Is this really the end?

When Al when to answer the door, there was a very tall and slim lady, who looked a lot like Winry.

"Hello, ma'am, what can I do ya for?" Al answered cheerily, as if he was not just lied to about his brother's supposed disappearance.

"I was told I can see Winry Rockbell here?" the lady asked in a very cold manner.

"May I know who's asking?" Al asked.

"Her real mother has come to pick her up, dear." the lady stated.

"I'm sorry, you must have something wrong, the only Winry I l know has foster parents." Al responded.

"And now, as you may know, they are arrested, and I have come to assume position as her guardian. Now, move, I have every right to my daughter." she said, trying to push past Al, Al wan't going to move.

"Move it kid!" the lady was about to push Al.

"Touch my brother, you'll leave with much less than your daughter, you may lose a few things." Ed threatened, furious that someone even thought of touching his brother.

"Ed!" Winry tried to whisper at him, she was still hiding.

"My my, do you want this to become a legal matter, may I ask where your guardians are?" she asked.

"First of all, no, you may not ask about our guardians, an d second of all, it would become a legal matter against you, for assault breaking and entering and kidnapping." Ed stated.

"Okay, but, kidnapping? Please do tell me, why would it be kidnapping for my own child." the layd dared, not breaking the glare she and Ed had.

Ed gained his 'im-going-to-mind-fuck-you' look, as he put his hands up non-chalantly, with his sadistic grin, "Simple. You have no proof your daughter is or was here. Also, we have no proof of you being her mother, and we can easily bring you in for attempted kidnapping just as easily." Ed had the lady right where he wanted her.

"Okay, then, let's play fair boy. Winry dear! I know you're back there, please come out." now she had the grin.

Winry came into sight, Ed quickly getting into a defensive stance in front of her, ready for anything.

"Ask me something only I would know about you." she dared.

"My second step father's 6th middle name." Winry dared. They hadn't recorded his name, so only his close family would know.

"Shirely. It wasn't recorded, he only told his close family." she replied, that was easy.

"Win… is that the right answer?" Ed asked cautiously, as if she would go crazy at any given moment. Which she might, really.

"Yeah, Ed, I have to go with her, I have no choice in the matter, neither do you, or my foster parents, sine they're in jail. Not like they'd care anyway." Winry's eyes were down cats, as she walked to her 'mother' with her shoulders down, her face not leaving the ground.

"Good, because I've had all the legal documents to send you to your father. You had no choice no matter what." her mother said.

"You can't just send her away! She has a choice!" Ed tried to protest.

"No she doesn't. you can't do anything either, boy. You have no parents to speak of, yes? Well then, please say your goodbyes, I'll be waiting in the car, Winry." were her final words before she walked out.

"Win, you don't have to do this. We can fight, you really don't have to go." Ed pleaded.

"Ed, I'd love to stay. I really would. But, I don't want to be a bother. It's fine really. I got to have a real family, even if it was just two boys. And even if it was just a short time. I really am grateful. But, now, I actually have a real family! It'll be great…" Winry tried her best to smile, but just managed to break into tears.

Al walked away, a solemn expression plastered on his knew this would likely be the last time he ever saw his brother this happy with anyone. He hoped that his brother would be okay if she left, but, he knew he wouldn't be.

"Ed, thank you. But, I really think I can stand on my own now. Thanks to you, that is. Really, thank you. And, I knew where my father was already, he's in Hungary right now. So, goodbye." Winry said as she stood on her won, pushing Ed's attempts to help her away.

Ed pulled Winry into a hug. Tears threatening to leak.

"Bye Win… keep in touch, yeah? Don't you dare forget about us! We helped you get away from that mental place!" Ed tried to laugh, lightly punching her arm.

"Take care of Luke." Winry laughed. Luke was currently sleeping. He had been sleeping all day. He wouldn't be able to say goodbye.

"We will, and when you visit, he would've become a good boy! I swear it, he'll be just like uncle Ed!" Ed laughed.

"Ed, Winry, Luke''s awake to say bye bye." Al came in with a smile.

"What's going on?" Luke asked. He was only 6.

"Luke, Winry's going on a trip, please come a say bye." Ed asked cutely.

"Bye bye Winry." he replied.

"Bye bye, Luke. Please take care of yourself whiel I'm gone, and keep Ed out of trouble." Winry asked.

"Okay, have a safe trip." Luke said, giving her a hug.

Winry was on the break of tears, as was Ed, Al was just very solemn. Luke, didn't understand anything.

"Bye, everyone-Ed." Winry turned around quickly to hide her tears, and she whispered 'Ed' but, Ed heard her.

She walked out the door, closing it behind her, not looking back once.

Once Ed saw Winry walk out and close the door, he broke. He just burst into a rainbow of emotions.

He was crying out of anger and out of sorrow, he was cussing and hitting his hand on the ground due to anger, and he was still trying to keep it together for the child and his brother, but very easily failing.

"Brother, I'm sorry we couldn't do anything." Al apologized, putting an anything but soothing hand on his brother's shoulder.

Ed quickly slapped his brother's hand off. It was just a sign that Al had completely given up when Winry walked out. Ed had hope.

"No. we're going to get her back one day. This wasn't the last of it." Ed insisted, wiping his tears, and standing up strong.

End of chapter 10


3 months later.

"Hey Ed!" Al greeted cheerfully.

"Hey Al, you talk to Ringo today?" Ed asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Yes." Al said, looking away, blushing.

Truth be told, Ringo had been his girlfriend for 2 months in 3 days.

Ed laughed nervously.

Al always felt bad when he talked about his girlfriend. Because his brother's love was taken away a few months ago, he could see his brother hurt everyday for it.

"So… how're you and Riza?" it was Al's turn to tease him.

"Al, you know nothing's goin' on, and nothing will go on, drop it." Ed stated.

Al knew that, he just wanted to cheer his brother up. He knew he would never even think about dating any other girl than Winry.

"Yeah, yeah." Al responded, a small laugh.


The bell.

"Bye Al, I'll see you at home." Ed said running to his class, Al just waved back.

When they got home, Luke jumped onto Ed's back,a dn said, "welcome home!" so cutely, like he is.

He had really changed over the past few months. For better or for worse? Who could tell. Ed knew he was either a really patient kid, or a smart kid. Ed went with the latter.

Luke had not once asked if Winry was going to come home. He hadn't said anything about her, not even a fond memory had been shared, her name had not been uttered in any way.

"Brother, stew for dinner." Al stated.

"Yay! Stew!" Ed and Luke yelled at the same time.

Luke hated milk, as did Ed, but, he loved stew.

"Okay! Time for bed." Al said after dinner, picking Luke up into the air, acting like Luke was flying a plane into his bed.

'Win, I think we're going to be alright, you just come home when you're ready. I'll be waiting.' Ed thought, as he fell asleep in his chair, with a smile on his face.

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