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Summary: Ino, a devout Christian girl is given the chance of a lifetime! Father Raymond, a priest most favored and high in the church, has selected her to perform a mission for the church and to seek the favor of God almighty.

But what Ino doesn't know is that father Raymond has an arrangement with one of hells most unholy minions. The mission for God becomes a fight for survival for Ino and her best friend, Sakura. Both women must dig down deep in their hearts for faith and courage if they are to escape the deadly trap Father Raymond has lured them into.

They will face horrors unimaginable in this life and death struggled against powerful evil that has roamed the earth for centuries committing unspeakable crime against humanity. Not one single woman sent into the dark and deadly lair of the monsters who dwell beneath, have ever returned. Ino and Sakura do not intend to be victims, but the odds of escaping the clutches of the fiends are stacked against them, but with Ino's faith and Sakura's fierce nature, they just might find a way!

Rating for this chapter: Teen

~Angel of Darkness by Alex C.~

When darkness falls
Pain is all
The Angel of Darkness
will leave behind
and I will fight

Haunting Sins

Prologue: The Hunger Grows

The night was dark, ominous. Even the moon hid itself behind persistent clouds, concealing its rays. The wind blew harshly against the trees causing the branches to lash out and swing wildly. Through the brush of bushes, a woman frantically shoved the branches to the side, doing whatever she could to escape their dreaded grip. She needed to escape! To get away!

She was dressed in a raggedy and torn dress that barely covered her body, rips along her breasts and hips revealed the many bite wounds she had received from them. Stripes of dried blood drenched her neckline; the crimson liquid was starting to irritate her skin.

"Come here, kitty-chan." A voice sang. "Come back home, I miss you terribly." His smooth voice gave her goosebumps. She knew that if she were to be captured, then she would surely die, but hearing his voice made it ever so tempting to return. Why did the sound of his voice make her feel so safe? It was all lies! Nothing but lies! The horrors she's seen and been through confirmed all of that.

"Damn you, Neji! Stay away from me!" she screamed. She had to get away! She could feel her stomach drop. The edge of her dress suddenly got caught in the bush. "Oh no!" She began feverishly tugging at the piece of fabric until it tore off; the woman flopped onto the murky ground. Splats of mud caked and bathed her entire body. She had to hastily wipe the grimy substance out of her face to even see the monsters approach.

"Oh look, she fell." Another voice snickered. She could practically feel his sinister smile. "Now, doesn't she look pretty pathetic?" Gaara held his stuffed panda bear close to him. In the darkness his dark, empty orbs shined with a sinister glint. "Right, Teddy?"

Neji stepped out of the shadows. His face twisted into a smirk, his ivory eyes flashed through the darkness. Neji's cat like eyes followed her every move. She felt like a deer caught in a head light. "Come back home, kitty-chan." He titled his hat down, covering his eyes. "It's time for dinner." A hint of fangs flashed past his plump lips.

"No!" She quickly got up and ran once more. "Never again!" Her bare feet ached and throbbed in pain at the distance she has run. For the last hour, she has been fleeing – fleeing from them. Those monsters! This was her only opportunity to run. There was no way she was going to return to that hell hole. "I'd much rather die!"

"That can be arranged."

The woman suddenly collided with something hard and fell. Her heart leaped into her stomach. There stood one of the beasts. Naruto's hand latched onto her wrists and forced her to stand. She whimpered in protest, feebly pushing against his chest trying with all her might to get some space between them.

He brought his lips to her ear. "You didn't think you could get away from yours truly, did you?" Like a snake, his tongue collided around her ear lobe. She flinched away from his touch as if it were burning her flesh. "I'm getting kind of puckish." He grinned. "Feed me?" His grin was almost looked like an innocent gesture amongst lovers, but despite his innocent facade, she knew all too well the monster within.

She gasped, and thrust her arms against him, providing some distance. "I will never allow you demons to feed from my blood." She pulled out a silver blade hidden in her dress folds. "I would much rather let you starve."

Naruto smirked wickedly. "What are you gonna do? Stab me?" He crossed his arms over his muscular chest. The first three buttons of his silk white dress shirt were unbuttoned, giving a generous peek at his hardened pectorals. "I would love to see that." Naruto leaned his face close to her, almost brushing noses.

The woman returned his smirk. "This isn't for you." She lifted the knife and with one swift movement slit her throat. Crimson drizzled all over his white shirt, tainting it in with her blood. Her limp body fell with a silent thud. "Find a new food source." She spat with the little energy she held as she felt the sweet sensation of freedom nearing. Finally, she was free. Let them stick their fangs into someone else, but she prayed to God to take mercy on the poor unfortunate woman who would come after her.

Naruto's jaw went slack. His widened eyes stared at the now paling flesh of the young maiden. Her once vibrant eyes were dull and lifeless; the soulless eyes gazed into his own like they were staring right through him. In a way it was unnerving.

Blood rapidly splattered out the wound, little by little soaking the ground in red. The moonlight rays almost gave the blood an alluring shine.

