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Summary: Ino, a devout Christian girl is given the chance of a lifetime! Father Raymond, a priest most favored and high in the church, has selected her to perform a mission for the church and to seek the favor of God almighty.

But what Ino doesn't know is that father Raymond has an arrangement with one of hells most unholy minions. The mission for God becomes a fight for survival for Ino and her best friend, Sakura. Both women must dig down deep in their hearts for faith and courage if they are to escape the deadly trap Father Raymond has lured them into.

They will face horrors unimaginable in this life and death struggled against powerful evil that has roamed the earth for centuries committing unspeakable crime against humanity. Not one single woman sent into the dark and deadly lair of the monsters who dwell beneath, have ever returned. Ino and Sakura do not intend to be victims, but the odds of escaping the clutches of the fiends are stacked against them, but with Ino's faith and Sakura's fierce nature, they just might find a way out of this mansion!

Rating for this chapter: Mature

~Monster by Eminem ft. Rihanna~

I'm friends with the monster
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Haunting Sins

Chapter 2: The Arrival

As the two young women stood in the long bustling terminal, Sakura could sense the excitement of those waiting to be flown to their far flung dream destination, but she couldn't share their excitement, for she still didn't know a god damn thing about the place they were going to. As they neared the check in desk, Sakura glanced towards her excited friend. She could practically feel her happy vibration. It almost made her want to say something that would ruin it, but she held her tongue. She wouldn't make this trip hell, well, not yet anyways. She'll see where their evening took them to determine her mood and attitude.

"Did you have to bring your dorky Disney suitcase?" Sakura covered her eyes with her hand.

Ino gave her a drool look. "Don't be jealous. You know I have to bring my Disney with me everywhere." She held one of her most precious items close to her person, almost cradling it like a child.

"You don't need it." Sakura was ashamed to be seen with her right now. Why couldn't her friend have a normal obsession for her age? Alcohol, sex, even drugs would be better than fucking Disney. Glancing over her shoulder, she swore people were laughing at them.

"Shhhh….yes I do." Ino patted her suitcase tenderly. "It's my baby, isn't it beautiful? I got it on Amazon for thirty bucks." It was baby blue suitcase with the many Disney characters imprinted throughout the baggage. The main focus of the suitcase was Aladdin and Jasmine in their wedding garments whiles the other Disney characters congratulating in delight.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "The suitcase is bad enough, but was it necessary to dress up like Ariel from the Little Mermaid? Isn't it a bit much?" She still couldn't help but get this feeling that everyone was watching them.

Ino wore her Ariel shirt she bought a while ago at Hot Topic, and her neon blue jeans that fitted her body snuggly. To top it all off, she even styled her hair the same as the Disney princess with a blue bow holding back the strands of hair completing the look. "Yes, yes it is." She grinned.

Sakura pursed her lips. "It's not too late to change your clothes right now. Just say the word and I'll be an awesome friend and go with you to the bathroom. You don't even have to go in the stall, I'll lock the door." She gave her pleading eyes. "Please, I can't take this abuse any longer!"

Ino shook her head and rummaged through her pant pocket. "Stop being a drama queen and deal with it." She took out her Iphone and unlocked it. Ino chuckled at the text message one of her friends sent.

"Can I tell the lady that I'm not with you and you're an unaccompanied minor?" Sakura looked left to right finding any means at escaping. "I'm sure people would believe it too." She teased, sticking her tongue out.

Ino pouted. "Sadly, I do too." If she didn't do her hair or put on tons of makeup, she would have the appearance of a young teenage girl. Sakura at least looked her age. They were both twenty one but an average person would be able to tell that her friend was in her twenties but many have guessed that she was fifteen. It wasn't fair! Dang her baby face.

Sakura chuckled and stroked her friend's back. "It's okay, girl. Look, we're next."

They walked up to the desk and checked into their flight after flashing their passports. Their plane was bound to leave in half an hour. After going through all the security and baggage check, they found some seats close to their terminal departure.

While they sat in those horrible uncomfortable blue chairs waiting for their flight, boredom quickly set in for Sakura, her friend was too busy playing with an app on her Iphone to entertain her. She flicked through the pages of a magazine she purchased earlier; she had already read it twice, mostly paying attention to the graphics. She was contemplating whether or not to purchase something else from the small shop that sold wall to wall crossword books. Her attention was caught by a small child just across from her trying to kick the seat in front of him. He was flicking his tiny legs against the chair; the unfortunate person to sit there finally got up and switched to another seat.

