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Summary: Ino, a devout Christian girl is given the chance of a lifetime! Father Raymond, a priest most favored and high in the church, has selected her to perform a mission for the church and to seek the favor of God almighty.

But what Ino doesn't know is that father Raymond has an arrangement with one of hells most unholy minions. The mission for God becomes a fight for survival for Ino and her best friend, Sakura. Both women must dig down deep in their hearts for faith and courage if they are to escape the deadly trap Father Raymond has lured them into.

They will face horrors unimaginable in this life and death struggled against powerful evil that has roamed the earth for centuries committing unspeakable crime against humanity. Not one single woman sent into the dark and deadly lair of the monsters who dwell beneath, have ever returned. Ino and Sakura do not intend to be victims, but the odds of escaping the clutches of the fiends are stacked against them, but with Ino's faith and Sakura's fierce nature, they just might find a way out this mansion!

Rating: Mature

~Do What You Want by Lady Gaga~

I feel good, I walk alone
But then I trip by myself and I fall
I, I stand up, and then I'm okay
But then you break that shit
That makes me want to scream

Haunting Sins

Chapter 1: The Brides

Ino knelt before the monastery, before her stood the statue of Jesus Christ. She intertwined her fingers and began her prayer. "Dear God." She closed her sapphire eyes and leaned into her hands. "My mother is in the hospital, again. I don't know what to do anymore, this sickness is progressively getting worse. With my father away, it is becoming too difficult. She keeps asking for him every day, but each day he never returns. I can't bear to tell her that he's left. Is my father ever going to return? I don't know what to do anymore." Her grip tightened. "Please, grant me your strength and give me a sign how to help her, anything." Ino took a deep breath. "I will do whatever it takes." She stood to her full height and brushed her lengthy blond hair out of her face and began sauntering down the alter. Her heels clicked with each step.

Claps echoed throughout the church, startling Ino. She placed her palm over her beating heart hoping the pressure would calm it down.

The priest of the church met her half way down the alter. "I didn't mean to frighten you, Miss Yamanaka." He chuckled, his aged features made his face look soft and serene. "My, my, that was a wonderful prayer." His eyes curled up as he smiled at her.

"Hello, Father Raymond." Ino returned his smile. "How are you?"

The priest tucked his arms behind his back. "I am doing fine, my child, but what's more important is how are you doing?" He placed his hand over her shoulder. Somehow this small gesture made her feel safe.

Ino sighed, down casting her head in defeat. "To be truthful, Father, I am going through a rough time. My mother's medical bills are beginning to pile up and it's becoming very difficult paying them. My father has left not too long ago as well. Even with the extra income coming from my sisters, we are struggling to keep food on the table." She shook her head and slouch her shoulders. "I can only work so many hours in a day and my job can only pay so much until they have no choice but to send me home."

Father Raymond squeezed her hand, reassuring her that the hardships will soon pass. "I am sorry to hear that, my dear. I wish I could take away these struggles." He engulfed her hand with both his palms. It was nice being held by his warm hands; it was comforting.

The young woman held herself up high and released a huge breath. "I'll be strong, Father. I'm sure the Lord will give me strength to overcome this obstacle."

"That is a wonderful attitude you possess, my dear." The priest put his hand on the swell of her back. "And this is the precise reason why I have picked you for the Manito Assignment."

Ino cocked her head to the side. "What do you mean, Father?" She was genuinely confused. "Why did you pick me for that? I am hardly qualified for that! Let alone I wouldn't be able to pay for such a trip." Why on Earth would Father Raymond chose her? That was a special assignment that many of the church's followers had their eyes on for a long time. Why wouldn't they? This trip reveals your truest dedication to the church, and the one chosen will have their name plastered on a golden plack and hung on the wall for all to see for years to come.

"Well, young one, I have picked you for this special assignment because." He pushed her in the direction of his office. "Your faith in the Lord is so strong that I wish for you to spread that faith. You see, I feel it. You are a very special woman who was meant to spread the word of Jesus Christ. I see that in you every time I watch you pray."

"What are you trying to say, Father?"

He smiled joyfully. "I have chosen you for this assignment. I believe that your faith in God will inspire the youth to accept the Lord as their savior." He scratched the top of his head bashfully. "How do you say? The young ones there are quite the troublemakers. Perhaps, you have what it takes to change their ways." His gray eyes shined thoughtfully. "Please, say yes, the airplane tickets will be covered by the church as well as your housing expenses."

Ino waved her hands and halted in the hall way. "No, no, no, I can't possibly accept this! I am not worthy of such an opportunity." She awkwardly shifted weight from one foot to the other. "Plus I need to work; I can't afford to take a vacation now."

