Agunimon was running to his home to clean it up because his lover, lobomon, was coming oved for the weekend. When he got home, he went inside and started cleaning. Right when he got done, he heard the doorbell ring. Agunimon went over to the door, opened it, and was pulled into a kiss from lobomon. When the split, agunimon said," hey lobo. How are you doing?" Lobomon smiled at the nickname and told him," hey agu. Im fine now that I am with you. I missed you so much." Agunimon was happy to know that and said he is happy tp be with him to. Lobomon came into the house and sat down on the couch. Agunimon sooned joined him there and right when he sat down, lobomon pounced on him with a big kiss and agunimon moaned. He wrapped his arms around lobomon`s neck, deepening the kiss. Lobomon licked agunimon`s bottom lip and he opened his mouth for the tongue to come in. lobomon pulled agunimon`s mask off to see his eyes better when the seperated while agunimon pulled his mask off to see his beautiful face. Soon agunimon and lobomon decided to eat dinner. They had digibites and soon they started to feed each other. After dinner they moved to agunimon`s room and they started to have three make out session before going to sleep. The next day , agunimon tried to get up, but found lobomon`s arm wrapped up tight around his waist. Lobomon woke up and kissed agunimon on the lips again." Lobo, I got to go get breakfast. So, can you let me go?" After breakfast they soon started to have more make out sessions together. The door opened and in came kazemon. She saw them and was mad that lobomon took her agunimon." Hey get off of him. Agunimon is mine." Lobomon and agunimon split up and saw her. Agunimon said," kazemon I am not yours. I am lobo`s lover. NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Agunimon punched her in the gut and threw her out of the house. Lobomon came up behind him and kissed his cheek."It's ok agu. I will never leave you and I know you will never lea-" Before he could finish his sentence, agunimon pushed his lips against lobomon`s mouth and they started to go ten more rounds of kissing.

Ambermon: well there we go a lobomon/agunimon story. I hope that I have wrote the first one out of all of the writing. well see you later and get your game on.

Agunimon: sis why did you have me and kazemon being mean to each other?

Ambermon: sorry. It was just a thought.

Agunimon: ok im not mad.

Ambermon: ok read and review.