Sakura desperately hoped he wouldn't be on their flight; the wait in departure was bad enough without having him sitting behind her. Truth be told, if said action did happen, that child would be leaving this airport in a hearse. She didn't tolerate disrespect from children. It was one of her pet peeves. Taking a deep breath, she looked around once more, her eyes passing the luminous signs with their nicotine colored writing and a wide screen TV that was on silent but had News 24/7 on with white subtitles telling the announcements that was quite a bit off from the news anchor's lips.

Leaning back into the chair, she closed her eyes. Sakura was still tired from work yesterday. Coming home at midnight and packing up all her important items in a huge duffle bag was so damn tiring. Maybe it couldn't hurt to close her eyes for awhile since their flight wouldn't be arriving for another fifteen minutes, might as well get comfortable. She could already feel herself drifting off.

There was loud ding as an announcement rang throughout the terminal. "We are now boarding for Terminal F. We are now boarding for Terminal F."

Ino nudged at Sakura's shoulder. "Hey, that's our plane. Wake up! We need to get in line."

Sakura groaned. "Damn, I just can't get any sleep up in here." She took a deep breath and stretched out her arms.

"No, not until we boarded our plane. Hurry the line is starting to pile up!" Ino picked up her bag and jogged up to the now lengthening line.

Sakura yawned. "What's the big hurry, we have assigned seats anyways!" She quickly caught up to her. They got in line. Luckily, they weren't that far away from the counter. "It's not like anyone would steal where we sit at." She placed her arms at the small of her back and leaned back successfully cracking her spine. A blissful sigh escaped her lips.

"I'm not worried about anyone stealing our seats," Ino whispered. She glance side to side almost checking if anyone was listening in on them. She cupped her hand around her mouth and leaned into her friend's ear. "I'm worried about someone stealing the place where we put our luggage in."

Sakura narrowed her eyes and frowned slightly. That's it? That's what made Ino interrupt her precious sleep! "What are you talking about?"

Ino smile bashfully and scratched the top of her head. "In a lot of movies, I noticed that there are some you know, B-notes that just put their luggage in other people's assigned sections. I don't want anyone taking the stop that I paid for."

"Just say it, say the bitch word. It isn't hard to do. I do it all the time. Bitch, bitch, bitch, see?" Sakura wanted to smack her forehead when Ino plugged her ears and didn't listen to her rant of curse words. "You mean the spot your job paid for, dumbass."

"I won't ever cuss! That is an insult to the Lord!" Ino's eyes went bug eyed. "You know what?"

"What?" Sakura challenged with an equally bug eyed expression.

"Shut up." They both broke out in laughter. Some of the other passengers sent them a peculiar stare.

After doing their final check in, a flight attendant told them the direction to their seats. They quickly found their seats which were H9 and H10. Their chairs were conveniently close to the door; Ino situated herself by the window as Sakura stuffed their bags into the luggage rack.

"Isn't this your first airplane flight, Ino?" Sakura inquired, taking her own seat. She sank into the chair. This was a significant improvement to the hard terminal chairs.

"Yes, it is," she said, staring out the window in fascination. Ino looked like a kid by the way she was swinging side to side in her seat. It brought a smile to Sakura's face. It's been awhile since she's seen her best friend this happy.

"Aren't you scared?" Sakura clicked her seatbelt in place and relaxed her posture. Both her arms were draped lazily atop the arm rests.

Ino also fastened her seatbelt. "I'm not scared." She puffed out her chest. "I can handle this, Sakura."

"That's what you say now, let's see what you think when it takes off." Sakura once again closed her eyes. "I'm going to take a nap, so please don't disturb me if you happen to freak out."

"I'm not scared," Ino repeated, smacking Sakura's arm. Her friend merely brushed the hit to the side and once again began drifting off to sleep. Fifteen minutes passed as the other passengers filled in and took their seats.

"We are ready for takeoff," the pilot spoke. "Please fasten your seatbelts."

The airplane started to roll down the run way and Ino could feel gravity push her back into her seat. Her heart suddenly began to race as panic started to set in, her palms were sweaty. The hum of the engine was so loud, it burned her ears.

Sakura opened one of her eyes. "Scared?" She held out her hand.

