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Maggie-Jayne slowly opened her eyes. She saw three pair eyes looking at her.

'Are you ok?' asked Pit. She sat up and looked dizzy.

'I think so. What happened?' asked she.

'You have been darted,' said Tawn. 'Thanks to that man over there.' He pointed at the unconscious man. Maggie-Jayne immediately recoiled.

'Don't worry,' appeased Tawn. 'Do you think you can go further?' Maggie-Jayne stood carefully up and felt her head.

'Just a little headache, but I think we can go further,' said she.

'Are you sure?' asked Ara. She nodded.

'This all is my fault, so I don't want to be a delay,' said Maggie-Jayne.

'Then let's go,' said Ara.

'For Kite!' yelled Pit.

'For Kite!' repeated the rest. The angels unfolded their wings and took off, leaving the unconscious man and scared dog behind. Pit saw Maggie-Jayne having trouble finding balance. He took her hand and helped her.

'Can someone else help too?' asked he. Tawn flew to him and took Maggie-Jayne's other hand. The four angels flew up. Ara was leading and Tawn and Pit were assisting Maggie-Jayne. They were horribly delayed by the dart incident. The clouds became closer and closer and the surface lay far below.

'To lord Zeus' temple!' shouted Tawn and pointed to the right. Ara followed Tawn's signs and they soon saw the biggest temple in whole Skyworld. They ran up the stairs and opened the great doors.

'To the hospital room!' shouted Tawn. They ran through the building. Some angels looked confused behind when they ran past them. Pit opened the door and gasped when he saw Kite. She lay motionless on a bed. He walked to her.

'Kite...' said he. Her eyes were closed and breathed barely. A heart monitor made a bleep once in a few seconds, what meant her heart beat very slow.

'So you made it, sonny,' said someone behind Pit. He turned his head and saw Dyntos sitting in a chair.

'Lord Dyntos,' said Pit. 'Where can we prepare her medicine?' Dyntos stood up.

'Was it very difficult?' said he.

'It wasn't impossible,' said Ara behind him. The god walked slowly to Kite.

'You should know how much she has suffered.' He seemed to enjoy Kite's pain. 'The poison running through her body. Causing pain everywhere, driving her crazy. She already lost hope. The day before her heart attack, she whispered "Pit...why?" all the time.' Pit became angry and walked to Dyntos. He was stopped by someone. Someone who wanted to protect the angels, but wasn't able to, thanks to Dyntos.

'Calm down, Pit,' said Palutena. Pit made a smile.

'Lady Palutena!' exclaimed he happy. 'I thought Dyntos had put you asleep.'

'Since she can't help you anymore, I thought she could awake again,' said Dyntos. Palutena turned offended her head to the god.

'How dare you doing that trick again. You are an Olympian, you should know your manners! You poisoned an angel, made her suffer and made her boyfriend and some friends do dangerous things to save her. Don't be so wicked.' Palutena saw Maggie-Jayne.

'And what are you doing here? Bothering Kite, Pit, the Golden Eagle and the Feathered Rose?' asked she. Ara blushed. She hadn't heard that title in years.

'No, I'm here to save Kite,' protected Maggie-Jayne.

'That's true,' added Pit quickly.

'Oh...sorry,' apologised Palutena. 'I didn't know.'

'It's fine but we have on and a half hour left,' answered she.

'Where are the ingredients?' asked Pit. Dyntos pointed at a door.

'There are the ingredients and the formula.' The angels walked quickly through the door. All the amphoras and boxes stood on a desk. A parchment lay on the desk. Pit picked it up and read aloud.

'Step one, pour the water of the Styx in the golden cauldron.' Maggie-Jayne poured the silver amphora empty. She gave Pit a thumb up, as sign that it succeeded.

'Ok, right. Step two, mash the skull and the tooth in a separate bowl and add the result.' Tawn grabbed a bowl and began mashing the two ingredients, while Maggie-Jayne was stirring the water and Ara looked at the parchment to read the next step.

'Ara, you can already do step three. Pluck the feather barbs off the rachis, cut the petal into bits and put them in a separate bowl.' Ara followed the instructions and put the ingredients in a bowl. Meanwhile, Tawn was done and added the pulverized ingredients to the water.

'That looks disgusting,' said Maggie-Jayne, who was still stirring.

'Yes, I know,' answered Tawn. 'What can I do now?' Pit looked at the parchment.

'Well, Ara is busy with the next step. Ara are you finished?' asked he. The ruddy-haired angel looked at him.

'Just a second ago. What's next?' asked she.

'Drip the Shemum venom on the petal and feather and blend it.'

'Okay,' answered she and dripped the pearly liquid in the bowl and blended it.

'Can I add it?' asked she when she was done.

'Yep.' Ara walked to the cauldron and added the sticky colourful mix.

'Now we have all the ingredients used, you have to stir it until only a liquid remains,' said Pit.

'Stirring is my job,' said Maggie-Jayne and continued doing what she was doing the whole time. She stirred and stirred and stirred and the liquid contained less solid objects. After several minutes, the cauldron was filled with a red liquid.

'Are we finished?' asked Tawn. Pit remembered Dyntos' sentence that there was another ingredient left.

'Only that secret ingredient, what Dyntos didn't want to give us yet,' said Pit. The door opened and the god of the forge walked in.

'I see you have made the medicine,' said he. 'Good job, angels.'

'Only the last ingredient,' said Pit.

'You want to know what that is, huh?' said Dyntos.

'Don't fool around and tell,' said Ara. Dyntos grimaced.

'This do you need for it,' said he and showed the object.

What will it be? See it next time!