"Don't be silly, my dear. You are perfect for this mission." He patted her head tenderly. "I have never seen a young woman so dedicated to her church before. You are present for every mass, you volunteer for all the events, and you even donate all you can. Don't tell me that is not qualification enough." They entered his office and closed the door behind them. "Please have a seat." He motioned to a leather chair in front of his desk. "Since you are a splendid follower of God, I will personally take care of your mother's medical bills."

"You can't be serious?" She was in utter shock, she almost flopped onto the chair, but at the last moment she caught herself and sat down properly. "I can't possibly –"

He held his hand up to stop her sentence. "I will not take no for an answer, Ino. I will accept no one else but you for this assignment."

"Are you sure?" She looked to the floor. Even if this was a once in a life time opportunity for her, she still felt bad that they were paying for her way and leaving her mother behind in the state that she was in, but she already knew all too well that her mother would want her to take this chance. Her mother would say do whatever you can for God so that he may prepare a place in Heaven for her. "Can I really accept such a thing?"

"But of course. As a bonus." The priest took out a manila folder and slid it towards her. "You can bring one other who shares the same dedication as you."

"Really?" Ino inquired shocked. She didn't remember him mentioning that there would be more than one sent on this mission. Now who should she bring? One of her sisters, maybe? No that would get annoying as time passed, she couldn't stay in her sister's presences for more than a day without wanting to strangle her. Hmmm…there was one other person in particular she would mostly likely bring: her best friend. Hopefully she'll consider going. Sakura's been over worked as well with being a full time student and having a full time job.

The only problem, Sakura wasn't a follower of God per say. If anything, her best friend would rather drink beer and hang out at a bar rather than go to midnight mass. Then again, the father didn't have to know that Sakura wasn't religious.

"Yes, I know a trip like this can be lonely, so you may pick a friend to accompany you on this most momentous occasion." The elderly man wagged his finger at her as if lecturing a child and spoke sternly. "But this friend must be a follower of God." Father Raymond smiled softly.

Ino was almost tempted in changing her mind of bring Sakura. She didn't want to lie to the old man, but Sakura was the only companion that she could possibly tolerate for weeks at a time. They practically lived at each other's houses. Sure, Sakura had a foul tempter and an even fouler mouth, but she was her truest and closest friend. She didn't want to share this opportunity with someone else.

"Now go my child, your flight leaves tomorrow morning. You need to pack and prepare for your departure."

Ino could feel her eyes swelling up with tears, but she held them. She wasn't one to shed tears of joy, especially in front of an audience. Things were beginning to look up now! If all her mother's medical bills got paid off, she wouldn't have to work as much. That would certainly be nice. It would be wondrous to actually sleep in for a change.

"Thank you so much, Father Raymond," Ino said brushing a single tear with her thumb. "I owe you so much for this opportunity. I promise I will succeed in this mission."

"Good, that's exactly what I like to hear." He shooed her off. "I'll see you when you return."

Ino nodded and jolted out the door. She failed to notice how empty and dark his eyes suddenly became as he said those words. He knew very well that she was not going to return, they never do when he sends them over there.

Father Raymond picked up his phone and dialed the number he had grown so accustom to calling. The phone rang twice when it answered; there was no greeting like always. There were no words needed to be exchanged except for this. "The newest brides will be sent tomorrow."

Just like that, the phone went dead.

He felt so dead inside for sending those poor, innocent souls to the devil's incarnations, but he had no choice. This was out of his hands now.

He did what he always did in this situation. He prayed. The Father prayed long and hard for God's forgiveness.

After visiting the hospital and telling her mother the wonderful news, Ino quickly found herself in front of Sakura's workplace, The Bleu Bar. During the nights, Sakura would often work there. Ino would wonder why she stayed at such a horrible place, loud music and drunk costumers all day, how could she handle that after the stress of school? Her friend did have a knack for dealing with other's stupidity better than she, in a way she was envious. Patience is hard to develop in this time and age.

So how was she going to approaching this subject to her friend? If she told her straight up that this was a church retreat Sakura would surely reject it on the spot. There were many times were she had invited Sakura to a church party or two and all she did was grit her teeth and lash out. Hmmm, perhaps she would lie? That was it! She would just make up a story and just get her on the plane then tell her the truth. By that time, her friend would have no choice but to accept it and hang around with her. There! Perfect!

Hopefully, Sakura wouldn't throw that big of a tantrum.

Ino took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing."

It was still too early for the bar to be open, but she knew Sakura was already here. Her shift started at five and it was already five thirty – Sakura was never late, more so always early. That was another habit that she still couldn't seem to master, even being around her friend for so many years, certain tendencies never seemed rub on her. Stepping up to the black tinted door, she knocked against the window.

