Chapter 1

Sam said, "No!"

Cat said, "But I want to!"

Sam said, "You will not ride my motorcycle to go to the car racing championship finals!"

Cat asked, "Why?"

Sam said, "It's dangerous Cat"

Cat said, "I am 15 and 10 months old"

Sam said, "Do you have a license?"

Cat said, "Learners permit"

Sam said, "Not enough"

Cat said, "Seriously!"

Sam scolded her, "Cat, You have a time out for 2 hours!"

Cat whispered, "Dang it" and sat on the corner stool

~4 hours later~

Cat was still thinking of a way to get out while doing her homework

Sam asked, "Hey Cat you want to come to the movies with me, Dice, and Goomer?"

Cat said, "I have a lot of homework!"

Sam said, "Ok, see you in 3 and a half hours"

Cat asked, "Won't you go on your motorcycle?"

Sam said, "Goomer is bringing his car" as she exit the apartment

~20 minutes later~

Cat was still looking for Sam's motorcycle key when she found it

Cat started Sam's motorcycle with extreme difficulty


Sam, Dice, and Goomer reached the theater

Sam got off and said, "3 tickets for Earth Invaded 3 please"

The ticket lady said, "Sorry but we are closed"

Sam got in the car

Goomer asked, "What happened?"

Sam said, "They are closed"

Dice asked, "Why is the ticket lady here then?"

Sam said, "She is the ticket lady and assistant manager of this theater"

Dice said, "Goomer drive us back home"

Goomer said, "Ok"