Ino turned her head to the side. "No!" Sakura smiled and closed her eye again. "But I'll hold your hand just in case you're scared." She intertwined her fingers with Sakura.

"Whatever you say, Ino."

As the turbulence started, Ino could feel as though she was on a giant rollercoaster ride in Disneyland. She held Sakura's hand and her arm rest tightly, until it finally came to an abrupt stop. On instinct, she peered out the window to see the plane floating through cotton clouds that gilded around them in wistful movements.

She heaved a sigh and slumped in her chair.

"Not scared, my ass," Sakura muttered.

Ino smacked her nose. Sakura yelped and rubbed her now aching nostrils. "Okay, okay, I'm going to shut up now. Geez." The young woman was met with the sleep that she so craved.

Ino glanced out the window again and just stared. It was a wonderful sight to behold. Why was she scared of flying in the first place, who knows? For the next five hours they would be flying to their destination. She too relaxed and claimed the rest that she neglected to have after staying up all night watching YouTube videos about religious missions and how to conduct them. Ino wasn't exactly what people would consider sociable, so she needed to research tips that could help with talking and inspiring young ignorant teenagers.

Finally there plane landed, Sakura was inching so bad to go to the bathroom. She hated airplane restrooms, they were too cramped and she was air sick, if she got up while it was still moving she would surely up chuck the nasty plane food she ate an hour ago. As soon as they were allowed out their seats, Sakura jetted out the plane into the terminal.

"Are you serious?" Ino watched in disbelief as she was left behind. "You even forgot your luggage, what the quack, Sakura!" She clicked her tongue, it was quite clear her friend was out of hearing distance. She took down both bags and followed the crowd out. Ino was surprised that her friend's bag was quite a bit lighter than her own.

After the flight attendant welcomed her to their destination, Ino scanned the area for Sakura. Wondering around for a bit, she found her sitting on a bench with her head between her legs.

"What's up with you?" Ino dropped Sakura's bag by her feet. "You forgot your stuff by the way."

Sakura whimpered. "The bathroom here is getting cleaned. I have to pee so damn bad!" She pressed her hands in between her legs. "I'm gonna die from bladder inflammation."

"Do you really have to go?" Ino situated herself next to her. All her friend could muster was nodding her head. Ino then rummaged through her bag. "Use this," she said handing her an empty water bottle.

"What the hell is this? I'm not gonna piss in a god damn bottle like a redneck." Sakura flared her nostrils and pushed back the bottle.

Ino lifted her arms in a shrug. "I'm just giving you options, dude. You can either take it or leave it, my friend."

"Whatever happened to showing mercy to those in need? Some religious person we have here."

"I am showing you mercy." She laughed. "In a messed up kind of way. And being religious doesn't mean I have to show you mercy, I choose too because I love you so much."

Sakura groaned and leaned her head on Ino's shoulder. "You are such a dick. I'm not using the fuckin bottle, let's just find a taxi and find the place we're supposed to stay at, I'll piss there." She forced herself up and kind of waddled down the terminal hall.

"You look like a penguin."

"Shut the hell up."

They used the arrows as their guide towards the exit of the airport. Sakura practically had to shove Ino to make her move faster; she knew she was walking slow on purpose just to prolong her suffering. As they neared the door, something caught Ino's eye.

"Hold on." Ino moved around Sakura and walked up to the person that caught her attention.

"Oh come on, I need to pee!" Sakura bent on the nearest wall and began hitting her head lightly against it. "I can practically feel the urine build up now."

Ino walked up to the man holding a large white sign that her name written on it.

"I'm Ino Yamanaka," she told the man.

"I was sent here to pick yer up, ma'm." The man was chomping on gum, smacking his lips rather annoyingly. Ino choose to ignore the gum chewing despite wanting to reach inside his mouth and force the gum down his throat, but its okay, she was in a good mood.

Ino thought about it for a minute thought. How come Father Raymond never mentioned a car would be picking them up? At least it saved her the trouble of finding a taxi by themselves. She was never that great with calling taxis, it was always Sakura's job to find their means of transportation.

The taxi driver reached for her luggage. "Is there here yer luggage, ma'm?"

Ino let him pick her bag up. "Yes, it is. Sakura, our ride is here!" She called over her shoulder.

