At a circus were the family Wayne visiting the performance of the flying Graysons.

The flying Graysons were a family.

Their names were John Sr. (30),Mary (28),John jr. (15),uncle Rick (40),aunt Karla (39),Jet,Roy,Wally and Dick.

They were the best circus of the hole world and they had the youngest members joined.

First came Wally and made little tornados with his speed while doodging arrows from Jet.

It was the end of their show and they went out to drink something or eat while letting Dick stand by the trapeze.

Then they heared Haly call the rest of the family.

Finally was it time and Haly (55) called them up:,,Laaaaddddddiiiiieeeeesss and Geeentttellmeeennn,now you see the flying Graysons who are the only once who can do a quadruppel flip and they are the only once with the youngest members."

Everyone clapped when John Jr. did four flips in the air.

,,Now comes the final stunt from the flying Graysons.",said Haly.

Everyone except Roy sprung when suddenly the cable snapped and Mary screamed for the last time:,,MY SONS!"

,,NO!",yelled Roy while racing to the bodies.

Roy was climbing the stairs when suddenly he heared a crack and looked down only to see his parents on the ground,death.

Roy was distracted and fell on the ground from two meters from the ground and heared a crack again but he ignored the sound.

Dick was there and saw how his family fell to their death next to him where he layed.

His family landed next to Dick on his right and left and had everywhere blood in his baby seat.

Dick begun to look at the bodies while screaming,crying,hitting and kicking.

Roy arrived now too and went on his knees beside his parents while taking his little brother out of the Baby seat and hugged his little body.

The Wayne family stood up and Bruce runned to Dick and Roy and held them tight while his sons Terry,Tim,Damian and Jason went outside. Dick cried in Bruces chest next to the bodies of his parents.

Jet and Wally runned to the screaming and saw their families death bodies.

They ran to the bodies and saw how Bruce held Dick and Roy in his arms against his chest.

,,WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE!?HOW THE HELL COULD THIS HAPPEN?!",yelled Jet angry to Dick and Roy while hitting Dick on his head softly with his fingers.

Dick held with his tiny fist tighter on Bruces T-shirt while crying:,,Aaaaaahhhhh!A bla-ba bu."

Jet wanted to hit Roy hard on his head too but Roy dodged it and Jet hit Dick again and said:,,Stupid idiot!You should have brought Dickie out of here!You are traumatising him further!"

Bruce looked shocked but saw that Dick begun to breath with difficult and said:,,Your little brother needs medical attention or he'll die from not enough air!"

Wally raced to the ambulance and took out what they needed while Roy shot a signal arrow out of the circus.

Jet took off his jacket and layed it over Dick.

Jet said to Bruce:,,I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. Could you please not be don't sent us to an orphanage?Even when you are in Batman costume,you have always mercy."

,,How do you know my I.D.?",asked Bruce with wide eyes and open jaw.

Jet smiled and said:,,Little speedster there told me after he saw your picture in the Newspaper and the Batman picture in the is a huge fan of Batman and his sons AND Bruce and his sons while Wally knows all of your secrets and even found some things of you to give it to Dick,like your bat-a-rang."

Bruce smiled and said:,,I'm going to ask you an important question but you must promise to keep your little brothers as save as you can until I come over okay?"

Jet nodded and the medical help came to them and said:,,He's just badly shocked, let him rest and he's alright again.I gave him a sleep dosis so that Richard could calm down for now."

Jet nodded and asked Bruce:,, D-did Dickie and Roy saw them f-fall? I mean,did they see our family fall to their death?"

Bruce looked sad at Jet and said:,,I'm afraid will have a lot of nightmare in these few months but it will get less nightmares but the pain stays."

,,Oh my God,how can I take care of two traumatised brothers with nightmares that never says something to me or Wally but only to mamica and taticul.",said Jet with a lot of panic and worry in his voice.

Bruce put Jet in a hug and said:,,I KNOW you can do it. Believe me on this one. Your brothers love you very much,even this little one does. You need to think more over yourself."

Jet nodded and hugged Bruce a good bye before he took Dick in his arms and went on their way to the orphanage.

Two weeks later,Batman and his sons went to the circus and found evidence that Tony Zucco killed the flying Graysons.

Batman went to Dick's trailer and took 5 koffers full of memories of their parents and a stuff elephant while Batman's sons were taking care of Tony Zucco and his family.

Batman brought it to Commissioner Gordons office and layed it on the desk in Gotham City Police Department.

And disappeared without someone noticed it.

The next day,Bruce and his sons were at the table and ate their breakfast in peace.

Well Tim and Dmian were arguing while Terry listened to what Jason did yesterday on patrol.

Bruce read the paper and growled louder than he ever did when he was in no mood or angry.

