After 5 hours of intense sex, Takaba Akihito lay upside down falling in the arms of Morpheus. The calming sound of heart beat made him more relax. When he finally was conquered by sleep, the irritating noise of his cellphone started to expand in the calm room. Cursing in murmur Akihito drag his unwilling body to the night stand. Picking his phone he answered: "Takaba". Feeling how two powerful hands wrapped around him.

He sigh hearing the response: "Takaba, it's me Hatori". The cheerful voice only made him more irritated.

- "Hatori you son of a... What the fuck are you calling me at this god damn hour for?" he said with clear anger.

-"Haha, chill out man. I thought that at this hour you will be working like usual." said the animated person.

- "well you see today I decided to work early", he said that as he saw the mischievous smirk from his lover before continuing "so I'm really exhausted now, so hurry up and tell me the good reason for waking me up before I hang up". Through the line he could hear the little chuckle his long lost friend did.

-"sorry about that".

- "Hatoriii", Akihito was about to hang up when he heard the plea from his friend.

-" wait Akihito don't hang up yet. I have great news. So great that you will kiss my feet's." Takaba sat up in bed.

- "do please enlightened me about this great news. And you wish, keep dreaming about me kissing your dirty feet's" at these remark he could feel the arms tightening their hold on him. "ouch, that hurts".

- "okay you better be prepare..." after a few second Hatori throwed the bomb." I was just called, the restraining order was lifted. From both of them, you can get near her again Aki' and listened to this, the judge decided to give you an appointment in a week from now to see if you can have the custody back" Hatori ended the story and stood quiet to hear what his beloved friend would say, but after a few minutes of nothing he started to worry and checked to see if Takaba haven't hung up, which wasn't the case "Takaba are you there?" back at the room Akihito was staring straight to the wall without blinking, his mind completely frozen and out of the world.

Asami noticing the state of his younger lover sat up and shook him, "Akihito?" his voice brought him back. "Huh?" was everything he could say "You okay? You look as if you have seen a ghost." said the older man sounding preoccupied".

-"Huh? Oh! Yeah I'm fine" he said hurriedly "Hatori?".

-"Yeah I'm here, you okay man?"

- "Yeah I'm perfect actually. Umm, are you sure about what you said?"

- "Of course I am, I wouldn't have called you if I wasn't"

- "Okay. Hahaha. I can't believe it. Man! I'm so fucking happy! Look how about we see each other later in the day?"

-"hahaha, sure why not? I'm happy about it too, congratulations man, you earned it."

-" Thanks Hatori, for everything."

-"No biggie man. That what friends are for. Then see you later, good dreams Aki.'"

- "Good dreams to you too". And with that they both hung up. Akihito threw himself in the chest of the man he love before starting to cry and laugh at the same time until he fell asleep, leaving a really confuse Asami.

Later that day, Asami and Akihito sat in the table eating breakfast, when the older man decide to look up and ask the question that had been eating him up since the call ended.

-"What was that call from yesterday?"