"Halle-fuckin-lujah!" Sakura virtually forced her bag in the poor guy's hands and moved them to the door. "Let's get out of here already! I have to freaking pee!"

After the taxi driver put their bags in the trunk, they were on the road. Sakura was swing back and forth between the seats.

"Will you hold still?" Ino pushed her towards the other side of the car. "You see this?" She moved her hands over her section. "This is my bubble you're bursting, stay on your side of the car."

Sakura bit her lip. "I can't help it, I desperately need to piss," she whined. "Taxi driver, how long till we're at this place we need to be?"

The driver stared at them through the rear view mirror. "The Uchiha Estate is about a thirty minute drive from here."

"Oh damn it, I don't know if I could make it." She wigged around the seats again, she rested her against the window. "Ino!" Sakura moaned.

Ino was playing with one of her Disney apps. "What?"

"Distract me of this suffering," Sakura said dramatically.

Her friend pursed her lips. "Distract yourself."

"Ino…" Sakura continued to whine.

Ino held her chin and held a Cheshire cat grin, if only Sakura noticed it before it was too late. "For the first time in forever!" Ino sang horribly. "There'll be music –"

Sakura jackknifed into a straight sitting position and shot her a glare. "Oh my god, stop with the Frozen already!" For about a week or so, Ino has been playing the Frozen soundtrack throughout the house and man did it get fucking annoying at times. Sakura could practically sing all the songs by heart now and it was all involuntary! "Please, just please, for all that is good and merciful, just let it go!" Sakura realized her mistake. "Uh-oh."

"Let it go, let it go!" Ino suddenly switched to one of her other favorite songs.

"Noooo!" Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs. It startled the driver so much he almost swerved off the road.

"Is everything alright back there?" he inquired. His dark eyes said that he was beginning to become annoyed with his rather noisy passengers.

Ino threw her head back and laughed. "We're okay, just having some Disney fun."

"Fuckin Disney, I can't even escape that shit anymore," Sakura muttered, crossing her arms and going to the far corner of the car. "I'm mad at you now."

"Awww…" Ino slide her hand up and down Sakura's arm like a cat would to a scratching pole. "You can't stay mad at me for long," she spoke in a baby tone.

"Kiss my ass."

"I love you too."

"Driver, please tell me we are almost there?" Sakura questioned. The urge to pee was so damn tempting. If they weren't going be in the next five minutes, she just gonna take out that bottle and piss in it. Fuck her pride right now; her body ached to be emptied.

"Actually, we have arrived." Sakura could feel the brakes being hit and the car slowing to a halt. The taxi driver turned his head and gave them a toothless smile. "Ladies, welcome to the Uchiha Estate."

Sakura didn't even let his finish his sentence as she tore open the door. She was planning on jetting to the front door, but halted in her tracks at the enormous black gates the enclosed the estate.

"Whoa, your job must really want to keep you. They send you to a freaking mansion to live in for the next couple of weeks!" Sakura pointed at the large estate. It was an extravagantly designed building. It stood three stories high, with trees and greenery bordering the cracks and windows of the manor. It was quite clear that the structure was old, probably made in the Victorian era, either that or a very rich man specially designed it that way.

The manor was both enchanting and frightening. There was a thick air that was almost suffocating; Sakura felt this strong impulse to flee, her knees were shacking uncontrollably, it was like they were telling her that they needed to leave. Now! Her heart pulsated rapidly; it made her chest feel so heavy. Why did this place make her feel so uneasy?

"Thank you for your help!" Ino waved as the taxi left their sight. "That wasn't such as bad ride, was it?"

"Ino, are you sure this is place we are supposed to live in for the next couple of weeks?" Sakura was hoping so much that she would say no. This place seriously gives her the creeps.

"Yeah, in my paperwork it did indeed say we would be staying at the Uchiha Manor." Ino noticed Sakura's tense form. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know," Sakura said, touching the gate. As if it recognized her touch, it flung open. She gasped and clutched her hand to her chest. "That was fuckin scary there. It opened by itself man."

"Psh, the owners of the house probably knew we were coming." She brushed Sakura's concerns to the side. "They were probably just messing with you." They entered the compound, the driveway to the entrance was about a five minute walk, this was more than any walk should be to the front door.

Sakura was unconvinced. "Whatever, let's just get inside. I still have to fuckin pee." They briefly observed the large gargoyle fountain, it was beautifully designed, but using a gargoyle as a center piece rather than a mermaid, angel, or something else along those lines was a little…weird. "This isn't creepy once so ever," Sakura mumbled.