One of the bouncers pushed the curtains back and saw her. The young man smiled and waved as he undone the locks and opened the door. Ino waved back awkwardly. "Hi, Kiba."

"Hey there, Ino, it's been awhile since your last visit," he spoke. Kiba was already dressed for work, a black shirt clad tightly to his muscular form that had the bar's name written in cursive in front of it. His dark locks were pulled back with jell that left an alluring shine that most ladies found utterly charming and sexy.

The she gave him a look. "Kiba, my last visit was yesterday. That's hardly a long time."

He shrugged his broad shoulders. "It's been a long time for me." He winked. "Come on in."

Ino walked down the black steps and was met with an equally dark hallway that glowed with dark graffiti. She carefully followed the arrows that pointed to the entrance. She could hear the band of the night playing their music. They were probably practicing. The tune sounded new to her, they must have hired a different band for tonight. Nearing the opening, she could see the multicolor lights flash from the cracks of the door.

Kiba quickly jumped in front of her and opened the door, and flashed a dazzling grin. She rolled her eyes and accepted his act as being a 'gentleman' and went in. Everyone in the bar knew all too well that Kiba was a big flirt that took any opportunity to get some, be it boy or girl, he wasn't picky at all. Sex was sex to him.

The bar was empty. The chairs still hadn't been set; they were all still upside down on the tables. The band was getting their props and microphones ready on stage, occasionally tuning their instruments. They appeared to be a new band, either that or appeared young for their age. Her eyes glanced to the bar.

Sakura was wetting a rag and wiping down the counter. Her rosy locks were pulled up into a messy ponytail with the occasion stray cherry strands that bordered her face. She wore a black tank top that matched Kiba's; the only difference was that hers generously revealed her bosom. Sakura wasn't the biggest in that department, but she did have perky breasts that she wishes that she had. Too engulfed in her activity, Sakura didn't notice when Ino took a seat on a stool close to her.

"Can I have a Tequila Sunrise?" Ino leaned her head on her fist and bit her lip to prevent her laughter when Sakura jumped. She was so easy to scare sometimes.

Sakura threw the rag against the counter. "Goddammit Ino! You really need to stop that shit. If you weren't my bestie, I would have taken you outside and shoved a corn comb straight up your ass." She shot her a glare that would normally sent a man running for the hills, but Ino was used to this type of hostility from her friend.

Ino brushed the threat to the side. "You wouldn't do that to me." She was clearly used to this type of treatment from her best friend. There wasn't a day that went by that Sakura didn't threaten her with empty promises.

In order to make herself look busy, Sakura picked up the rag and began polishing a glass. "You already know I have kicked people's asses for less than scaring me."

"How could I forget? I had to bail you out of jail that one day, which I am still waiting for my money."

Sakura smiled and shook her head. "You know damn well that you'll never accept the money even if I gave it to you."

Her friend shrugged. "True."

"You're too nice sometimes." Sakura put away the glass and picked up another one. "What brings you here this early? Normally you come around the time the bar first opens." She inspected the inside of the glass. "It must be pretty important."

"Actually, it is." Ino began swinging the stool side to side. The stool squeaked with each movement. "You love me, right?" She said playfully. It was now or never. With any luck, Sakura was in a good mood.

"What do you want?" Sakura put down the glass. She was seriously debating whether or not on jumping over the counter and kicking Ino out of that insufferable chair. She peeked at the clock behind her. Damn, it was almost time to get ready to open. She needed to finish setting up the bar.

Ino's eyes shined innocently. "So since I have been a good girl at work they have given me an all expense paid vacation."

Sakura flipped open the counter and stepped from behind it. "That's good! You seriously needed a vacation." She went to the nearest table and put down the chairs. "I'm happy for you, I hope you enjoy yourself, girl."

"You're on summer break, right?" Ino inquired, avoiding eye contact. She found the gum on the floor more soothing than Sakura's suspicious eyes.

Sakura raised a pink brow. "Yeah, I'm out for the next few months, why? Do you need something?"

"Do you have plans?"

"All I plan to do is work for the majority of the summer. Why do you want to know?" Sakura rested her hands on her hips.

Ino twisted the stool to face Sakura. "Also, there is another thing I want to ask you then."

Sakura moved to the next table, she noticed that Kiba was helping set up from the other side of the room. He sent her a wink when their gaze met. The young woman rolled her eyes. "What else?"

"Well…" Ino began fidgeting with her fingers. It was hard bring out the courage to ask her. What if she said no? She didn't know anyone else that she'd share a room with.