Even Batman didn't do it for a newspaper with news over him or his sons.

,,F-father w-what is g-going on?",asked Damian while stuttering in fear while the others couldn't say one word for fear.

Bruce took a deep breath and said in a sad but worry voice:,,They brought the Grayson boys to Juvenile Detention Center."

His sons were stunned when suddenly Terry asked:,,How are they?"

And Jason asked:,,Do we know something about their condition?"

Tim asked now:,,How old are they?"

Damian glared and asked:,,How did they came their?"

Bruce sight and answered:,,He's Richard 'John' Grayson and he lived in the circus that we have 's 5 month big brothers are Wallace Grayson,he's 4 years old and doesn't let Dick go alone and he figured it out by some colouring books about our secret I.D. for the night.

Roy Grayson is 6 years old and is better with arrows than Queen.

And Jet's 12 years old and protects those 3 with his about it?Would you want 4 new little brothers?The orphanage are all full and needed to take them to the Juvenile Detention Center.C'mon we go and look how they are alright?And maybe adopt them?"

,,YES!",yelled Jason in excitement and runned to the limo already.

Terry,Tim and Damian nodded and runned to the car too and Bruce followed with a smile on his face.

When they came outside,they saw that it was raining and really cold.

Once by the car,they saw Jason sitting back in the limo while Alfred sat in the drivers seat.

They went inside of the car and drove away to Juvenile Detention Center.

When they arrived,they heared screaming and yelling and runned in the house but they didn't see any children.

They saw a man sitting in front of the TV watching new cars,bikes and women in bikinies.

,,Could you tell me where Richard,Wally,Roy and Jet Grayson are? I want to ask them something.",said Bruce to the man while the man jumped in the air from surprise.

The man blinked and said:,,Yes,they are you follow the Guard,you'll find it."

Terry blinked and asked shocked:,,In the cold and rain?"

,,Hahaha!Yes but hey,they are just 5 month,4 years,6 years and if they were older,they didn't need to go outside but the most from 13 to 16 years old kids are outside besides,they ARE only circus freaks.",said the Guard while smirking.

Damian opened his mouth to say something but Bruce layed a hand on Damians shoulder nd shook his head 'no'.

After two minutes walking,they finally arrived outside where they saw that it rained harder and it was colder.

On their left,they saw some boys throwing knifes in a tree while on their right they saw some boys smoking a joint or dealing drugs.

,,Aaaaaaahhhhh!",screamed someone and they turned around where they saw 19 boys throwing Dick everywhere and catched him again and hit him while 8 boys held Wally,Roy and Jet.

Roy,Wally and Jet said in chor:,,DICK!"

Damian runned to them and ordered:,,Let them go!They didn't do anything wrong!"

The others runned to Damian too while Bruce catched the now unconscious Dick up and let him lay against his chest.

The 27 boys went away while Wally,Roy and Jet runned to Bruce and Dick.

Roy took Dick from Bruces arms and held him while Wally took a wash cloth and cleaned some mud up.

,,He needs to go to the hospital!Roy,Wally and Jet could you bring Dick with my sons to the limo. I follow you in a minute. Are you 3 going with us and Dick to the hospital,we could need help with Richards health standard?",asked Bruce.

Wally,Roy and Jet nodded and runned with Bruces sons to the limo.

Bruce took 4 adoption papers with him and runned to the limo too.

Once by the car,he ordered Alfred to race to the hospital.

Roy stood up and layed Dick in Bruces arms.

Bruce looked confused at the boys for answeres.

Wally said:,,Dickie is a fan of the Bat family and has an set of you of his own that I bought for him. He even had a set of pictures of the Bat family on his grib."

Roy said:,,Wally is already learning things for kids that are at age of Jason and Wally didn't know better and gave Dick to the boys when they asked it. We wish you all a happy family and that you all stay together."

Bruce nodded and took Dick in his lap.

Not long later,they arrived and Bruce runned with Dick in his arms while Wally,Roy and Jet on his side.

,,Leslie!I need your help please save him.",pleaded Bruce while running at top speed to her.

Leslie (55) looked at the boy in Bruces arms and took him with her to the infirmary.

First Leslie took care of the deep gash on his head and stitched it.

Then she took him to the X-ray and looked if something was broken.

It didn't take long and Leslie had the pictures of Dicks bones and brain.

There Leslie saw that Dick had 1 arm,1 leg and 4 ribs broken on the left and 2 cracked ribs on the right,deep cuts,small cuts,underweighted and Dehydrated.

Leslie ordered 2 nurse to change Dick in some clothes and let him wait in a grib.

Leslie walked through the door to the waiting room and nodded to Bruce to come with her.

,,How is he?Will he survive?",asked Bruce worried like a father.

