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"Well in 1999 there was a film called X-men that we -the cast- were filming. I was Wolverine, Halle was Storm. A girl named Anna Paquin was Rogue. Famke Jenssen was Jean Grey, James Marsden was Cyclops. Shawn Ashmore was Iceman and Patrick Stewart was the older Professor X." Colossus came back with Psylocke, who was twirling a sliver dagger in her hand.

Jennifer eyed it as she was watching her and was prepared to electrocute her if the need arose. Hugh continued to explain the films including the spin-offs and prequel and when he got to Days of Future Past he said" We're not done filming yet, but Brian Singer our director will probably notice we're missing. Not Zoe though." Scott looked confused.


"Her character got killed off screen." Hugh explained again.

Ellen dropped through yet another of her portals and Daniel yelled "CANNONBALL!" to announce her arrival. A fully sliver Evan followed them making clunk noises as he was walking. Lucas dropped through a portal letting out a earsplitting shriek which made everyone cover their ears and Psylocke shouting "PUT A CAP IN IT WILL YOU?!"

Lucas held up three fingers and smiled, "Read between the lines," Psylocke's dagger was thrown three inches away from his face.

"I don't trust you either, Blondie." Psylocke snapped.
"Blondie? That's the best you can come up with? Alex Summers -the guy I play- could've come up with something better than that! And he's fictional!"

"ALEX Summers?! There are TWO Summers kids?!" Logan exclaimed. His expression was one of genuine shock. Scott looked uncomfortable and turned away.

"All of you actors are a grade A pain in my a**! My brother Brian would nev-" She stopped abruptly in the middle of her sentence, and turned away from them. Colossus draped a hand over her back.

Awkward," Daniel whistled, and walked away.

"Daniel!" Shawn called.

"What?" Shawn pointed at Bobby's beard, and Daniel began to laugh. "That beard is stupid!" Bobby glared at him, and, pointing his finger at him, froze him from the waist down.

Evan punched the ice, and chastised him. "He's right, you know!"

"Why don't we talk about your powers?" Storm suggested.

No one argued with her. Zoe and James walked toward the group of the cast. Psylocke still scowled though her eyes were puffy and red.

"I'm like Mystique. I can shape-shift into anyone." Zoe started it off, though shifting her weight uncomfortably. "I find that hard to believe." Logan said.

Zoe shifted into him, and folded her hands across her chest. "Still doubting me?"

Logan didn't respond, but that was an answer in itself.

I'm like Storm." Jennifer stated, and her eyes turned white and a small thunderstorm took place outside.

"I'm like Blink." Ellen took her turn.

"A mutant with the power to create teleporting portals. Fan played her." Fan smiled nervously and ducked her head.

"I know why Psylocke is so mean to you guys" Colossus stated randomly, but nevertheless drew the attention of everyone. "Her younger brother Brian was killed by Pyro, and it broke her heart because she trusted Pyro."

Bobby thought to himself" Maybe I could've saved him"

"I have super speed." Daniel blurted, quickly changing the subject. He verified it by super-speeding to the kitchen and grabbing a soda for Ellen, which he politely handed to her.

"I have super senses," Shawn stated, taking his turn next. He grabbed and threw Psylocke's dagger in one fluid motion. "And that. Whatever that is." It narrowly avoided James' face.

"Shawn, you nearly hit my face!" James snapped. Shawn failed to force down a smile, and Bobby laughed. Psylocke rolled her eyes at all of them.

"I can go through solid objects." Halle spoke so softly, her voice was almost a whisper.

Her example of choice to demonstrate her power was to put her hand through Fan's head. Fan turned to face her, glaring. "Cool, now stop, and don't do it again!"

"I've got claws," Fan said to Halle, extending her claws, which made Logan have flashbacks of Lady Deathstrike.

Shawn noticed Logan's weird face and asked, "Logan? Hey, are you okay?"

Shawn looked at Michael who are grinning gat Logan. "Michael, stop making Logan sick, or we'll all be in trouble!" Shawn ordered.

Michael grinned and stopped.

Nicholas said" Well, my back's feeling weird, so now seems to be as good a time as any." He took of his jacket, revealing angel wings.

"I always knew you were an angel!" Jennifer teased. Nicholas grinned.

James said "Well I'm last. I've got your claws, Logan!"

James extended his claws and Bobby sighed. "Two Logans...we're in trouble." Shawn closed his eyes and pressed his hands to his temples, as if he had a headache. "All this power stuff is giving me a headache!"
James grinned and threw the dagger at Shawn but Shawn caught when it was two inches from his face.

"How'd you do that?!" "Super sense duh"

Suddenly a flash of lighting appeared outside and four figures fell out of the sky.

The cast got up to investigate and they found James Marsden, Famke Jenssen, Aaron Stanford, and Anna Paquin.

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