Jellal looked down at the child in his arms, who was starting to wake up. The child opened its eyes and cooed when it looked at Jellal, reaching for his face. He smiled instantly, noticing he had Erza's eyes.

"Who is that?" Lucy asked.

Jellal was so lost in the child, that he almost didn't hear her. Without taking his eyes off the child, he answered, "It's Erza's and (he could feel the tears welling up in his eyes)… mine." Jellal had to take a moment to compose himself, while wiping the tears from his face.

"So THAT'S what I've been smelling. Congrats you two!" Nastu remarked with a grin.

"I can't believe it! That's so cute!" Lucy and Juvia squealed. Maybe they'll actually get together now, Lucy thought to herself.

"Wow, Jellal, He sure looks like you, and he can't be more than a week old." Gray mused.

I wonder if our children will resemble Gray the way theirs resemble Jellal, Juvia thought to herself, turning pink at the thought. Gray noticed, but decided not to ask. He was terrified to know what that woman was thinking.

Porlyusica walked into the room, obviously hiding away until the news was out. "Actually, He is only a day old right now. I have to say the hair on this boy is astounding, considering how old he is. Most newborns are practically bald."

"I'm still confused though, how is it that Erza has been pregnant this whole time and we're just now finding out about it? I mean even she didn't seem like she knew," asked Natsu.

"She didn't. Every once in a while there has been phenomena about women who didn't realize they were pregnant until shortly before they gave birth. That was why she passed out, because she had over exerted herself without realizing it. She also must have failed to gain much weight due to her active lifestyle." She Explained.

"Well now it makes sense how she was able to rival Natsu when it came to eating recently," Lucy laughed.

"Hey everyone," Erza mumbled, waking up. She was glad all of her closest friends were here now. Her heart melted a bit when she looked over and saw Jellal holding their child. He looked absolutely captivated by the child. Whoops, she realized, I forgot to tell him before I fell asleep. She figured Porlyusica must have caught him up to speed.

"ERZA, EATING FOR TWO IS A DIRTY TRICK, BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TRULY BEAT ME WHEN IT COMES TO EATING! HAHAHA!" Natsu teased, pointing at Erza. Well, he sure took to the news quick, she thought.

"Well I didn't know! Anyways, what all happened when I passed out?" She asked.

"When you passed out, Natsu had Happy take you over here so you wouldn't be left defenseless against those guys," Gray explained, "But don't worry we gave them one hell of a fight." He smirked.

Natsu laughed, "Yeah! Turns out those idiots thought they would be getting some of the weaker members of Fairy Tail, but just our luck, we got to kick their asses instead" he said with a monstrous grin.

"The Leader went running, so Juvia and Gray followed him to their base. They had stolen armor and other supplies from the remnants of lone members of dark guilds, so I guess ambushing only a few at a time was just their style." Lucy explained.

"Yeah! Boy, Juvia and Gray sure were awesome at sneaking around! I wonder how they got so good at doing that" Happy cluelessly added, causing Gray and Juvia to glare at him.

Lucy found out Gray was good at sneaking around back at the S-Class Trial on Tenrou Island. But the rest of them laughed, knowing how Juvia got so good at sneaking around.

"Shhhh!" Jellal glared at them. Everyone looked confused, so he softly explained, "He's sleeping again."

He brought his son over to Erza, after all, he didn't want to monopolize the child that was as much hers as it was his. Without thinking, he pressed a kiss to Erza's cheek.

I love you, he said in his head.

"I love you too, Jellal." She said with a smile.

Whoops, maybe it wasn't just in my head.

"I'm so sorry though", he said sadly, "You deserve so much better, HE deserves so much better than to have an escaped convict, with such horrific deeds under his belt, as his father."

"Well then what do I deserve?" Erza snapped.

"You deserve everything Erza, your happiness should never cease, and you should have everything and anything you want and more." He responded.

"Well then don't tell me you're not what I deserve, because there's no one else I want." Erza said angrily.

He was going to argue with her, and explain that he needed to atone, and nothing he could do in this life could ever rid him of the debt he owed to society. But he thought of the first time he looked at his son, and how in that moment everything had changed for him. He realized that atonement was no longer his purpose in life. He had a new one.

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