"Doesn't she look so beautiful, Teddy?" Gaara appeared by her side, with the tip of his finger, he dug his nail into the wound. "It's still warm." He giggled, he wiggled his hand into her flesh. After a solid minute of wondering, he took his hand out and licked clean the blood. After tasting the liquid, he quickly spit it out and frowned. "This blood has lost its wonderful flavor." He stood and snared. "I have no use for this body." Gaara kicked the corpse roughly to the side and disappeared into the wood, mumbling to himself how disgusting the blood tasted.

Neji situated himself next to Naruto. "Are you going to be alright?" He smirked. "I know that you were practically fond of this one." He teasingly poked Naruto's cheek who smacked his hand away. Neji laughed at that and folded his arms over his head and glanced up to the sky. "The surprise in your eyes told it all."

Naruto narrowed his cerulean eyes and sneered. "Don't be ridiculous." He placed his palm over his chest. "Yours truly was simply caught by surprise."

Neji snickered and tipped his hat towards his brother. "Whatever you say, brother, whatever you say. You can't hide how you feel very easily like the rest of us." He faded into the darkness of the night.

"Shuddup!" Naruto shouted, taking once last glance at the corpse, he too fazed in the shadows.

There were three echoing knocks against the mahogany door.


A butler dressed in fine black bowed to the master of the household. "Master Itachi, it appears the woman has departed from this world not too long ago." He closed the door gently behind him.

Itachi closed the novel he was reading and crossed his legs. "This one didn't last us more than a month." He rested his chin on his fist. "This is beginning to become a dilemma in this household." Itachi clicked his tongue in distaste. "Why can't those buffoons control their hunger?"

"What are you going to do about it, Itachi?" A man lying on the couch across from him muttered, shifting his body until he was comfortable. He settled with his back facing Itachi and letting his arm drape over the couch's armrest. His brown locks were a tangled mass above his head.

Itachi adjusted his glasses and glared at the young man. "You already know what I am about to do. Please refrain yourself from asking such idiotic questions again, Shikamaru. You are not a nitwit and I would appreciate if you did not act as such."

Shikamaru grunted and shifted his position again and turned his body towards his older brother. "Yes, yes, yes, it won't happen again, brother," he whispered dully. He laid his head against his arm and closed his eyes.

Itachi would have rolled his eyes if not for it being an immature act. He simply closed his eyes and placed his book atop his desk. "Did you dispose of the corpse?"

"Yes, Milord." The butler tucked his arms behind his back. "The body is burning in the furnace as we speak."

"Excellent." Itachi opened his dark eyes and reach for his tea glass. "And the blood? I can smell the foul scent from here." His glove clad hand fingered the tea cup's handle.

"I will have someone clean it by the morning, sir."

Itachi frowned. "That won't be soon enough." His crimson eyes blazed. "Do you expect me to sleep with such a repugnant odor burning my nostrils?" The handle of the cup shattered by the sheer force of his grip, Itachi rubbed his fingers together as the small glass fragments sprinkled the floor.

The butler remained unfazed by this. "No, Milord. I will get right to it straight away."

The head of the house nodded. "Please do." He intertwined his fingers and rested his elbows atop his desk.

"Would you like me to contact our source for a new sacrificial bride?" The butler inquired.


When the butler turned to leave, Itachi called out to him. "Sir?"

The Master adjusted his spectacles and leaned back into his red velvet chair. "Please inform our source that this time we would like to acquire two sacrificial brides."

"Yes sir." The servant left the room silently.

Shikamaru opened one eye. "Do you think that is wise, brother?" He heaved a sigh as he sat up. "You know you are basically giving them an all you can eat buffet, right?" He ran his hands through his tangled mane.

"Don't question my methods, Shikamaru. I have my reasons why I want to have two sacrificial brides." Itachi stood to his full height and sauntered up to the window. "It is approaching." He watched the moon closely as he tucked his arms behind his back.

Shikamaru gathered all his stray hairs and pulled them back. He took out his hair tie and tied up his spiky locks. "I see, I suppose it was a good move to have two sacrificial brides then." He got up and stuffed his fists in his pockets. "As long as you know what you are doing, brother. I will not question you." He opened the door and glanced over his shoulders. "If you have too many sacrificial lambs around it might excite everyone too much, especially your rebellious one, Sasuke."

"Don't speak his name in my presence, Shikamaru or face the consequences." Itachi clenched his fist.

Shikamaru smirked at his brother's poised back. Despite Itachi's composed exterior, the rage radiated off him with ease. "Very well, brother." He left Itachi's courters and shut the door silently.

"Nothing good comes out of spoiling that child." Itachi narrowed his eyes as a cloud glided across the moon; the edges of the light were beginning to tint crimson. It was almost time. The awakening was quickly approaching. "I have to make sure that she doesn't return," Itachi muttered to himself. "With all my power, I have to stop her from rising into this world. I will not allow her the satisfaction of roaming this earth freely." He turned to his desk and plucked a rose from a glass vase filled with many multicolored flowers. The particular rose that he has picked had yet to begin its process of blooming; it was still a baby bud. "Just as this rose, you will never have the opportunity to bloom, ever again." He crumbled the flower.

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