"Please release me!" The blue Serpentine gasped. "I have a husband and two adopted children!"

Cole sighed and released his firm grasp on the Hyprobrai, and the snake ran off. Zane watched as the last of the snakes ran away, and felt sorry for them.

"Sensei, why were the Serpentine locked away?" Zane asked as soon as they returned to their home.

Sensei Wu told Zane to gather the others. "I have a story to tell you."

A thousand years ago, the Serpentines and humans lived in harmony. While the Serpentine were often trouble makers, most had good hearts. They would even marry. However, this tale is about a boy named Clive and his Fangpyer friend, Fangk. It was a dark and stormy day. The clouds hung heavy in the sky, thick with rain. The sight made Fangk feel weary, but filled Clive with joy.

"Clive, I never understood why you humans enjoyed the cold so much. It's so... cold." Fangk said, turning his head to the sky. Clive laughed.

"Rain is a great thing, you know. It gives us water!" Clive replied. Fangk shook his head, but smiled. Thunder roared somewhere, and with a yelp, Fangk jumped into Clive's arms. "Fangk, it's just thunder."

"No, it's not that. I heard something else!" Fangk replied with fear in his voice. Carefully placing Fangk on his feet, Clive listened intently. He definitely heard footsteps. Clive silently motioned Fangk to follow him away from the footsteps. However, the pursuer was too quick, and tripped Clive.

"C-Clive! Alright, who are you?" Fangk shouted nervously. The Anacondrai smirked as he held tightly to Clive's neck.

"My name is Boab H Chumsworth, the Anacondrai general!" Boab hissed, waving his staff and shaking his tail. Fangk took a step back, but Boab slithered closer.

"H-help me, Fangk." Clive panted faintly. Boab sunk his teeth into Clive's arm and he screamed. Fangk couldn't take it. An endless stream of blood flowed from Clive's badly injured arm. The metallic sent, the thickness, and the sickening red color made Fangk feel ill. Just when he felt as if he was going to faint, a human ran by and cut Boab's arm, forcing him to let go of Clive. Clive hit the ground with a heavy thud, and Fangk ran over to help him. Clive's breathing was weak and hoarse. Boab cursed loudly as the human thrust a sword into his tail.

"You won't see the last of me, foul human! Remember that your ruler is a Serpentine!" Boab yelled as he ran off. The man that had saved them walked over and checked Clive's pulse.

"We need to take him to a healer. Now." The man demanded, and Fangk helped picked Clive's limp body up off the ground. "My name is George. Let's hurry, snake." George led the way to the local healer.

Once they got there, Mary, the healer, knew that something was wrong. "What's happened to- oh dear. This is terrible! Get him in here, now!" She said as they took Clive to the nearest bed. Mary left immediately to get herbs that would help. When she left, Fangk walked over to his friend.

"I-I'm so sorry... really, I am..." Fangk cried, tears streaming down his face and landing on the floor. However, the sound blended with the rain pounding on the roof.

As soon as Mary came back, George decided to leave. Then, Mary kindly asked for Fangk to leave as well. He did so, but with much hesitation.

"I should have been the one to save him." Fangk whispered to himself. The words stung his throat as he tried to hold back his tears.