Leslie sight and said:,,He may go to the Manor but he needs to lay in bed for at least 6 has 1 arm,1 leg and 4 ribs broken on the left and 2 cracked ribs on the right and a few cuts that needed to be stitched or cleaned 's a little underweighted and Dehydrated but with good care he will yes,he'll survive."

,,Sorry but he doesn't live by me but in Juvenile Detention Center but he's in good hands there. I'm going to ask them tomorrow my question.",said Bruce while he sight in relieve.

Leslie nodded and walked with Bruce to where Dick waited.

When they came by Dick,they saw that he still hadn't woke up from the beating.

Bruce took Dick in his arms and walked back to the waiting room where Wally,Roy and Jet waited for some news.

Once by the waiting room,they all walked to Bruce and Dick while asking questions.

Bruce smiled but told them and his sons what Leslie told him.

They all nodded while Jason took Dick in his arms.

Dick opened his eyes and smiled before he snuckled more in Jasons chest for the warmth.

,,Roy,Wally,Jet.I'm going to visit tomorrow but don't tell your watchers.I'll then ask you three a REAL important question.I need you to think over what you want to do with your life.",said Bruce in a stern but gentle voice.

Roy,Wally and Jet nodded and stayed quiet the hole ride and starred out of the window in amazement and wonder.

10 minutes later came they on by Juvenile Detention Center and stepped out of the car.

Bruce took Dick,Wally,Roy and Jet inside alone and layed Dick in his grib.

Wally,Roy and Jet hugged Bruce and went back to where Dick lay in his grib in peace.

Bruce went to the caretakers and said:,,Richard needs to stay at least 6 weeks in his may not go outside for fun but only if someone adopts needs to drink a lot and eat too."

The caretakers nodded with a smile and Bruce walked back to the limo.

When the Wayne family arrived at the Wayne Manor,they went to the living room.

It was 1 hour quiet before Bruce begun to talk.

Bruce said:,,We need to go tomorrow at 9 o'clock to Juvenile Detention Center for the question and maybe adoption."

Terry and Tim nodded while Damian and Jason were asleep.

Terry carried Damian up while Tim carried Jason.

Bruce sight and went to the Bat cave to change in THE Batman and go patrol for the night and visit the Grayson boys.

When Batman was in the room,he looked around and saw no one in the room.

Suddenly the door went open and Batman hid behind a big shelf.

When Batman saw that it Dick and his brothers were,he backed up more.

Then Batman saw how thin Dick truely was and he had a lot of bruises and his brothers too.

Wallys,Roys and Jets shirt were too big and fell over their shoulder.

While Dick didn't have something for his body to stay warm.

Dick looked as if he hadn't slept in days and he had some sort of bandage full of blood by his knees but batman knew that he had slept in the limo and hospital.

,,Aaahhhh!",cried Dick while the boys looked around for what made Dick crying.

Wally listened and said while playing his role:,,Batman you can come out now. I found for bringing our parents to is Dick,Roy and Jet,my brothers."

,,Nice to meet you but how did you do that?No one ever saw or heared me.",said Batman in his role while giving Dick the stuff elephant from the grib and got a smile as answer.

Wally explained:,,I learned it in the Thank you for bringing stuff for us."

Dick made grab signs to Batman and Batman took Dick in his arms.

Suddenly they heared foot steps and Dick hid under Batman's cape while Wally and Roy shooed Batman behind the shelf again and brought Dick in his grib but Dick begun to cry and Jet took Dick in his arms.

Dick took Jets shirt and hid under it.

When Batman was behind the shelf,he heared someone yell:,,RICHARD,JET,ROY,WALLACE! GO TO BED OR YOU GET MORE SPANKING!"

,,We n-need to p-pray and brush our teeth f-first.",said Wally loud enough to be heared by Mister Ronder and the once in the room.


Suddenly Mister Ronder burst in the room and grabbed Dick from under Jets T-shirt and layed him over his knees and spanked him hard.

Dick screamed out of pain but every time he screamed,Mister Ronder spanked Dick harder.

Dick was so scared that he peed over .

,, circus know that your punishment goes to Richard but why do you keep going on with cursing?First he doesn't eat and he doesn't sleep and tomorrow gets Richard another thing that he doesn't want to do.",said angry.

,,LET. THE. BOY. GO!",growled Batman the command at Mister Ronder while he stepped from behind the shelf.

Mister Ronder stuttered:,,B-but t-they were t-talking to e-each other w-while they n-needed to g-go to b-bed."

,,I know. I was the one who was talking to them. I needed their help and they wanted to tell something they knew that could cost their life. I'll talk with Commissioner Cordon about this.",said Batman with a glare.

