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It was a syringe, made of glass and gold. That could mean one thing.

'Do we need blood?' asked Ara.

'Yes, your blood, to be exact,' said Dyntos. Wait huh, thought Pit.

'What do you mean?' asked Tawn, who stepped before Ara in protection.

'The last ingredient is the blood of all the angels who collected the ingredient and helped preparing the medicine.' The angels swallowed and began to sweat.

'But...don't we need four syringes?' asked Maggie-Jayne. Dyntos grimaced again.

'No, only one is enough,' said he. The angels looked confused and a bit disgusted at each other.

'Isn't that hygienic irresponsible?' asked Pit.

'Well, I hope none of you have transmissible diseases like hepatitis,' shrugged Ara.

'Blood testing is a standard procedure for a general and I'm healthy,' said Tawn.

'Me too,' said Pit.

'So do I,' said Ara. 'And you Maggie-Jayne?' Everyone looked at the blue-winged angel.

'I'm never tested, so I don't know,' said she.

'Then you will be at last,' said Ara. 'Who wants first?'

'Practically everyone,' answered Tawn. 'The first one has a clean needle.'

'I think Pit should be first. Kite is his girlfriend after all,' said Maggie-Jayne. Thank you Maggie-Jayne, thank you, thought Pit. The rest nodded. Pit grabbed the syringe. He stuck himself fearlessly in his leg and did what he had to do. After he was done, he emptied it in the cauldron and cleaned the point with a wet towel. He gave the cleaned syringe to Ara. She looked anxious and was sweaty. Tawn had noticed it and took gently her hand.

'Shall I do it?' asked he. Ara nodded slowly.

'Yes, thank you,' said she and held out her arm. Tawn whispered comforting things in her ear, so she could relax her arm. She looked away when Tawn carefully took her pure red blood. After he cleaned it, he also stuck himself. Man, they really act like addicted drug users, thought the author when she re-read her text, but she wasn't going to change it. The last one was Maggie-Jayne who looked insecure at the syringe in her hand. Although the angels had thoroughly cleaned it, she still disgusted the idea someone else used it before.

'Maggie-Jayne? Are you all right?' asked Pit, completely ignoring the author's thoughts.

'I...think so...' stammered she.

'Think about happy things,' tried Tawn.

'And think about the idea you can save Kite,' added Pit.

'Okay...' stammered she again and collected the last part of the ingredient. The medicine was complete! Pit stirred once again the liquid and gave a sigh in relief.

'One hour...just enough time,' said he.

'You did well there, sonny,' said Dyntos. 'You won the trial. You proved she really means much for you. You even managed to get Maggie-Jayne on your side.'

'We all lost people we love, but we have to live further,' smiled Maggie-Jayne and looked at Ara.

'That's how nature intended it,' said Ara.

'Hush, sonny. Go save your love,' said Dyntos. He handed Pit a glass bowl. Pit walked to the cauldron and scooped the bowl full of medicine. The red liquid turned transparent. Tawn opened the door and Pit walked through. Kite was still alive, although her heartbeat was slower than when he arrived. He slowly walked to her, not wanting to spill the medicine.

'Kite,' said he to the barely alive angel. Doctor Stork walked to him.

'Do you have the medicine?' asked he. Pit nodded.


'Let me help,' said doctor Stork and carefully opened Kite's limp mouth a bit. Pit's heart beat faster when he held the bowl closer to Kite's face. The other angels entered the hospital room too. It is now or never, thought Pit. He placed the edge of the bowl on her lower lip and lifted his arm, so the liquid slowly flowed into her mouth. Pit poured the bowl empty. He carefully removed the bowl and waited. He hoped she would awake. Every second seemed to be horribly long. Pit had folded his hands and prayed to Palutena, who stood behind him, that it would work.

'Please...' whispered he. He waited and waited. Everybody was silent. Only the bleeping of the monitor made noises. The angels and gods waited in tension. Pit's heart was in his throat. If Kite didn't awake now, it would be the end. Pit made a jump when the monitor started bleeping faster. Kite's heart rhythm went back to normal speed.

'I think it works!' exclaimed Ara happy.

'Her eyelids are trembling. She will awake any moment,' said doctor Stork. 'Doctor Heron, come here!' The other doctor walked in and the room was even fuller. Now there were two gods, two angelic doctors, three generals, a co-general and a common angel. Kite's hand made a weak twitch. Pit gently took her hand.

'You are safe,' comforted he. He knew people who were about to awake from their coma were able to hear. Her lips started trembling and eventually...her eyes opened. Her stunning green eyes. The most beautiful eyes of the whole Skyworld, were visible again. The sparkle in her eyes transformed into blinking tears. Tears of joy rolled down Pit's cheeks too. Everyone else was gone in their minds.

'Kite,' said Pit and he swept a tear away. A weak smile grew on Kite's face.

'Pit...' answered she softly. Pit's smile was bigger than ever before. He embraced her in a tight hug. Pit couldn't resist against his tears and started crying in joy. Kite did the same. Ara and Tawn behind him kissed each other in joy. It triggered Pit's mind to express Kite his love. He pressed gently his lips on Kite's. That feeling, he had missed that so much. Their chests were resting on each other, so they could hear each other's heartbeat: rapidly and at the same time, like one heart. Their respiration was also fast. They eventually broke lip contact and stared in each other's eyes.

'What have I missed you,' said Pit.

'I've missed you too,' answered Kite and they continued kissing.

That evening, they sat on the grass in Angel Land's Central Park. Pit sat behind Kite. He was caressing her wings from her marginal underwing coverts to her primaries. His hands ran though her feathers, which had their luster back. They were smiling widely. This was the place Pit wanted to spend the evening with Kite. They looked at the sky.

'Look Pit!' exclaimed Kite and pointed at the sky. He saw a falling star.

'Make a wish,' said Pit. They both folded their hands and closed their eyes. After a few seconds they reopened their eyes.

'What have you wished?' asked Pit. Kite gave him a quick kiss.

'That we will be together forever,' said she. 'And you?'

'Exactly the same,' smiled Pit.

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