The clouds above them joined together and turned gray. The cackle of thunder and the flashes of lightening suddenly came forth. Not too long after, rain poured down drenching the girls in a matter of seconds. They quickly scattered to the door, underneath the protection of the ceiling.

"What the crap is this?" Sakura pulled back her soaked hair. "I've never seen rain this strong before." She wiped her face with her palms to brush away the stray droplets. "We're definitely not home anymore. It's rare for us to get any rain."

Arriving at the front door, Sakura took a moment to admire the mahogany. The craft and carving of this piece of wood was astounding. Who ever lived here did enjoy their art for sure.

"Okay Sakura, knock the door."

"Why the hell do I have to do it?" Sakura snapped.

"Because I'm not the one who has to pee, I can stay here all day in the rain." Ino grinned, tucking her long bangs behind her ear. "It's your choice."

"Oh for fuck sake, some vacation this starts out to be." Sakura reached out for the metal bar, but hesitated at first. "Can't we just go to a normal hotel? This place is a little creepy for my tastes."

Ino put her hands on her hips. "This was the place that my job wanted me to stay at, unless you want to pay three weeks worth of hotel time, be my guest."

"Damnit, fine." Sakura pulled back the bar and knocked it against the door. The noise echoed quite loudly, she didn't expect that from a wooden door no less, the crafts man who ever did this job must have known what he was doing.

For a moment, they stood there waiting. No one seemed to want to answer. Sakura banged the door with her fist this time. "Hello, anyone home!"

"Geez, Sakura, calm down there. I don't want you breaking their door down because you needed to use the restroom very badly."

"Well, they better answer the door or." She reached for the door handle, but it creaked open by itself. "I'm just going to walk right in." She finished softly, a little unprepared for that. She took a step away from the entrance. "You sure they are expecting us? I am freaking sure that this time the door opened by itself."

Ino took this opportunity to scare her friend. She latched on Sakura's shoulders. "Go inside, Sakura," she whispered harshly. Sakura leapt five feet off the ground and ran inside the build. "Wait, don't leave!" Ino shouted, stretching out her hand. "I didn't think she would actually run in." She looked down at their luggage. "Again, I am left behind with the bags."

Well she should have seen this coming, maybe she went a little too far in scaring her friend. She was paying the price for it now, next time she would think out her plan of action more thoroughly. For sure, she wouldn't scare Sakura around a creepy mansion ever again. Ino picked up their luggage and entered the mansion, just she did, the door slammed closed. She dropped the bags and yelped. She was beginning to understand Sakura's sudden paranoia. Perhaps, they should go to a hotel. It's not like they're that broke. They could manage someway

She left the bags by the door and advanced more into the building. She might be able to find a butler or any man to carry their suitcases to their rooms. Even she got tired of moving around heavy baggage. Jesus, what did she pack a month worth of crap? Ino admitted that she did have a very bad habit of over packing things she didn't need and will probably never use.

The flashes of lightening would momentarily illumine Ino's sight. It was kind of dark, sure she was used to living in a shady house herself, but this was ridiculous. In front of her stood a flock of stairs, obviously she wasn't going to go up there. It was rude to wonder in someone's house without them knowing. The low rumbling of the thunder rang close behind. Storms in this area must be pretty brutal, it certainly sounded like it.

She inspected the area, searching left and right for any sort of life. There was a glimpse of a leg that caught her interest. Ino progressed towards said foot and found a person lying on the couch sleeping. Thank god, she's found somebody. She was afraid that she would be wondering the halls in search of help.

She neared the couch, but as she got a better look at the person, she came to a standstill. It was a young man, a handsome one at that. She didn't understand why but he took her breath away. His peaceful expression gave her the overpowering longing to run her fingers into his chestnut strands. She wanted to lay his head against her breast and have him sleep there forever –locked in an embrace for all of time.

The light emitted by the lightening caused his face to shine; it really brought out his sexual features. It made her want to tear his clothes off and make love to him on the love seat right there and then. She bit her lip at the thought. It's been five months since she's last had sex, her last boyfriend didn't want to stay around after she told him no on a couple of occasions. Nothing ruins a relationship faster than having no sex.

