This fic is answer of Embarr's personal challenge on TTH, that spawned Dance of the water lilies and one other two others Naruto/BtVS cross Buffy centric fics. Now Pandemonium is finally ready to be posted on .

Now as Enbarr's challenge goes:

Pandemonium means all the demons... take this as you will for the challenge.


1. Must be a Buffy central story. No offence to Xander, but he gets a lot of attention in these Naruto fics.

2. She must go to Konoha, travelling through the hidden villages is also an option.

3. NO Halloween scenarios, thank you.

4. Buffy must have a romantic relationship with one of the male Naruto characters. An exception to this rule is any Uchiha. Please, no tall, dark and broody again!

5. Optional: Buffy travels alone. If you can squeeze a few Scoobies into the plot skilfully, go ahead.

Rating: up to you

Mushiness: To a minimum. Subtlety, please!

Comments from me, about the story I wrote:

1. That part of the challenge was not trouble, since I tend to focus more on Buffy than other BtVS characters, the only exception that I am beginning to find are, Faith and Oz. Xander I seem to completely miss out that means I'll have to put Dance of the water lilies on hold, until I get Xander characteristic more under control.

2. At the moment Buffy is only been at Konoha, oh and in chapter 4 she goes to the Wave Country, there are no hidden villages there.

was rendered impossible, since Buffy ends up in Konoha at the end of Prophecy Girl in Season one of BTVS.

4. That again was no problem, while yes I give a hint at possible ship with Buffy in chapter two it will be a while for both of the characters to get together.

5. There will be no others Scoobies in Pandemonium.

Now dear readers if you are interested in an actual story, there is a button that you have to press...I hope you'll enjoy your read...and if you do don't hesitate to tell me about it.