"It's a nice place your dad has got there…"

"Yeh he seems very happy, it might be something you could mention to your aunt deb… I mean, they are all older people there, although don't tell her that, and they don't have nurses or anything they have their own place it's just… secure…"

"If anyone is going to mention that to her it is going to be you." Steve's chuckle sounded through the bathroom door, "she adores you and won't slap you like she would me if I suggested she moved to a retirement complex."

"She might like living on the island…" Cath shrugged from the bedroom.

"I'm sure she would, but not in a retirement complex…"

"Hey I never thought it would be for dad either but hey," she laughed, "he seems happy, 'best two weeks of my life', he said."

"I remember…" Steve emerged.

"Wow…"Catherine laughed, hands on her hips as Steve exited the bathroom, towel around his waist, drying his face on a smaller white towel.

"What?" He lifted his eyebrows, feigning innocence as she laughed, rocking backwards and forwards on her heels, stood at the end of their bed as she was, folding shirts and laying them on the mattress.

She laughed and pointed to him fleetingly, a grin never leaving her lips, "The err, Sinead O' Connor look is back then is it? Or did you just cut too much off doing your sideburns…"

"Clearly," He dropped the towel he was holding on the floor, "you have been spending too much time with Danny."

"It's cute that you think so," she lifted her arms to hook them around his neck, fingers playing with the short stubs of his cropped dark hair. His arms wrapped around her waist, broad hands setting on her hips.

She smiled up at him and teased, "but you know I know you better than that… what happened?"

"They weren't even," He admitted firmly with a shrug of his shoulders, "so I sorted it out. I saw a problem and I fixed it, you can hardly tell the difference."

"Negative to that report commander…" She snorted and rested her forehead against his bare shoulder for a moment, her back shaking with repressed laughs.

"It isn't that funny Catherine." He poked her in the side playfully as she lifted her head, tipping it back smile at him, leaning her soft body against his.

"This is why you should let me do it."

He caught her hand in his and moved it away from pulling at his short sideburns playfully. He lowered their hands between them, her other fingers lacing through his at chest height.

"I am sure I don't need your help but thank you." He told her firmly.

"You sure?" She tilted her head to one side.

"Affirmative lieutenant." He chuckled at her mood, bending down to capture her lips in his firmly.

She clung to his shoulders, her body bending backwards under his as he dropped his hands lower down her back.

"Steve…"She moaned, gripping at him, "Commander…"

"Ugh I love with when you talk like that…" Steve crouched slightly, picking her up to wrap her legs around his waist, before turning to gently lay her on the bed beneath him, his body sheltering hers as he trailed kisses from her jaw, "oh lieutenant…"


The sound of gunfire shattered through the air.

There was a hammering knock at the front door downstairs.

Cath peeled her eyes open and grumbled as the knocking continued. She glanced at the clock, sighed at the time, and slipped out of bed.

"If it's Danny he will go away." Steve groped for her across the covers to grab her wrist, "Cath ignore it..."

"Ugh…" she cursed as the knocking continued, "Steve..."

"No. No." He tugged on her wrist firmly, "Why do you always answer the door like this, just let them knock it will be fine, great even…"

The hammering went on and on and Cath jabbed him in the bare side with her finger. He released her wrist and muttered something under his breath as she turned on a light, pulling on her tank top that had been discarded an hour previous by Steve in his haste.

"This attitude coming from a man who once wouldn't let me downstairs because he thought there was an intruder." She shot at me as the knocking continued.

He didn't look up from his pillow, spread eagled over the bed, "intruders don't knock first."

She smirked and turned the hall light on her way out, leaving a trail of lamp light in her wake.

Steve cursed, "So much for a historic evening. It's one in the morning Cath!" She heard him grumble under his breath as she descended the stairs away from their bed room.

The cool wood of the stairs felt especially icy on her feet as she worked her way down into the living room.

Through the glass of the front door and front windows she could see the flashing of blue siren lights, and fingers stood on the front grass.

Her world seemed to slow, and her heart faltered, as through the window she saw a priest and a man holding a Navy Admirals white hat on a flag.

Her smile faded as she reached for the door, pulling it open to reveal a Rear Admiral she vaguely recognized, a priest, and several other officers, police and navy stood on the lawn facing her.

The blue lights of the cars blinded her, and her heart started to squirm as the priest bowed his head over the flag and hat he held.

A shaking hand moved from the doorframe to her mouth as the Rear Admiral removed his hat before her.

"Miss Rollins, my name is Burt Keegan, Rear Admiral of the US Navy, I was a friend of your fathers, planning to retire in his footsteps later this year… this is

James Deegan your father's Naval priest, and Officer Duke Lukela."

It was in that moment Steve appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in his board shorts and SEALS tee and rushed down to be at Catherine's side as Duke stepped forwards.

"Duke?" Steve looked between them all.

Catherine mouth was hanging slightly open, tears in her eyes, vision locked on the flag and hat in the priest's hand.

"I'm very sorry Catherine." Duke apologized, "officers found your father dead this morning in his retirement condo. Can we come in?"