She needed to get control of herself, she had to find Sakura and get their rooms set up. With the tip of her fingers, she lightly glazed his hand. She jerked it back with a start, it was ice cold? She grabbed his hand to make sure it was not her imagination. Regrettably, it wasn't.

"You're cold," she whispered and leaned her head against his chest. There was no pulse! Was he dead? "Oh god, not even five minutes here and I found a dead body." She had to call an ambulance, taking out her Iphone, she began to dial the number, but as she did, Ino glanced at his corpse. The erotic urges came back full force.

She examined her surroundings. Nobody was here. It wasn't like anyone would walk in on them. Just for a couple of minutes, she could enjoy herself. Ino gulped and ended the call. It's been a deep fantasy of hers to experience the Snow White scene with a person. She's tried it out on every boyfriend she's had, the only problem was – they were alive. She could never feel the full experience with a living being, it had to be with someone who was cold and nonresistant to her advances. Snow White was dead then revived. Her previously lovers called her sick and twisted, they would often leave her after that fact.

This would be her only opportunity of fulfilling her fantasy. Once again she inspected his form. He was dressed in what appeared to be a high school uniform; conveniently the first three buttons were already undone, exposing his pallid flesh. She drank in every detail, imprinted it forever in her memory. Ino never wanted to forget this moment, ever. This would be a secret that only she and God would share, not even Sakura will know.

She swung her legs over him and saddled his waist. She felt hot compared to his touch, her nipples hardened at the contact. Ino touched his cheek and raised his face till it looked at her. She needed it to be as close to her fantasy as possible. She leaned towards him and brushed her lips over his cheek, eyes, down to his ears and neck. The frosty skin left a tingly sensation that she so desperately yearned for. This was wonderful bliss. Her pulse was suddenly thudding in her throat and she's not even to the best part yet.

He was like a sculpture, all ivory and chestnut, too beautiful for words. Too beautiful to even touch. His skin was so cool and smooth to her fingers. Her hands traced and outline every nook and cranny of his chest and neck, she needed to explore more! Her fingers moved across his lips, down his chin. Trailing her nails along his hardened pectorals, her heart beat pulsate rapidly, the blood streaming through her veins rushed throughout her body. Ino smiled wickedly already knowing where that blood was also pumping too. Her warm feeling in her loins gave that away.

Her body wanted him. Wanted him so badly that her skin felt large and aching with the thought of it. She slid her hands up his chest, fingers brushing his nipples. She stared at his immobile face while she did it, in a way it was like she was waiting for a response. Her breath came out in pants. She wanted to warm him inside her body. Ino felt his stillness, a depth of quiet that nothing living could touch, like a pool of water hidden away in the dark. In one crystalline moment, she realized that this was the attraction: she wanted to plunge into his stillness, into that quiet place of death. She wanted to embrace it, confront it, conquer it. Ino wanted to fill him up with a burning wash of life, and she knew in this moment that she could do it but only at the price of drinking in some of that still, dark water. She needed more. This was it, the moment that she thirsted for.

She kissed him, light, a brush of lips. She flicked her tongue along his lips and somehow his mouth opened for her. Ino cupped his face between her hands and kissed him, tasted him, explored him. This was better than she could have ever imagined it, better than her fantasy. She stroked the border where his pants met his shirt; she caressed the flesh as she slipped her hand inside. She could feel it, his shaft. It was smooth and hairless; it too was frozen to the touch. She enclosed it in her palm and fondled it. His manhood was starting to harden, it filled her hand in no time…wait, harden? Isn't he died? Blood shouldn't be flowing to that part of the body.

The boy pulled her against him suddenly, pressing their bodies together. Like a shark, the boy quickly twisted their bodies so that he was one on top. "Well someone must be excited," the young man gave her a smug smirk. "Do you get off on dead guys? What a sick woman you are." He lowered his body on top of hers, with his knees he widened the gap between her legs and made himself comfortable


Ino gasped, her eyes widened in distress. "Y-y-you're alive!"

"Why wouldn't I be alive?" His maple eyes stared deeply into her own. It drew her in, she had the desire to pull his head down and finish the conquest that she started. "What do you think I am?" The feel of him hard and firm against her opening was so overwhelming, breathtaking. Ino could feel herself become soaking wet. Through her jeans, he eased himself inside merely stroking the sensitive flesh; he did so in a teasing motion. It was pure torture. At the moment, Ino wished that she wore a skirt so she would be able to truly feel his hardness.

