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Psylocke asked the cast questions about their lives and the films. She was pissed she wasn't in any of them."The professor will be shocked about this. Old guy thinks he's seen it all."

Daniel cocked his head in confusion. "But we look just like them!"

"Mutants are strange. We've gotten used to it over the years." She led them inside the mansion which thankfully was empty. "Sit here and don't touch anything!"

"Can do." Daniel responded, earning a glare from Psylocke. He flashed James a grin.

"What?" Psylocke walked down a long path before knocking on a door. Colossus and opened it and asked," Psylocke? What's up?"

"Sup' big guy?" She responded as Colossus pulled her into a hug nearly crushing her. "Uh big guy. Metal form crushing me!" She wheezed, and he released her, apologizing.

She looked at Bobby and broke into a teasing smile. "Hey, Scruffy!"

Bobby rolled his eyes and said calmly, "Like it or not, Psylocke, the beard is staying."

"Why?" She asked, as if there were no reason for him to have a beard.

"The parents keep...thinking I'm a student." Psylocke laughed and gave quick hugs to Rogue and Kitty. she look at the Professor and said "There's people I'd like all of you guys to meet." The X-Men followed Psylocke init the living room where Daniel was spinning James over his head. Colossus's jaw went slack. Daniel noticed the X-Men and dropped James who shook his head and ran to the nearest bathroom and puked in it.

"Ew." Shawn looked away, grimacing. Psylocke noticed Ellen was missing and asked "Where's Ellen?" Then one of the new arrivals answered wit, "Walked through a hole with Halle."

Kitty and Storm looked shocked. Ellen phased through a wall, Halle by her side. "Guess who joined us and has the powers of Colossus?" She exclaimed somewhat excitedly.

Evan Peters walked in with his silver hair messed up. "'Sup?"

Wolverine's eyes widened. "There's two of him?" He sounded as if that were the worst thing in the world.

Psylocke said" He looks like Quicksilver, but with the powers of Colossus? Logan I'm with you on this, this is weird." Surprise showed on her face momentarily as she said it, showing she did have emotions other than annoyance. Shawn and Bobby began circling each other with their mouths open, staring at their look-a-like.

"Shawn why are you acting as though you've just found your long lost twin brother? You knew this was gonna happen, right?" Ellen exclaimed.

"Damn! I look ugly with a beard!" Shawn exclaimed, looking at Bobby's face.
"WHY IS EVERYONE PICKING ON ME ABOUT MY BEARD? Is it the day for that or something?" He sounded annoyed, and Shawn decided to leave the topic of beards.

"I have a question," Daniel said to the professor.

"Yes?" The professor said in a kind, teacher-like tone.

"Why is she so mean?" He gestured to Psylocke who glared at him and took out her sword and pointed it at his throat and said, "Listen a***, I don't like you, I don't have time for you, and I certainly WILL NOT put up with you clear?!"


She didn't take the sword away, and Zoe noticed. "uh Psylocke?" Psylocke shot Zoe a glare, that, if looks could kill, would put Zoe in the morgue. "Can you put the sword down?" Zoe prompted, refusing to be intimidated. Psylocke complied and walked away, murmuring "Stupid a***."

"What's her problem?" Lucas muttered under his breath.

"Lucas, I wouldn't say that to the girl that just put a sword to Daniel's neck!" Shawn whispered sharply. Lucas rolled his eyes.

"She's just distrusting of those she doesn't know." Kitty explained. Shawn and Lucas gave her a look, and Daniel said,

"Still doesn't mean she can be a bitch."

Psylocke reached for her sword again but Colossus grabbed her arm, picked her up by the waist, and carried her out of the room.

Ellen jumped in one of her portals and Shawn, Daniel, Lucas, Zoe, and James followed her leaving Halle, Fan, Michael, Hugh, Nicholas, and Jennifer to explain things. Jennifer screamed "Assholes!" at the ground.

"What do you mutants want to know?" Hugh asked, unhappy at being left to explain things. Scott's face lit up like he was a kid on Christmas Day.

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