Once there were four girls who called themselves Rat Queens. One day after a particular wild night of partying the Rat Queens were all asleep recovering, when a loud boom erupted in the town.

"Wassthat?" asked Dee rolling off the couch.

Violet was already lacing up her boots while Hannah pulled back the curtain to look outside. "It's that troll from last night." Hannah said.

Betty yawned being the last one to wake up, "Hannah, that's not nice to call the bar maiden a troll."

"A real troll Betty." Hannah explained. "Seems she brought those friends she was talking about."

"Come on out Rat Queens!" The troll shouted so loud it shook their room.

"Did you regenerate at all last night Dee?" Violet asked. She pulled her sword from its sheath.

"Some." Dee said, "Wasn't expecting to have to heal anyone the next day."

"You should've thought about that when you were showing off last night at the pub." Betty said. "Why'd you think it was a good idea to have a drinking contest last night anyways? You just ended up using all your magic curing alcohol poisoning."

"I didn't think we'd be fighting a troll in the morning." Dee said.

"None of that matters now." Hannah said. "What matters is once we open this door it's a brawl, and what do we do in a brawl?"

"Try not to die." The Rat Queens said together.

So, the moral of this story is, well, there aren't any morals when it comes to the Rat Queens, but there are friends and that's what matters most.