"I don't care what Higgins says." Steve was pacing up and down between the Camaro, Cath's corvette, and Kono's red ride.

His friends were rubbing their necks and faces in shock, whereas Steve just paced up and down in rage "New head of HPD or not I don't trust him not to pin this on Catherine just because he can and it would be an easy fix to a high profile case."

"The governor will not give us authorisation to investigate if Catherine is innocent…" Danny stepped forward, "We can't investigate if she is innocent because of your relationship with her…"

"What do you mean 'if'?" Danny was not prepared for the volume of Steve's shout, or the sudden fury rolling off his body, "What? You don't think she is?"

"Of course I do." Danny put his hands up like he was stopping traffic, "But if she is innocent then the only way to prove that is to find the person who is guilty… and new head of HPD Higgins isn't about to let that happen."

"Then we need to talk to the governor."

"He has just lost his son Steve…"

"I don't care!" He turned and made to march away but Grover pushed him back.
"Steve calm down."

"I'll shoot you if you get in my way again…" Steve snarled but was quickly spun, arm behind his back, bent over the bonnet of Cath's corvette.

Danny put his hands to his head and closed his eyes as Steve struggled, "Get off of me Grover…"

"Not until you calm down." Grover snapped, "Now I understand that they took your lady but you are going to go in there, all guns blazing, and the governor is going to have you in handcuffs faster than you can blink."

Staring at the blue paint of her car which was pushed up to his face, Steve closed his eyes for a moment, feeling as though he was wrapped in his own frustration to the point where it hurt.

Slowly, he lifted his hands out to either side of his head.

Even slower, Grover released him.

Steve straightened and turned away.

"We need to give the governor time to come to terms with it… tomorrow," Danny stressed, "We will talk to him if we get nowhere with Higgins. I suggest we find out what we can about what is going on, then we go and see if we can see Cath, if we get nowhere because Higgins won't let us, then we go and see the governor."


The voice made them all turn, and saw Max walking towards them, holding two evidence bags in his hands.

Both glinted as they contained something gold.
"Is that the murder weapon?" Steve demanded, pointing to what Max held in one of the bags.
"Quite." Max nodded, "Only this gun could have fired the bullet I recovered from the victim's chest. There were no other discharge traces around."

"So Cath was telling the truth," Chin spoke.

"Of course she was." Steve snapped.

Chin drew in a breath but proceeded, "I meant, what she said about not being able to fire another gun, about it being empty, checks out?"

"Quite." Max inclined his head, "I am going to send them both to our good friend Charlie Fong for processing, "The new head of HPD had left orders with his men on the ground that I was not to talk to you, but when I heard that they had taken Catherine in for questioning, I thought it only right…"

"Thanks Max." Steve nodded gravely, "I would appreciate it if you could keep us informed, as we make moves to try and take back over this case…"

"Indeed." Max nodded, turning and walking away.

"Let's go and see Catherine." Steve checked his SIG and Danny held his hands up immediately.

"Put that away… Higgins is not going to let you see her if we go in all guns blazing, I say 'we' I mean 'you'." He stated.

"He might not let you in anyway. This isn't our investigation…" Chin stepped forward.

Steve held his eyes with a furious level of certainty.

"Not yet."


"I am here to see Catherine Rollins."

Commander Steve McGarret stood before the young HPD officer who was sat behind his desk in the boring white office.

Looking formidable in his tux, bow tie still done up, Steve was giving the impression that his patience was wearing thin as the young officer tapped away on the computer.

Danny stood beside him, jacket discarded in the car on the way there, arms folded, shifting from one foot to another; worried Steve was on the verge of punching through the safety glass which separated him from the officer.

"I am sorry Commander McGarret," the young officer swallowed, "It says here that she is not allowed visitors because her investigation is ongoing. Our head of HPD Detective Higgins has said until his questioning has ended she can see no one."

Steve let this wash over him for a moment before his hands crashed down on the desk top, causing the safety glass to shake, "Let me in!"
"Commander I can't..."

"Steve." Danny put his hands out.

Steve was gripping the edge of the desk, "Let me speak to Catherine Rollins."
"She is a suspect in a murder investigation opened by our head Roy Higgins..." The young officer fought to explain, "No one is allowed access to her apart from HPD personnel."
Steve produced his badge and smashed it beneath his palm against the safety glass, "I am head of five o..."

The muscles on his arm strained through his jacket, and for one strange moment Danny was terrified his clothes would tear in a Hulk-esque moment.
"This isn't a Five O investigation sir." The officer pressed, "As a Five o member it is written here she should not see you... Commander I am sorry," He almost shrugged and sighed, "But if I let you see her it is a flout of what is written in her profile I could lose my job. I've got kids. I'm sorry."

