A/N: Okay, so let me explain a little something to all you lovely people. First of all, I found a word generator online and wrote down 100 words to use as one shot motivators until eventually I was like "oh wait hey maybe I can just incorporate all of these into a story." Thus, I decided to compile all 100 words into a 100 chapter story, obviously one for each word. I figured I'd also try to use an unpopular pairing, which is listed below. Anyway, if you even read this, I just want to say thanks, and hopefully they're not too OOC.

Updates: Random intervals in time.

Pairing: Bendy (Wendy x Bebe)

Chronological order?: No.

Length of said drabbles: 100-1,000+ words long


Of the fifteen years Bebe Stevens has known Wendy Testaburger, she's certain about quite a few things. One, she was quite hot tempered. Two, she toys around with a boy named Stanley (similar to how Bebe plays around with a boy named Clyde), and three? She was extremely smart, usually at the top of her class, right next to Kyle Broflovski.

One other thing that Bebe knew? Wendy had the hottest ass ever, also next to Kyle. Bebe often found herself walking behind her best friend, just so she could get glimpses of the booty. She had absolutely no shame in it, it was practically her reputation that she loved the booty. Kyle's was nice eye candy, but his lanky form and baggy jeans always seemed to ruin her views, and as such, she'd find herself checking out her best friend. Wendy's ass was the complete package, she decided.

It wasn't until one day that the two girls were sitting up in Wendy's room, bored as hell, when Wendy asked Bebe about it. "Why are you always staring at my ass?" She asked innocently, twirling a couple strands of her long, midnight black hair around her finger. Bebe froze for a second, until she resumed her cool charade.

"Because you're hot as fuck, your ass is like the complete package," she giggled and smirked. Wendy blushed the teeniest bit, and let her hair drop from her fingers.

"But we're both girls?"

"And? I don't give a fuck. Now turn around," Bebe continued giggling. The other's blush flared up as the blonde girl border lined on hysterics.