"But your heart's not beating." Her breath fell outward in a sigh.

"You already know the answer to that." His voice sent chills down her spine. Her body reacted in a way that surprised her. Ino's nipples were so hard that it hurt, she needed to be fulfilled. She couldn't take it anymore. The man pressed his face along her neck and trailed his icy tongue along her vein. "I'm going to take you." Ino could feel it, the tip of his cock found her clitoris and begun its torment. The muscles in her lower abdomen spasmed, tightened. She could feel her release nearing. It felt so good. She could feel his breath fan her neck, as if waiting for an opportunity to strike.

"Shikamaru, what's with all the commotion?" A stern voice spoke.

"Damn, not you, Itachi." The man on top of her clicked his tongue in distaste. "Just when I was having so much fun," he breathed, he looked at his older brother in the corner of his eye.

"This is the entrance hall." Itachi pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his glove covered hand, and then crossed his arm over his chest. "This is meant to be used as a place to greet our guests. Take your activities to your private room," he lectured Shikamaru as you would a child, which it was clear that the young brother hated.

"Well, that was dull." Shikamaru lifted himself off of Ino. "You're such a kill joy, Itachi." He briefly turned his attention back to the flustered girl. "You better take responsibility for your actions later." He licked his lips sensually; she could still feel his power over her. Even now, it was overwhelming.

A burning wash of color crept on her face. She has no excuse for the foreplay that got out of hand. How could she get herself out this mess? Would the brother question her about her actions earlier? She prayed to God that he wouldn't.

Itachi switched his attention to Ino. "And you are?" His light red eyes remained emotionless as if he was punishing her in some way she couldn't understand, like he was giving a bad child a stare down that clearly brought distress.

Ino felt she needed to straighten herself up and answer him promptly. She stood and smoothed out the wrinkles and returned his gaze like a respectable person. "I'm Ino Yamanaka. Father Raymond said I was supposed to be living here for awhile."

Itachi brought his hand to his chin and held his head while he rested his elbow on the other arm. "Ah, I see. You are expected earlier than I previously thought. We shouldn't talk here. Come this way." He began walking up the flock of stairs. "See to her luggage."

Ino glanced back at their stuff and jumped back when she saw the butler taking away the baggage. He walked with such quiet feet that she would have never seen him coming. Just as he came, the butler vanished into the shadows of the halls. She almost didn't want him to take away their stuff, she was seriously considering leaving. There was no way she was going to live under the same roof as Shikamaru. She's had her fun, she didn't want to repeat it, but that would clearly be a lie.

She took a quick peek at Shikamaru. He caught her gaze with his mesmerizing eyes, she felt so tempted to turn back and start up their previous activities, but she needed to find her friend. For all she knew, Sakura could be lost and crying in a corner right now, chances she probably broke something expensive already. The image was so accurate that she knew it must have been true.

Ino sped up her pace and followed Itachi through the flock of hallways. Dang, how could they maneuver through this daily? There was no doubt in her mind that Sakura and her would get lost just trying to find a bathroom. She couldn't help but notice the nicely decorative walls, random paintings dotted around them in a neat patterned. It was clear that whoever decorated this household must have been OCD. Fancy wooden furniture complimented the paintings in a way that she would consider charming; she tucked away ideas that she would most definitely be doing on her own house.

Itachi halted in front of a door and opened it. Politely, he motioned Ino to enter first. In a sense, she felt that Itachi really resembled a butler based on his professional attire; he wore a white dress shirt with a black vest and another grey buttoned vest over it. To complete the look he had on a pair of dark slacks that fitted his lean body perfectly and black dress shoes that were obviously polished to perfection.

The candle chandelier that hung in the middle of the room sparked its flame and lighted up the large space. She thanked him and was in awe of the beautiful room. It was like being inside a princess book where all the furniture sparkled and the color scheme was bright and exquisite. Ino almost wanted to take out her most expensive dress to match the room itself. She took a seat on the magenta love seat that was set just underneath the chandelier; she practically sank into the chair as if it was taking form of her bottom to make her sit more comfortably.

