"Brave Sir Robin will freeze to death!" The lead minstrel chanted.

"Bravely, he will freeze to death! When Nador-"

"SHUT UP!" screamed Galahad.

The knights glared at the minstrels, who seemed to be in much better shape than them.

"No," sighed Bedevere. "They're right. We haven't any food or shelter. It's only a matter of time before we go."

Galahad, Lancelot and Robin nodded in agreement

"You can't say that!" cried Arthur. "It's our god-given quest to find the grail!"

"But what can we do? There's no alternative!" said Galahad. "Lancelot, I told you, we all could have stayed in the Castle Anthrax!"

"Oh, please, you just wanted to have your way with the girls…" Lancelot laughed.

"You watch your mouth." Galahad pointed a warning finger at him.

"What're you gonna do, guv?" Lance had a wide smile on his face.

"What am I gonna do? I'll show you what I'm gonna do, you bleeding pig!" He exposed his sword. Lancelot did the same, and they started running towards each other.

"STOP THIS FIGHTING!" Arthur screamed as he broke up the fight. "You cannot let an argument escalate THAT quickly in only a few lines of fanfiction! The author is giving her precious time to write this oneshot out, and I think we can all agree that she would appreciate you two NOT bickering! The readers probably don't appreciate this either, so STOP!"

Lancelot and Galahad put their swords away.

"Now. Not to worry, Knights. We can build some kind of tent with whatever cloth we still have left, and wood."

"Do you expect us to eat cloth and wood too?" asked Robin.

The minstrels started again. "You'll starve, aaaand…!"

Before the lead minstrel could sing anything else, Lancelot put his sword through him. A wave of shock washed over the knights and the remaining minstrels.

Lancelot smiled at the nights. After a minute, Robin caught on. And then Galahad. And then Bedevere. And then Arthur. They all smiled back, and nodded at Lancelot.

That night, the knights and their assistants completely devoured the entire lead minstrel. They chopped up the parts of the other minstrels, and divided it among all 10 of them. Patsy and the other assistants ended up carrying all the meat of the other minstrels, which would be eaten on other days. Now knowing that there was hope for survival, the nights continued with their quest…