Hayato-kun's eyes returned to their cold state and his attention shifted to the hallway. C'mon, Mai! He's just a kid! Stop thinking like that! He wouldn't actually hurt you!


So why is every fiber in my body screaming to get away? "Did you bring any others? A priest or something?" Hayato-kun asked. I snapped out of my thoughts and nodded. Well, that's kind of a weird question to ask, but you never know with little kids.

"Yeah. There's Ayako, who's a priestess, John, who's a priest, and Bou-san, who's a monk." Hayato mumbled something angry under his breath. Wait...does he speak English? It sounded like he does. When I asked him, he scoffed. "Of course I do. I've spoken Japanese and English my whole life. I also speak a variety of other languages, but it's too long to list." Where does this kid go to school?!

"How old are you, anyways?"

"I seem to appear seven, don't I?" He asked. I nodded. "Good. The younger, the better." Wait, Hayato-kun's way to young to think about age! He turned left and he opened a door. Hey, we're back in the base room! I didn't know there was a door at the back of the room, but the look on Naru's face made me want to scramble away.

Crap. I'm dead.

Normal POV

From the look of his body language, Kazuo had definitely been arguing with Naru. Naru, on the other hand, was leaning against the table with his arms crossed. He had obviously been scowling and tapped the side of his arm with his left index finger.

"Mai, where have you been?" Naru asked in a scary, yet calm voice. Mai found herself at a loss-Naru had never looked so calm, yet so angry at the same time. "Mai, I asked you a question. Where were you?"

"I-I got lost," Mai replied, finally finding her voice. Kazuo sighed in relief, and Naru frowned. "Don't blame me! This house is huge!" Mai turned to Hayto and said, "Thank you for helping me, Hayato-kun."

"I've always taken pity on fools like you," Hayato replied and started to walk off. Mai's eye twitched in anger. I was trying to be nice, you jerk! She screamed in her head. "Now if you don't mind, it's time for me to go to sleep. This small body of mine cannot handle much in a day. Goodnight, you pitied, old fools." Hayato slammed the door behind him. Kazuo called after him and left the room, leaving an awkward silence behind. Naru's cold, crisp indigo eyes focused on Mai.

"How did you get lost so early on?" Naru frowned. Mai shrugged.

"I guess I took a wrong turn?" Mai felt a flicker of pain in her head. She winced and rubbed her temples. Great, a headache, and it hasn't even been twenty-four hours. "Wait..." Mai squinted her eyes as she tried to remember. No, she definitely didn't take a wrong turn, so how did she get lost? She closed her eyes and tried to remember. "There was...the sound of foot prints, I think," she murmured. Why was she having trouble remembering? This only happened two hours ago! "And..." Right! Mai heard footsteps, followed them, and saw-

Suddenly, a beaten, bloodied and scared child appeared in Mai's mind. The girl opened her mouth and spoke, "Leave this house and never come back." Then, as if someone had snapped in a silent room, Mai was thrown back into the present. Wait, how did I get lost again...? Naru and Lin stared at Mai with confused eyes.

"What are you saying?" Naru raised an eyebrow. Mai blinked in confusion.

"Uh...Are you talking to me?" Mai asked.

"No, Mai, I'm talking to Lin. Of course I'm talking to you." Naru rolled his eyes. Mai puffed her cheeks out.

"I believe a spirit used Taniyama-san to tell us a message." Lin sat back down. "It certainly seemed like it. You stopped speaking for a minute, and then you were possessed."

"I was...possessed?" Mai repeated and fell silent when she saw that Naru was in thought. Something was obviously bothering him. "Naru, are you alright?" Naru and Lin exchanged quick glances. Mai crossed her arms. There they go again with that silent conversation! She frowned, then brightened. "Oh, Naru, I had a dream!" Mai exclaimed and began to retell her dream. During the middle of it, a pang of anxiety hit her stomach. Why am I so nervous? Mai asked herself. Well, I was a little nervous for being possessed for a moment, but it was only for a moment. But this anxiety...it feels too strong for this situation.

"So, the husband was abusive." Lin rubbed his chin. "Maybe one of the ghost's here is the spirit of the wife who wants revenge?"

"But she looked so kind in my dream!" Mai objected. "She put her kids first before anything else!"

"People can change, Mai." Naru stood up to his full height . "People can change."

(A/N: Just a small part showing Jealous Naru :3)

Naru's POV


Kazuo took us on a tour of the house. He showed us the base and where we would be sleeping. This place was larger than what I originally thought, but I knew we would have enough cameras. Every once in a while we would hear a door open and close, but Kazuo said that it must have been his mother moving about. Ever since the lost of her child, Kazuo's mother had been constantly moving about. She claimed she couldn't stand sitting any longer. Kazuo inclined his head to look at me, which caused another staring contest. He backed off after twenty seconds. I barely hid my smirk. Sorry, but I was the Glare Master.