Steve straightened and instinctively wrapped his arm around Catherine's shoulders, pulling her to his chest as she stifled a sob behind her hand, fighting to remain strong despite the crumble that started around the edge of her expression.

Steve was sat beside Catherine on the sofa, his arm around her back, rubbing it softly as she stared forwards, breathing shallowly, a few stray tears on her cheeks.

She felt cold.

The folded flag with his admiralty had sat on it filled her vision, and she could barely hear the voices around her.

Duke, the priest and Burt stood facing them hands folded in respect.

"Gun fire was heard from admiral Rollins condo in the retirement village around midnight." Duke was explaining gently, "a neighbor saw two men in black running away from the house. Yet by the time the security and witness arrived they were gone. There was no sign of forced entry. They phoned for the police and then found admiral Rollins on the floor of his room, shot twice in the chest, the security team entering by the master code on the door alarm system, which showed no sign of damage or having been tampered with."

When Catherine said nothing, just drew in a pained stuttering breath, Steve looked up, "Why weren't Five O called?"

"They were commander." Duke said sadly, "The body was found only one hour ago. We were first responders, then when we found out who it was we phoned detective Williams. He and the rest of your team are working the scene with forensics as we speak. You were not phoned directly McGarret, due to the personal nature of this case."

"I want to go there." Catherine looked up, wiping away tears and running shaking hands over her hips, "I want to see him."

Steve sighed and rubbed her back in a circular motion, "Cath…"

"I need to see what happened," She insisted firmly her eyes wide and spinning to him, "I need to know what is going to happen…"

Steve pushed his lips together and saw her vision waver with more tears that she was trying to master. He gently squeezed her hand.

"Okay then..."

Catherine rose to her feet and rubbed her hands over her hips, "Duke if you could phone Steve if you find anything or… and…"

"Your father was a great man Miss Rollins." Rear Admiral Burt rose to his feet, "I am deeply sorry."

She swallowed, accepting his hug as she fought to gain control of herself.

"Thank you."


The sight of bright blue lights through the air made Catherine's heart stutter. And she trudged almost blindly through the throng of police officers and 'Police line do not cross' tape as she made her way up to the Condo.

The lights were on, while most of the surrounding buildings were in darkness. There were some elderly residents stood out in their pajamas watching what was going on.

And she felt tears fall down her face anew as she entered the condo.

Photos of her as a little girl, through her years at the Naval academy, and then more recent ones when her father had visited her here, and then come to live on the island permanently two weeks ago, smiled down from the cold white walls at her.

It all smelt too new, too clean.

He had barely begun to live in this building.

It felt so small, full of sympathetic police officers she barely knew as she felt her throat close up.

Then Steve was there, taking her hand in his and squeezing it firmly.

"Where…" her voice was broken and barely formed as men in white suits walked past them from down the corridor.

"In his room." Steve looked at her carefully, "Cath if you want to wait…"

"No." She coughed to clear her throat, her hand shaking in his, "I want to…"

A police officer mad a banging noise behind them and they both looked to see him and another young officer trying to pull in a gurney.

Catherine felt her knees give way and Steve caught her, wrapping his arms around her waist and drawing her to his chest, kissing her hair as she cried into his chest.

Danny, Chin and Kono appeared at the end of the hallway out of her father's bedroom.

They pushed their lips together to stop their own tears.

Catherine felt Steve kiss her temple softly and she clung to him, wanting nothing more than for the next time she opened her eyes a realization to hit her that it was all a dream.

But no absolution would come.


Steve watched her carefully as they stepped into the bedroom. Thankfully, her face had been pressed into his chest when her father had been wheeled past on the gurney in a body bag. Steve had had no intention of letting her witness that.

He could remember the pain of losing his own father, and he felt a new pain to think that she was feeling that.

She was pale and silent as they stepped into his room, yet she stopped short when she saw the pool of blood on the floor, several markers around, the bed messed up and spattered with blood.

Men in white suits were crouched all over the room taking photos and swabs.

Catherine swallowed, her tongue feeling large in her mouth, as she wrapped her arms around herself and stood facing Max, who wore a deep expression of sympathy in his eyes.

"Lieutenant… I am very sorry for your loss."

"Thank you." She almost mouthed the words, for no real sound came out. She looked up to the ceiling and blinked heavily, licking her lower lip to try and calm herself.

"If there is anything I can do, aside from helping the investigation with my findings, please do not hesitate to ask." Max gently put a hand over hers.

"Can you tell me what happened?" She almost whispered, eyes falling down to the blood on the floor.

Max immediately looked to the others who were stood behind her, most notably Steve, who shot him a wide eyes warning look over Cath's shoulder.

"Actually lieutenant," max said gently, "I think what I have to tell you would be better received somewhere away from here."

At his words Cath straightened, drew on all her Navy strength and fisted her hands at her sides, pushing all her upset away firmly with both hands.

She bolted herself down for the task in hand, as Danny and she had both seen Steve do many times.

Her eyes dried with determination.

"Then let's go to the medical exam office shall we?"