Ambermon: wow this is going to be my second story and I already wrote a story on here today weird. Ok now this is going to have a lemon in it.

Yugi: who is going to be in this story?

Ambermon: you and yami.

Yami: ***kisses yugi on the cheek*** well it seems that we are still going to be in love in this story.

Ambermon: yami leave some of that love for the story.

Yami: alright

Disclaimer: ambermon483 does not own yugioh or any of the characters in this story.

Yugi was walking to his boyfriend`s house when he was pushed into an alley. When he was pushed up against a wall he saw that the person that pushed him was yami, his boyfriend. Yami started kissing down from yugi`s earlobe to his neck and tomorrow. he got there, yami started to suck on it."yami lets move this to your room." Yami moved them to his room and onto his bed. "Yugi do you want to do this?" Yugi told him yes and soon the started.

(Just to let you guys know I am not good at this. It will kind of be uncomfortable to me so here it goes)

Yami started to take off yugi`s shirt and kissed his way down to yugi`s chest. He started sucking on the right nipple and his left hand started playing with the left nipple. Yugi was moaning real loud and soon yami started to move down to his pants. When he got there he took them off and after warning yugi, he took yugi`s member into his mouth. When yugi felt the wetness and heat over his member, he screamed really loud. Yami started sucking and bobbing his head ( ok now I am really uncomfortable right now) up and down the member and soon yugi screamed really loud and shot his seed into yami`s mouth. Soon yami and yugi were making love for three hours and soon yami and yugi screamed each others names and climaxed at the same time.

(Well thats the end I told you that I was really uncomfortable doing this and so here comes the rest of the story)

yugi and yami collapsed onto the bed and yugi said," that was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you yami." Yami smiled and said,"I`m glad and I love you too yugi. Now we need to go to sleep. Your tired and you got school tomorrow." Yugi kissed yami on the cheek and went to sleep. Yami smiled and followed yugi into the dream world.

Ambermon: well the story is finally over and now I dont have to do anymore lemons.

Yami: ahhhh but I still get to be in love with yugi

Ambermon: whatever alright well I will write more stories later. So see you later everyone.