,,Who are they?",asked Jet in a not so kindly way.

Damian and Livy smiled and said:,,These are our came here so they could meet you and tha we could say that we are going to marry over 2 month."

Jets eyes widened and looked at the 6 children and said:,,So I'm uncle of kids that are a little younger than me.I like how about Roy,Wally and Dick?They are just 6 years,4 years and 5 month old."

Tim laught and answered:,,It seems to me that as long as they help him,nothing iss going to happen.I only wonder how you all will reacting when Dick needs your help."

Annabella nodded and asked:,,What are your names?"

,,My name is George and I'm 10 years old.",answered George.

,,My name is Amy and I'm 9 years old.",said Amy while glaring at Jet.

William sneered and said:,,I'm William and 8 years old so shut the hell up or you'll regret it."

,,I like him.",said Jet and Jason in chor.

Harrold looked at Dick and said:,,I'm Harrold and I'm 7 years old."

Valentina went to Roy while Mary-Jane looked at the now sleeping Dick and said:,,I'm Mary-Jane and I'm 5 years old and the one by the redhead is 's 6 years I carry the baby?"

Bruce chuckled while he answered:,,I'm sorry Valentina but Dick needs to 's long time since he slept and he needs to stay healthy."

,,Okay but I want to play with Dick call me Val",said Val.

Bruce nodded and layed Dick in his grib.

When Bruce walked back in the living room,he saw how Jet and Jason were changing in clothes to play outside.

Roy and Wally were playing with William,Harrold,Raymond,Annabella,Roxanne,Susanne,George,Mary-Jane,Valentina and Amy in the play room while the adults were drinking tea and eating cookies.

5 hours later woke Dick up and Bruce walked up to his room where Dick slept.

Bruce picked Dick up and went to the changing room and changed Dick in new diapers.

It didn't take long and Bruce went to the living room again.

Dick saw Damian and made grabbing signs and Bruce said:,,Could you hold Dickie while I make a bottle milk."

,,Yes father.I can go on and make the bottle milk now.",said Damian.

Bruce nodded and went to make a bottle with milk while Damian tried to get Dick silence.

It didn't take long and Bruce came back with a bottle of milk and gave it to Damian.

Dick opened his mouth and kicked his little legs to get it now.

But before Damian could give Dick the bottle,Valentina came in and said:,,I want to do it."

Damian sight and picked Dick up and brought him high in the air while Valentina took place on Damians lap.

Damian gave Valentina the bottle and Valentina pushed it in Dicks mouth.

After Dick had half of the bottle emty,Dick begun to shacke his head and made the milk spill over Dicks and Damians clothes.

Valentina went to Livy and and slept in her lap.

Damian took Dick with him and changed them in dry clothes.

Meanwhile the others in the play room were deep in sleep.