"So, Shibuya-san," Kazuo started. "Is Mai your girlfriend?"

"No, Juba-san." I felt my patience instantly rubbing away. Lin hid his snicker. "But I know that she isn't pursuing a relationship right now." I added for...some reason. Why was I so angry with him? Is it because he liked Mai? A feeling rose into my chest at the mere thought of her name. No, Mai was my assistant, nothing more. I'm probably just wanting tea right now.

"And you know how?" Kazuo asked.

"I've spent a much longer time with Mai than you. I think I would know what she wants to do and what she doesn't," I replied coolly.

"From what I've seen, you mostly insult her and make her pissed. Do you really know her?"

"The only thing you've done, Joba-san, is stand there and try to look pretty. Which, I may add, fails completely." I smirked and turned to Lin before Kazuo could reply. "Has everything been brought in?" I asked. Lin nodded in reply. "Good. Where did Mai go? Don't tell me she's lost."

"She is." Hayato scoffed behind us, causing everyone to turn around. "I'm quite sure of it. The girl sounds like quite a danger magnet."

"Hayato! Where were you?" Kazuo scolded. "Have you been following mother around again?"

"What else would I be doing?"

"And you're soaking wet!" Hayato looked down at Hayato's sopping wet shirt. "What happened?"

"I was careless and knocked over a vase. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go change shirts." I narrowed my eyes at his retreating back. Something's not right with him. Could he be...?

Normal POV

"Kaniji! Noberu! Where do you think you're going?!" Mai put her hands on her hips. She and her two sons were standing in front of a mirror on the wall, but Mai wasn't able to see the mother's face. The boys, however, looked to be much older-sixteen or so. It must have been late at night, as the crickets were chirping and it felt colder than usual. Were Kaniji and Noberu trying to sneak out? Mai asked herself. They're standing in front of the doorway... "It's one AM in the morning, and you're sneaking out!" Yep.

Mai's blue eyes softened. "Why're you leaving me with him?" She whispered. Kaniji and Noberu exchanged glances, and they had a silent conversation. They must know about the abusive father, Mai thought. But the mother's right. Why would they leave her alone with a man like that?! Even if he was asleep... The mother often wondered how her boys were able to communicate without using words. Was it just a twin thing? "Boys, go back to your rooms right now. Please," she whispered, "before Takumo wakes up." Kaniji and Noberu hung their heads in shame.

"...Mother, don't worry." Nobero lifted his head with determined green eyes and stared at his mother. "We're fixing this. He won't hurt you anymore."


"He's right, mother." Kaniji added. "But we need you to go back to sleep." Mai was at a loss. How-Oh, no. They couldn't be talking to him!

"You've been talking to Anijio Rikuto again, haven't you?" Mai whispered. The twins' green eyes betrayed them. "You two were forbidden to speak to him! Don't you know what he's done in the past? He murdered his original family, for God's sake! Go march up to your rooms right now, and you are to stay there until morning! Anijio s a dangerous boy, and a bad influence!" Mai pointed at the stairs. "We'll talk about your punishment in the morning!"

"Mother, you can't believe any of the rumors about Rikuto-kun!" Kaniji pleaded. "Everyone's just afraid of him, so they spread some rumors-"

"They're not rumors!" Mai hissed. "I've heard Rikuto-kun's mother yelling at her son next door! I've heard the things he's done and honestly, it doesn't surprise me." Noberu shifted his feet uncomfortably.

"But, mother-"


Mai pointed at the stairs and said in a low voice, "Go to your rooms now." The boys sighed and trudged up the stairs. Once Mai heard the familiar "click" of a lock, she let out a sob, but quickly covered it. Another muffled sob escaped her lips. Honestly, how could she protect her two reasons for life from an abusive father and a teenage murderer...?

"Mai, wake up." Mai's eyes snapped open. She felt something wet against her cheeks and thought, Was I crying? But I'm not sad. "Mai, why're you crying?" Straight to the point, as always. Mai mentally groaned. That's the second time Naru woke me up. Mai sat up, and Naru leaned back.

"I had another dream, Naru." Mai wiped the tears away and began to tell her dream. "Was I crying because the mother was crying?" She guessed.

"Most likely. Now c'mon, Takigawa-san and Matsuzaki-san will be arriving soon." He stood up, and Mai followed.

"How soon?"

"Within two hours." Mai wanted to squeal, but she doubted her boss would like that. Although they could never replace them, Mai often thought of Bou-san and Ayako as parental figures. They argued all the time and they obviously were crushing on each other, so they fit the role perfectly! "The mother's name is Juba Akria, and the father's name is Juba Takahiro." Naru explained. "Juba-san refused to start breakfast without you." Naru opened the door to the dining room. Everyone else stopped talking and turned to face them. Mai felt her cheeks heat up. She hated being late!

