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Stop don't hurt my daddy yelled 8year old kaito as he ran in front of tochi. Kaito get out of here he yelled. Boom! Don't you dare hurt the kurobas said a you lady who just landed in front of them from jumping off the rafters. Just who the hell are you asked snake. I am pandora. Granter of immortality and princess of the wolves. I thought it was a gemstone both snake and tochi say at the same time. Uggg. Why do people always think that. Anyways kaito get on my back now. Yes mam. He says. I change into a butiful silver wolf with a snow white stripe down the center of my back. Then I burst into a run with kaito holding on to me. Slowly he falls asleep and I lose the pursers. I take him to his mother as a human of course. I will see you someday soon I whisper.

T-i-m-e S-k-i-p

8years later.


Class we have a new student said the teacher from under her desk. Introduce your self pandora well I go back to hiding. Hello I'm pandora said the new student. Then the weirdest thing happend akoko went over and knelt in front of pandora. It is nice to see you again your highness. Your highness the class gasp. Yes I am princess of Russia and the wolves. Everyone bows in front her but me. No need for formailty though. Kaito remberd me she asked. I'm still shocked pandora I thought you disappeared after you saved me. What do you mean bakaito asked aoko. When I was 8 an assail tried to kill me and my dad and she saved me. O My God kaito. Is that true she asked pandora. It is true. Akoko,Aoko,Kaito meet me after school at Akoko's house. Said pandora.

Time skip

Last minute of school. Everyone expect akoko,aoko,and pandora were all hiding under there desk waiting for kaito to do a prank yet he hadn't done one all day wich is unsettling.

Pandoras POV

Riiing Riiiiiing let's go I yelled me and the others ran to Akoko's house. Ok akoko put up a charm. Thank you now Kaito I need you to call Hakuba. Tell him pandora needs to talk to him at Akoko's house. Pretty soon a Snow White wolf appeared on Akoko's door step. Come on in Hakuba. Thank you he says as he turns back into a human. Aoko come sit down. Hakuba we have to tell the secrete. Yes he says. Aoko akoko is a wich,Kaito is kaito kid and Hakuba is prince of the wolves and I am princess of the wolves. Hakuba and I have the power to transform into wolves yet we have super speed,jumping,athletics,and senses of wolves in both forms. A evil orginization is after me because I can never die,get injured,ect. I grant Immortality. Wich I have given to Kaito,Hakuba,and Akoko. I will give it to if you aware to help protect me and will never use it for harm unless it is self defense. I agree she says. I awnser with very well. Give me your hand. Good. My hands start glowing emerald green. That is your color I say when I finish. Mine is a silver. Kaito's is a violet. Akoko has red and Hakuba is sky blue.

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