Hello you guys, since I am still writing War changes nothing, War changes everything and I am waiting for it to be beta proofread, I decided to write a fanfic about fma high school. I hope you enjoy.

Winry Rockbell has always been a very shy girl, she had few friends, but she was very pretty. She could get six different boyfriends a week if she wanted. But, she was never interested in getting a boyfriend. Until, the new kids came.

Chapter 1 First sight

"Hey Winry!" Riza, Winry's best friend yelled as she ran to Winry.

"Good morning, Riza." Winry smiled.

"Yeah, so… anyway, ya know, there are supposed to be two really hot brothers coming tomorrow." Riza said with a smirk.

"Really? And what is that supposed to have to do with me?" Winry asked getting the hint Riza was giving, but she wasn't about to admit it.

"Well? Isn't this your chance and love? I mean, you haven't had a boyfriend, and you're a sophomore!" Riza said

"I simply don't want a boyfriend, boys make me… uncomfortable.." Winry said trying not to stutter.

"Uncomfortable? Yeah right, everything makes you uncomfortable, besides the two-three friends you have." Riza said.

"Three?" Winry said only counting two, she didn't like having a friend she didn't know about… it made her, uncomfortable.

"Yes, three, me, your dog, and yourself. Three." Riza smiled.

"That's not nice, you counted me." Winry pouted.

"What? Everyone has an extra friend, themselves, that may actually be the only normal thing about you." Riza snorted.

" I am totally normal!" Winry shouted

"Hardly, your looks aren't normal, you're gorgeous. Your grades aren't normal, you have only gotten A's all your life, heck! They even made a new A+++ because they couldn't keep up with your grades once. And lastly, you're scared of absolutely EVERYTHNG, that's not normal."

"we-" Winry jumped 5 inches in the air, the bell rang.

" see everything scares you, come on it's time for class." Riza said pulling Winry with her.

Winry had English first, Riza had home economics first.

"Riza? Can I have my schedule changed? I want to be with you all day." Winry said clinging to Riza.

"No, now get to class!" Riza shouted while struggling to get Winry off.

Winry walked in and sat in the back of the room.

"Okay, class will now start! Take your seats!" The teacher yelled making Winry jump a little in her chair

Winry was very studious. She never missed a word the teacher said. Every word he said was quickly jotted down in beautiful cursive, she had over 12 books every page full of writing from every class.

"Class is over!" the teacher yelled, and again making Winry jump.

The next class she had was mechanics. She loved this class, she awaited it ever single day.

She sat down, and the teacher shouted, but she didn't jump, it just made her smile brightly.

About halfway into class, a blonde, kind of sand haired boy came in to say something.

"Excuse me, sir, but, my brother Edward won't be able to make it tomorrow, I don't know which class he has first and I couldn't find the office, so I just came into a class my brother mentioned to tell you." the boy said looking around nervously.

"Yes, thank you I will be his first and second teacher, please call me , Alphonse." Mr. Wallis said, apparently he had liked the impression Al gave him because he was so much nicer to him than he had been to anyone else he's ever had in his class.

"Okay, bye." and Alphonse left.

" The rest the day went really quickly after that. Winry couldn't help but think of the name Alphonse said, 'Edward' Winry had always liked that name, she wondered if this ' Edward would be as handsome as his supposed brother was, what if his brother was even more beautiful?!

Winry made herself smile at the thought of someone that handsome on a white steed, it was prince charming, she was sure. She couldn't wait to see this new boy now. Of course, she couldn't talk to him though, right? Could she actually talk to him? If he turned out to be that handsome, she couldn't. she probably wouldn't anyway, she wasn't good with talking to people like that. She wasn't good with talking to people, period. But what if I became more bodacious? No, I've bee like this for years. Even Riza knows I have. she thought to herself.

After pondering this she noticed it was finally time to go home.

"Hey Winry!" Riza said running towards her… with someone at her side.

"Hi…" she started to get nervous.

"Hey, so you remember Alphonse here from 2 period right?"

"Yeah…" Winry said, feeling might she might cry

"Al! this is Winry Rockbell." Riza said gesturing over to her.

"Hello, Ms. Rockbell." Alphonse said with a smile while holding out a hand for her to shake it.

Winry froze, cry or pass out, those were her options, she couldn't shake his hand.

"Hey, Al, I guess she wasn't ready for this, go ahead and step back." Riza said seeing Winry's fear.

"Oh okay, did I do something I wasn't supposed too?" Al said worried he had done something and had hurt her.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong, she just gets scared by everything. She especially isn't okay around new people, but, I thought since you were so kind, she might open up to you." Riza explained

"Oh… I'm sorry I couldn't help." Al said looking down.

"It's okay, it's no one's fault." Riza said kind of disappointed that it didn't work.

"Maybe, one day, she'll find someone she loves, then she would open up to them." Al said smiling, thinking of his brother, hoping that one day his brother would be able to find someone he loves besides himself.

"Yeah, that's the goal, you seem to know a lot, you seem very experienced." Riza said smiling, feeling like he was so kind, she might cry herself. "But, I have a question, what's your brother like, and why is he not able to come to school tomorrow like planned?" Riza asked.

"Well, brother, he's kind of… he doesn't get along with anyone but me." Al said with a sad smile.

"Well, hopefully, someone will open him up to the wonders of life." Riza said visibly cheering Al up.

"Yeah! I hope so!" Al said with a smile almost too big for his face.

They all went home, Riza walking a still nervous Winry home.

The next day, apparently, Al had convinced his brother to come to school, and boy, was he all the rage today. Even Winry, being as scared, as she was to see this new boy, could see he was putting up a strong front but actually sincerely didn't want all the attention, he looked, nervous.

When he looked at her, his eyes were like burning amber, but he had a hint of, sadness in them. They quickly looked away, but then, Riza, no, everyone was surprised to see Winry leave Riza's shoulder, and walk toward him.

They stared at each other stunned. They did not break the stare for what seemed like forever then, "H-hi… I'm Edward, Edward Elric, you can call me Ed."

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! more to come