Steve pushed his lips together and Danny nodded, stepping forward, pulling Steve away from the glass, "We understand, thank you… and we would appreciate it if you wouldn't mention our little visit to head of HPD Higgins, please."

Steve stepped back as the young officer nodded, "of course detective Williams."

Danny nodded and glanced at Steve, who turned and strode to the door.

FIVE O HQ – 23:00

"Well that went well…" Danny commented as they entered the bull ring main concourse of HQ.

"Really?" Chin and Kono stepped away from the smart table, still dressed in their finery.

"Of course it didn't." Danny sighed, "Higgins has left orders not letting anyone, especially any of us, see her."

"Did Max or Fong phone?" Steve demanded, all but ripping his bow tie from his neck. He smacked it down on the smart table and looked at chin and Kono.

"No not yet." Kono sighed, "But it could be if it's a HPD led investigation things are taking a little slower than they would for us…"

"Or maybe Higgins has got a wrap on them being able to talk to us." Chin supplied.

Steve closed his eyes as though he was in pain.

"I say we all go home and get some sleep." Danny offered as gently as he could, "we will meet back here in the morning and see if Fong and Max can talk to us some more… and see if we can see Catherine."

"Higgins will probably have questioned her tonight; he might be done with her by the morning." Chin agreed.

"Okay then." Kono walked forwards, hugged Steve briefly, clapped Danny on the shoulder, and left with Chin.

Steve remained braced over the Smart Table, his back strained.

"I will give you a ride home, then I will pick you up in the morning. We can go and see the governor and pick up Catherine's corvette." He said gently.

Steve shook his head, "No…"

"Come on. She would expect you to look after yourself…"

"She is expecting me to be able to get her out of there and sort this but can't because Higgins is putting obstacle's in the way!" Steve snapped, "This should be my investigation…"

"And ti will be, in the morning." Danny pressed, "Come on… you will need some sleep. You want to look your best for when you see her tomorrow… or shewill be the one questioning you on why you didn't get a good night's sleep."

Danny reached up to gently rest his arm across Steve's shoulders, "come on…"

He steered the Navy SEAL towards the door, but felt none of the tension leave his shoulders.


She could hear the sound of doors closing, and officers and wardens with keys and guns patrolling up and down the icy corridors.

Catherine lay on her back in her tiny confinement cell, on an uncomfortable bunk on her back.

The standard orange pants and grey best she wore scratched at her cold skin, and her fingers toyed with the rough blanket she laid on either side of her hips.

She swallowed, staring at the black ceiling in the darkness, the silhouette of the bars on her window shining over her across a patch of white moonlight which showed her the floor.

Her eyes closed, thinking over it all, and trying to ignore the stinging pain in her cheek.

The grace was close under her eye, and burned because it was fresh.

"Sign the confession!"

Head of HPD Roy Higgins paced before her on the other side of the steel table, pointing and shouting at her, a piece of paper and a pen in front of her on the table.

Not that she could have signed it even if she wanted to, for her hands were handcuffed behind her back, the chair back between her wrists and her spine.

"Why would I sign something that disregards everything I have told you?" She demanded sharply, "You have not listened to my statement at all!"

"You will sign it!"

"No I won't!"

"You will!"

His thundering voice cut through the air and she didn't see his fist do the same until it struck her.

She cried out when his knuckles smacked against her jaw, the ring on his finger cutting her skin.

Now, an hour later, with the confession still unsigned, Catherine was hand cuffed free and in her confinement cell, mind spinning so fast she knew that sleep would not come.

She had grazes and bruises around her wrists from the too tight cuffs and she swallowed, closing her eyes and letting out a long breath.


Zero dark thirty ticked around and Steve lay flat on his back in bed.

It felt too large, too empty, and too cold without Catherine beside him.

He was wearing just his sleep shorts; SEALS tee hanging over the headboard on Cath's side, for it was hers to sleep in now.

His eyes moved across to the alarm clock and saw it had only been three minutes since he had last looked.

Groaning he reached for her pillow, putting it over his face as though he thought it would drown out his own racing thoughts and beating heart.

Yet the smell of her shampoo from when she so often climbed into bed freshly showered, her perfume and the thoughts that crashed through him of her soft cheek resting on the fabric, sent a painful jolt through Steve.

He pushed the pillow away and sat up, flinging his legs over the side and reaching for his SEALS tee.

He yanked it over his head and strode from the room, grabbing his pone and keys as he sprinted down stairs, his head caught on the photo which stood beside the alarm clock on her side of the bed.

The photo of them smiling at the Governors last reception, stood in their finery, arms around one another, smiling at the camera, made him start to run.