I have a hard time accepting the fact that Steve is ok with the fact that he left Catherine alone in Afghanistan. I have a harder time accepting the fact that Catherine's father is okay with that as well. Here is my tag to 4:21.

Five-0 headquarters:

"You have completely lost your mind" Danny ranted as Steve relaxed against the back of his chair.

"He sang like a bird, didn't he?" Steve smirked as he raised his hands and fastened them behind his head

"You cannot, I repeat, you cannot do that!" Danny shouted as he paced the office

"I can and I did" Steve raised his legs and placed them on his desk as he crossed his ankles

"You are too much, you hear me, too much" Danny raised his hands in surrender.

"I tell you what, when you become the head of Five-0, you can use any method of interrogation you want, in the meantime, we do it my way. Got it? "Steve smirked as a slight chuckle escaped.

"Ha! As if…" He turned to storm out of the office, when he was suddenly blocked by a man attempting to enter.

Steve immediately stood at attention and approached while stretching his hand out to meet the man's handshake.

"May I have a few minutes of your time, McGarrett?" The man asked, but it was more a statement than a question.

"For you, I have all the time in the world, sir" Steve swallowed hard to suppress the lump in his throat.

Danny watched the exchange and with an obvious clearing of his throat, he interrupted "Danny Williams and you are….?" He reached out his hand to the man.

"Frank Rollins" The man grabbed hold of Danny's hand and shook it.

"Oh" Danny was surprised by the man's identity. He stood glancing at the two men when, with an uncomfortable fidget, he announced his departure" I better leave you two alone" He hastily exited the office.

Placing his hand on one of the chairs he gestured for the man to have a seat. "Please, sir, have a seat"

The man sat down and gestured for Steve to have the seat next to his. "Steve, we need to talk"

"Yes, we do, but before you say anything, let me say that I am so sorry. Please know that I would never do anything to intentionally put Catherine in harm's way, Sir, I have every intention…" Frank held up his hand to stop Steve from continuing.

"I know all about your capture, I came across the video. I thank you for not revealing her identity and giving up her location." Frank Rollins closed his eyes tightly trying desperately to push back the tears that were forming in his eyes. He continued "I'm not here to place blame; I'm here because I need your help"

Steve stood at attention "Anything" was his immediate reply.

"I need you to give me Catherine's last known location. I know you are in touch with her. I'm going to bring her home" He stood to match Steve's stature.

Steve paced as he rubbed the stubble of his chin, he turned and faced the man eye to eye "I can't let you do that sir"

"I'm not asking permission, I just need to know where to start, please Steven, please give me what I need to bring my little girl home" He no longer tried to hold back the tears that freely fell from his eyes.

Steve swallowed hard and allowing a few tears of his own to fall nodded "Ok, but I'm going with you"

Grabbing Steve's arm to drive his point he spoke slow and clear "You can't do that son. If you get caught your career and everything you worked for will be for nothing. You will be tossed in prison, or worse. I know about your confrontation with the Colonel and the CIA. You cannot risk it. I on the other hand have nothing to lose and everything to gain"

"You know about my confrontation with them?" Steve questioned

"I know people" Frank shrugged his shoulder

"Sir, Frank, with all do respect, I don't care. I need to go with you. I should have never left her alone. I need to fix this mess. Please" Steve was now begging

Frank nodded "ok, but we do this my way. Old school. Got it McGarrett?"

"Yes, sir." A sense of relief fell over him as he dropped onto the edge of the chair. "When do we leave?"

"I have a private charter leaving at 0635. Welcome to the Peace Corp" Frank Rollins hugged Steve and smiled. "I'll pick you up at 0500" He walked away as he waved at Danny who stood at the smart table staring into Steve's office.

Danny made sure the man had exited the suite before approaching Steve's office. Pausing to take in the look on his face, he entered.

"You're going after Catherine, aren't you?" He asked already knowing the answer.

Steve nodded "I have to do this Danny. Please don't try to talk me out of it. Please"

"Let me come with you" Danny insisted

"No you can't, I need you here. Grace needs you. I need you to take over Five-0 and check on Mary" Steve tried to think of every reason he could to make it clear that he was not allowing Danny to come with them

"You can't go by yourself, it's too dangerous" Danny insisted

"I'm not. Frank is coming with me. Actually I'm going with him"

"Oh great, your back up is a 60 year old man. Not helping your case man" Danny did not like this at all

"Danny, he was a SEAL and he literally wrote the book on the techniques we use today. He was the best of the best. Better than I ever was" The admiration emitted from his words

Danny took a few seconds to think about Steve's words "ok, but babe, please be careful. I may not be able to call in the Calvary to rescue your ass this time."

"Don't ever let a Sailor hear you call him the Calvary. " He reached over and grabbed Danny into an embrace. "I will be careful"

"Just come back in one piece and bring Ramboette with you" Danny stood back and ran his hands through his hair.