what happens when the cast of X-Men get stuck in the universe? A lot can go wrong,

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) woke up with a gasp. "Get up, dumbass!"Someone snapped irritably. He looked up to see Jennifer Lawrence (Raven), Zoe Kravitz (Angel), Lucas Till (Alex), James McAvoy (Young Professor X), Michel Fassbender (Young Magneto), and Nicholas Hoult (Young Beast).

"Who said that?" Hugh snapped, also irritated at being woken up.

"I did! You needed to wake up, and I figured your masculine pride would kick in!" Jennifer snorted, though she did smile to show it wasn't malicious.

"We were dropped out of the sky. Though at least Daniel wasn't here or he'd crushed us." Zoe tried to joke, but it was a valid answer, so no one really caught on. No sooner had she said that when Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), Fan Bingbing (Blink), Ellen Paige (Kitty Pryde), and Halle Berry (Storm), dropped out of the sky and decided that Hugh was the perfect landing choice. Zoe busted out laughing as Ellen poked her head out from under Halle's leg and over Daniel's arm and asked "What's so funny?"

"Daniel's on top of Hugh and I don't think he's breathing!" Zoe replied.

"Hey, Hugh, you breathing down there?" Daniel asked.

"I think he's fine!" Shawn answered as he rolled off of Halle and Fan and stated, "You know? This is a really s*** day! First I get my head chopped off, and now I'm in another universe!"

Fan glared at him and snapped, "At least you didn't get skewered!"

"Calm down!" James yelled over the din of the voices. As his hand became a fist, claws came out, James failing to notice them. Shawn barely held in his laughter while a sniggering Daniel shouted, "James look at your hand!"

James looked and let out a girly scream making Shawn and Daniel laugh harder.

"James calm down!" Fan yelled. But James cut her arm making her cry out. But it began healing.

"Are you two are like Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike?" Halle asked, shock making itself visible on her face. Fan held out her hands and ten claws came out.

"They're like them!" Shawn shouted, and Halle fainted.

"Everybody! Shut up and listen!What if we have powers like the characters we played?" Zoe yelled. Everyone quieted as they realized it made sense. Shawn then paled, as if he were going to faint, before Daniel pinched him.

"Do I have tattoos?" Zoe asked, though it sounded as if she expected a "Yes". Turning around with half of her shirt off.

Jennifer shook her head. "Nope."

"Well...then what mutation do I have?" Then she turned into a exact replica of Shawn making the real one faint and answering her question. Zoe/Shawn looked shocked."I'm Mystique?" Then turned back to herself.

Ellen turned to Halle, who lay on the ground in a faint. " Halle what can you do?" Ellen shook Halle awake, remembering she'd fainted, and asked the same question again.

"I don't know!" Halle exclaimed as she phased through the ground.

"Looks like you're like Kitty Pryde!" Halle phased back up and asked, "Cool. How 'bout you Shawn?"

"Maybe super speed?" Shawn ran into a wall and said, "Check that off the list!" Shawn threw out his hand. "No ice powers."

After a little time had passed, Shawn stared in the distance and frowned. "The X-Mansion." Halle looked where he was but saw nothing, confusion dawning on her face .

"Maybe you're kinda like Warpath, super-senses and all?" Ellen suggested.

"Yeah, maybe. " Fan said, her face turning green. "I feel like I'm gonna be sick!" She was probably dizzy as Daniel was running in super fast cricles around her.

"Daniel!" Ellen scolded.

"Sorry, I had a energy bar for lunch!" He called, slowly to a stop. Fan realized something and asked, "Wait, Shawn, did you say you saw the X-Mansion?!"

"Yep. Oh fu-" Hugh came to and heard what they said, and said what everyone was thinking: " We're in the X-Men universe?!"