Sakura glanced back. "Spit it out, girl."

"I want you to come with me."

Sakura suddenly lost her grip and dropped the chair she had picked up. The foot of the chair landed on her foot with a slam. "Dammit!" She harshly kicked the chair and it catapulted against the table, successfully knocking it over in the process. "Oh, Jesus Christ."

"Don't being Jesus into your problems," Ino said sternly. "Way. To. Go." With each word she clapped her hand to a tune that she knew Sakura positively despised. She was rewarded with a death glare.

"Nice going, Sakura!" Kiba teased, continuing his work.

"Fuck you, Kiba!" Sakura countered.

"Only if you offer." He laughed harder when Sakura threw her shoe at him in which he dodged skillfully. This wasn't the first time she had thrown things at him before. He was beginning to become a master a dodge ball.

"Oh my fuckin god." Sakura messaged her temples and whispered. "I fucking hate you, Kiba. I also want my shoe back!" Kiba stole the shoe and ran to the other side of the room. She decided she would leave beating him up after Ino left, she turned back to her friend. "What do you mean you want me to come with you? I'm a broke ass right now, you know that."

"And your point is?" Ino leaned forward with a knowing smile. "You act like you're going to pay for it?"

Her friend frowned. "What are you talking about? You're going to pay my way?"

Hook. Line. And Sinker.

Ino opened her arms wide and cocked her head to the side. "All expense paid vacation?" She said sardonically. "I can bring a friend, dude. I picked you, aren't I a nice person for thinking about you? Don't you feel loved?"

Sakura narrowed her jade eyes and straightened the fallen table. "Your job is going to pay for it? You don't tell me those details until the last possible moment, you dicks. We could have saved all our time if you opened with that, you know."

"I know, but I enjoy seeing you drop things." Ino stuck out her tongue.

Sakura bit the inside of her cheek and held back her temper. "Because of that I might not go now."

Ino gasped. "Why? We haven't hung out in weeks. This would be a perfect opportunity to bond again," Ino whined, stretching her arms over the counter towards her friend. She pouted and have her the puppy dog eyes that she knew Sakura couldn't resist.

Sakura slouch her shoulders in defeat. "I hate that face." She ran her hand against the side of her face. "Make me feel bad, why don't you?" She scoffed and crossed her arms. "How long is this trip?" She deadpanned.

"It's about three weeks." Ino said quickly and laughed. "Our plane leaves tomorrow."

Sakura swiftly unravel her arms. "Hold on there, I haven't even agreed to this shit, man." She took a seat next to Ino. "Where are we going exactly?"

"Do you want me to be a really good friend and surprise you or be a really bad friend and ruin it?" Ino grinned. She always did this to Sakura. It was wager because she could always pick to ruin the surprise. More times than not, Sakura always picked the surprise anyways.

"Oh my god, I hate when you do that." Sakura rolled her head back. "You always have to do that when I want to know something." She waved her hand. "Fine, fine, I'll let it be a surprise. I'll talk to my boss and we'll see where it takes us from there."

"Yay!" Ino could breathe again. She was so scared that Sakura would catch her lies, but thank god she didn't!

Ino and Sakura said their goodbyes with a hug and Ino went home to pack. For the rest of the night, Sakura did whatever her boss told her to do. She needed to remain on his good side in order to ask for time off. Mr. Gai was a real stiff man when it came to paid time off. Let's hope he was in a good mood, especially since she was kissing his ass. As a rule, she never kisses ass, but this was a special occasion.

This paid time off better be fucking worth it. If not, she would surely wring Ino's pretty little neck and then some.

After a long and detailed conversation with Mr. Gai, Sakura was given the time she needed. Thank god, he was in a very good mood. At the stroke of midnight she asked one of her co-workers to cover for her and left to go home.

She texted Ino to see what time their flight would leave.

Ino quickly replied. Our flight leaves at 9:30. A taxi will pick us up around 8:50. Be ready by then.

We get a taxi ride too? Damn, your job must really love you. Thanks. She texted back.

Sakura had a lot of packing to do; she needed to pack her underwear (her nice silk lingerie, just in case a cute guy came around), a couple pairs of clothes, her scented lotion, shavers, her expensive shampoo and conditioner, and of course all her electronic gadgets and manga books to entertain her on their airplane trip. She didn't know how long the ride would be, but she would be ready regardless.

Hopefully, tomorrow was going to be a fun day.

If it wasn't, there would be hell to pay.

~Do What You Want by Lady Gaga~

So do what you want
What you want with my body
Do what you want
Don't stop, let's party
Do what you want
What you want with my body
Do what you want
What you want with my body

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