"Good morning!" She greeted. Akira stood up. Her midnight black hair was long, but her brown eyes were a mixture of emotions. Mai couldn't tell if those chocolate brown orbs were full of happiness or sadness. This is the mother who lost her baby? Sad, she doesn't look like she deserve to go through any of that pain.

"You're finally awake." Akira smiled. "Please, sit down." So, Mai and Naru sat down. Breakfast was filled with laughter and talk, much to Mai's enjoyment. She hadn't had a breakfast like this in a long time. Shesmiled to herself. If it wasn't for the ghosts, Mai would have thought that the Juba family was perfect. Then again, thanks to her job, she learned first hand that not every family was happy with each other. "So, Mai, do you have a boyfriend?" Akira asked. Mai choked on the water she was drinking and her face quickly turned pink. Unbeknownst to anyone, Naru was suddenly listening.

"N-No, I'm not pursuing a relationship right now." Mai nervously laughed. I don't think I'd be able to. Any dates I do go on only last once, and then my heart can't take it. Not since Naru-No, Mai! Think positive!

"Well why not?" Takahiro bluntly asked. From what Mai could observe, she had guessed that Takahiro was a straightforward, honest, say it before you think it guy. "Did your last boyfriend dump you for another girl?"

"I don't believe that language is appropriate right now," Hayato replied with his eyes closed. "After all, it is only breakfast. Such questions are unnecessary and a complete waste of time. It would have been better use of your time to ask what these investigators think so far." He chewed on his scrambled eggs, swallowed and turned to Mai. "Wouldn't you agree?" Mai was stunned. Not only had the little boy talk back to his parents, then acted as if Mai, Naru, and Lin were never there, and then suddenly ask for Mai's opinion? It seemed Mai was right: Hayato was a wildly unpredictable boy.

"We haven't investigated enough to form a hypothesis. Not for me, at least." Mai answered after a moment of hesitation. Everyone talked and ate for a little while until breakfast was over. "Thank you for the food, Juba-san. The food was delicious." Mai smiled. Akira nodded a "thank you" and stood up to collect the plates. Looking at Akira's eyes, Mai finally decided what emotions were sparking within those chocolate orbs.

Sadness; complete and utter sadness.

"So, Hayato-kun, why're these rocks red?" Mai asked. After breakfast, Mai had been ordered to collect temperatures around the house. On the way, she saw Hayato looking closely at the trail of red rocks. A spark of curiosity had ignited within Mai, and she had intended to quench it. Besides, it was unnerving the way Hayato had smiled at the rocks. "Do you have any ideas?" Mai inquired.

"Do you think I do?" Hayato retorted. He was just kinder to me this morning! Mai growled in his head. Does he have to change moods so quickly?! Mai touched the tip of the rock, and her vision instantly changed.

"You promised you loved me!" A woman sobbed. An extremely handsome man cupped the woman's face. Her sobs died down, but she sniffled. He leaned in close and captured her lips.

When they finally broke apart, the man said, "And I do. I will always love you, Yumi. It's your sister Yuina that's trying to tear us apart!" He captured her lips again, but slightly more forcefully than before. The woman leaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck. Mai blushed. Why was she seeing this? This wasn't really related to the case! It was just two lovers meeting by a rock...

"Gah! Help me!" Hayato cried. Mai snapped out of her vision and spun around.

Hayato was being lifted into the air by his hand.

For the first (and possibly last) time, Hayato honestly looked panicked. "Get me down from here!" She grabbed Hayato by the hand and started to pull him down, but with each pull, Mai felt as if she herself was getting lighter. Soon, even she was getting pulled. The next thing Mai knew, her feet were in the air and her breath was sucked out of her lungs. A sense of pure coldness washed over Mai. Food, food! Yes! Oh, you just ooze psychic powers! A voice that sounded worse than a thousand fingernails scraping a chalkboard erupted into Mai's head. I've never seen anyone so powerful before, and you thought you were a medium! After I eat you, I can attract even more powerful psychics to eat! The next thing Mai knew, the face of Takigawa Hoshou was kneeling over her. Hayato looked like he was crying.

"Jou-chan, are you alright? You're not hurt?" Bou-san shook her shoulders.

"I'm fine, Bou-san." Mai smiled, but her eyes remain terrified.

"Hayato!" Akira came running our of the house. She looked terrified beyond all belief and pulled her son into a hug. "Thank goodness you're alright. I thought I was going to loose another..." Her voice cracked. Hayato looked a little embarrassed, but hugged his mother none the less. After all, Hayato wasn't that cruel. Mai's and Bou-san's faces softened.

Bou-san turned to Mai and said, "Naru explained a little bit of the situation to us." He leaned in close and whispered, "Is it true the mother lost her baby?" Mai nodded sadly as Akira continued to sob. Something in her gut was telling her things were bigger than they seemed.

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