Yeah, I'm back with the sequel to Trainee in trouble. If you haven't read it yet, there are two things to do:

One: Go read it, cause it's an exciting story, but with really poor grammar.

Two: Here comes a summary. SPOILER:

Pit gets the task to take Kite as his trainee. They go to earth, but Kite gets kidnapped. Pit tries to save her, but gets stuck too. The kidnapper is Jack Harrison, a scientist who wants to do research to the angels and eventually take over the world. Jack loves to make his own stories about the angels. He blames Palutena for abusing Kite and makes Pit and Kite a couple against their will. This ends up with a fake kiss, leaving the two angels confused about their feelings. Eventually they fall really in love with each other (yes, Kite is a Mary Sue). At a moment, Pit finds out the Kite's dark history: she is created by Hades to kill hundreds of angels. She had escaped the underworld, but sometimes, her dark side takes over her mind and is she dangerous. A day, Palutena comes to the rescue, but becomes captured too to save Pit's life. Meanwhile, Jack creates an own angel by Pit's and Kite's DNA, called Lex. Jack also starts making an angel army. Lex is being a pervert and has a crush on Kite. This ends up Pit and Lex fighting over Kite. At a time, the army of the heavens comes to the rescue and starts a war with the created angels. That time, Kite's dark side takes over and she kills Dyntos' general Woody. Finally, Pit manages to kill Lex. Kite manages to kill Jack too, but gets badly injured. But she survives it and becomes a real light angel and becomes co-general of Palutena's army.

Now the real story: Lacklustre feathers of soft wings.

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It was a beautiful day. Pit was back in Angel Land for a month now. His wounds were fully recovered and his dreams were better. Kite was almost healed too; she had only a scar at her flank. Pit closed the door of his wardrobe. He wore decent clothes, because Kite had to come to court today. She was accused by Dyntos for murdering his general Woody Pinetimber. Pit felt sorry for Kite. Although the Blackhawk was past, Kite still couldn't follow a normal life. The door went open and Kite walked in.

'Hi Pit,' said she and gave a short kiss on his cheek. It was quite normal she walked around in Pit's house, since they had a relationship.

'Hi Kite. I thought you were with lady Palutena,' said Pit.

'Yes, but she asked me to pick you up.' Pit looked at the angel. She wore a short grey dress and a grey blazer. Beside togas, angels also had blazers. Kite's silver laurel crown shone in the sunlight through the window.

'Have you slept well?' asked Pit. Kite shook her head.

'No, I'm afraid. Capital punishment is still allowed, even after lady Palutena's fierce protest,' sighed Kite.

'They don't execute you. The only reason that still exist is cause of the Hades procedure.' Pit softly hold Kite's cheek.

'I have faith in you and lady Palutena. It will be good, you should know that,' said he. 'Understood?' Kite nodded slowly her head.

'Kite Elanie Whitehawk!' called someone from outside.

'Oh, let's go,' said Kite and Pit followed her to his front door. When Pit opened the door, his front yard was chock-full of angels. They all looked strict and accompanied the two angels to a chariot. Pit knew they were Bateleurs, the policemen of the Skyworld.

'Apparently Dyntos is quite upset about his loss,' said Pit.

'Yes, but it was not totally my fault,' said Kite.

'Tell that to lord Zeus, miss,' snapped one of the angels. Kite was surrounded by the angels during the ride to Zeus' temple. Pit, Kite and the Bateleurs stepped out.

'I have to go. See you in the courtroom,' said Kite and give a goodbye kiss.

'Yes, so...good luck...' said Pit and saw Kite walking away with the Bateleurs. He walked up the stairs of the temple and went through the great doors. The hall was filled with angels. Pit saw Tawn and Ara and joined them.

'Oh, hi Pit!' said Ara happy.

'How are you feeling?' asked Tawn.

'Well, I feel OK. I just try to forget the whole thing...' Someone bumped into Pit and he turned his head.

'Watch what you're doing!' snapped a black-haired angel girl with sapphire coloured wings. But she was the one who bumped into me, thought Pit. But before he could say anything, the girl walked irritated away. Pit gave an uncomprehending to Ara and Tawn.

'That was Maggie-Jayne,' said Tawn. 'She was Woody's girlfriend.'

'But Woody had a relationship with a human, hadn't he?' asked Ara, but Tawn shook his head.

'No, Woody had a angel-angel relationship. I think she is only a bit upset about Woody.'

'Ah, that explains it,' said Pit. The door to the courtroom opened and Pit walked in. He had to sit in a special section, because he had to speak. Lawsuits in the Skyworld went different than on Earth. The prosecutor was most of the time a god. The accused had a lawyer, also a god. The judge was Zeus, the god of the gods. Instead of only witnesses, also relatives had to speak. Pit looked to the chair right to him. A dark-skinned angel took a seat.

'Hi Frigate, what are you doing here?' asked Pit to Ares' general.

'I was witness of Kite's attack on Woody,' answered he.

'Is it positive for her?' asked Pit.

'Well, she indeed killed him, but she was really desperate. Woody maltreated her for no reason. She was on our side, until she killed him.'

'I hope they understand her. I'm just a bit nervous.'

'Don't worry. I am sure she will win. I have faith in her lawyer.'

'Yes, it's lady Palutena,' said a voice to Pit's left side. Pit and Frigate turned their heads: It was Maggie-Jayne.

'We all know she plays a dirty game with lord Zeus,' said she.

'That's not true,' defended Pit immediately by habit. He still was as loyal as normal to his goddess.

'Euh, Pit? It IS true lady Palutena is lord Zeus favourite daughter, what can be some positive influence,' shrugged Frigate. 'But calling it a dirty game is also gushy.'

'Yes, and? That murderer deserves to die! She didn't only kill my boyfriend, my brother was on a mission when she attacked Dyntos' army. I have never heard of him again.'

'I'm sorry for your love, but that was Hades' fault. Kite doesn't deserve to die.' Maggie-Jayne turned prudish her head, away from Pit. There is no discussion possible with her, thought Pit. He saw Tawn climbing a podium and asked the attention.

'Well, angels. Today we are here to find justice for the murder case of Woody Pinetimber. Kneel down for our lord and judge, lord Zeus, god of the sky.' Pit and the other angels kneeled down when a golden door opened and Zeus walked to the judge's desk. He made a hand sign for the angels to stop kneeling.

'Today we have; our prosecutor, lord Dyntos...' Another door went open and Dyntos took place behind another desk. This was the first time his clothes weren't dirty.

'And our lawyer, lady Palutena with the accused, Kite Elanie Whitehawk,' finished Tawn.

'Blackhawk!' yelled Maggie-Jayne angry when Kite and Palutena walked in. Pit looked angry at the angel next to him.

'Shut up,' hissed he. Kite and Palutena took a seat. Pit looked at Kite. She was quite calm, although her fear was visible.

'May this lawsuit be fair and righteous,' said Tawn. The lawsuit was officially opened.