,,B-but they a-aren't w-wo-worth are j-just circus freaks!The youngest is going to be the worst villan ever!You HAVE to stop that from happening!",said with more curage.


Mister Ronder nodded and runned out of the room while letting Dick fall on the ground and let his brothers pick him up and soothe him.

Batman took Dick in his arms and layed his cape over Dick.

After 3 minutes was Dick talking happy to Batman until Batman layed Dick in the grib with his cape over him.

,,Get to 's 6:30 30 minutes you all need to stand up again.",said Batman while jumping out of the window.

A few hours later,were the Wayne family back at Juvenile Detention Center and walked inside.

,, ! We need your help!",yelled Wally and Roy in chor.

Bruce went on his knees and asked:,,What's wrong?"

,,They dragged Dick outside and only because he was too tired yesterday to eat,Jets cursing,him peeing over and for Batmans appearing. For punishment he has to lay outside in a grib but he's naked outside where it is cold and raining. We even told him that he didn't may go out of his grib but they ignored it Jet is trying to get outside but is held inside by two guards while he hit the third guard unconscious. Please,help us!",explained Roy in a rush.

The Wayne family runned outside and saw how Dicks lips were blue and he looked exhausted.

His body was completely naked and shaking while he layed in his pee for who knows how long.

Bruce picked Dick up while Dick keeped trying to stay awake.

Bruce took his jacket off and layed it on Dicks trembling body.

Then he took Jet with him and walked to the adoption place.

Bruce went inside and asked:,,Would you all like to live with us?"

Wally,Roy and Jet looked up at Bruce and then at his sons while Jet said:,,If you all four of us want and it's alright with your sons ,then yes we would."

Bruce nodded and his sons too while Wally,Roy and Jet nodded too.

Dick nodded too even if he didn't know what it meaned before he passed out.

Bruce signed the adoption papers and took the 4 boy with them.

On their way to the Wayne manor,Dick begun to cough and his body would shake.

Not long after that Dick fell asleep but he peed over Bruce.

Terry put a hand on his forehead but took it right away off again.

,,Dad,we need to get him some medicine,he has a fever.",said Terry while he asked Wally,Roy and Jet, how long ago they ate a deasend meal.

Wally answered sadly:,,We didn't get a meal or drink for the last 2 said that we were better off if we died like our parents."

Alfred raced to the Wayne manor and ordered everyone to do something.

Terry took the Blankets,Damian a bowl with ice water and a cloth while Jason took some clothes out of his room and Wally,Roy,Jet and Dick went with Bruce to his room.

Alfred went to the medicine shelf and took out what he needed.

When Alfred came back to Bruce's room,he saw 4 boys and 1 very tired man.

Alfred chuckled and placed the Thermometer in Dicks mouth but it fell right away out.

Alfred sight and said:,,Master Bruce. I'll need to go and make soup and a bottle of warm milk with sugar while you need to take young Master Richards temperature from his more private with me young Masters,let's give your brother some private."

Bruce nodded and did as he was told while Dicks brothers went out of the room.

When they shut the door,Dick opened his eyes and looked at Bruce.

Bruce took Dicks two feet in his hand and pushed the thermometer in his butt.

Two minutes later took Bruce the thermometer out and looked at it.

There stood that it was only 102 degrees.

So it wasn't a bigger fever then expected.

Bruce tickled Dicks stomach and Dick screamed in happyness.

Bruce went to pick up some clothes and went to sit back on the bed but he felt something wets and looked down.

Bruce saw that Dick had peed on the bed and looked sad up with baby blue eyes.

Dick begun to cough and to cry while talking.

Terry went inside to help Bruce with Dick while the others didn't want to or couldn't go.

,, I'm so gonna send this to the Watchtower,Mount Justice,Teen Titans,Leslie,Ariana,Livy and Dana and title it as 'The goddamn Badman defeated by a Babies crying'.",said Terry when he made a picture with a smile.

Bruce glared and wanted to pick Dick up but he begun to cry louder when Bruce came closer.

Terry went to Dick and Dick made a 'pick me up' sign.

Terry sight and took Dick from the bed while Bruce went to change in new clothes.

When he came back,he had new clothes for Terry and Dick but they first needed to go bathing.

Terry took Dick with him and walked to the bath tube.

,,Don't come in the bathroom or you'll regret it.",Terry warned Bruce with a glare.

Bruce saluted and went to bring the dirty wash to the wash room.

It was 30 minutes later when Terry came with a sleeping Dick back but Terry doesn't seem happy with it.

The pyjama were two times bigger than Dick,Dick still hadn't a diaper and his wife needed help with their children.

,,BRUCE,WE HAVE A FEW PROBLEMS!",yelled Terry while laying Dick in Terrys bed with pillows on Dicks left and right so that he couldn't fall from bed.