She hardly noticed that Shikamaru had followed them until he took a seat on another couch that matched the same one she was sitting in. He pulled his knee to his chest and rested his elbow on it while his other leg hung over the edge of the seat. All the while staring at Ino, this completely unnerved her. She fidgeted in her seat slightly, trying to keep her mind off of his stares. It was failing desperately as her face began to fluster again, she could feel his smirk; she kept her eyes on the floor.

Itachi stood in front of her. "Now, in the interest of formality, let us begin by having you tell us about yourself and how you came to enter the household."

Ino straightened her back and cleared her throat trying to create the image of professionalism. She couldn't tell if it was working or not based on Itachi's nonexistent facial expressions. "My name is Ino Yamanaka." She was surprised how calm her voice came out. It almost broke her in a cold sweat, what if they thought she was not suited for the task? Sakura would be so pissed if she found out their long plane trip was for not. Not to mention her mother. Oh would she get an ear full from her for sure.

"I thought it smelled like human in here." A new voice stated. There was a hard edge to his tone, not a pleasant one at that. It was clear he didn't seem too fond of her presence. "So it was you?"

Again, Ino found her voice stuck in her throat. This man was just as beautiful and stunning as the others. What was with this family? Were they all born from gorgeous mothers and dazzling fathers? Freaking good genes. If she had any of their babies, the child would surely come out just as alluring as the father. That was a thought that she would tuck to the side for now.

She drank in this new spectator. His eyes were the color of blood, gazing deep within them she could tell they were filled with dark secrets that tugged at her heart strings. In a way, she wanted to come up to him and cradle him like a child as his mother would do. For some reason, Ino always found herself desiring the men who craved a mother figure that was neglected from their lives. This man was no different. Ino could feel herself drown in those pools called eyes. That she would forever just sink deeper and deeper into the abyss that was him.

Ino had this aspiration to grab a fist full of his luster sheen hair and pull him down for a bruising kiss. His shimmering locks were the color of dark shadows and that added more to her temptation. It wasn't often that you came across a man with perfect obsidian hair, it just wasn't possible. Just being able to tangle her fingers in him would be an accomplishment of taking something that others could never have. Even the clothes he wore set her a blaze; they were raggedy and ripped, giving him a primal and savage appearance. If there was one thing that turned her on more, it was barbaric men. Just the thought of having him dominate her entire being was nerve wrenching, in a way it was very thrilling.

The burning sensation in her loins came back. She was glad that she was sitting down for if she was standing she would have already lost her footing and fall to the ground then spread her legs wide. It was sad to admit that she didn't even care who would full fill her as long as it was one of these god like creatures.

"How dare you interrupt my precious sleep?" He narrowed his eyes.

A new thought got her thinking, it intrigued her. Now that she contemplated about it, how did he get in? From what she recalled there is only one opening and not once have the doors budges since her being here. "How did you get in here?" Ino quickly questioned.

"My question first!" He snapped, not being able to control his outburst, he brought his arm back and bashed it in the wall. The fraction of his immense strength created a basketball size hole through the concrete wall.

"Sasuke, stop causing a ruckus," Itachi told the dark hair boy. Instead of lashing out at him like Ino thought he would, Sasuke tsked and turned his head away, clenching his fists tightly.

She gulped down a scream and sank deeper into the comfort of the couch. What was he? Could a human be so strong to break through concrete walls? Ino now knew that she absolutely needed to find Sakura and get the heck out of here.

There was a brief silence in the room as no one decided to talk. Ino took this opportunity to stand up and incline her head. "Excuse me, I think this must be some misunderstanding, so I'll be taking my stuff and leave." She attempted to leave the room, but Itachi halted her actions.

"Just a moment. I am attempting to verify who you are." He turned to face her; his spectacles reflected the glint of the flames. "Wouldn't it be rather impolite to leave now?"

In a way, he was right, dang her mother for raising such a polite daughter. Even though…she had other priorities that were must more important such as collecting their luggage and finding Sakura. She ignored Itachi and advanced towards the door again.

"Are you the woman he mentioned?"

Everyone in the room switched their attention to the man suddenly lying on the couch Ino had just resided in. His eyes were closed and his body appeared relaxed as if any minute he would pass out from exhaustion. How did he get here? This place was really starting to frighten her now. Did these people have secret passage ways? It was the most logical solution. Please let logic win what her imagination was mustering up.

Shikamaru leaned forward from his chair; a lazy smirk drew itself on his face. "Yes, she's the one, the prospective bride." A hint of fangs peered past his full lips as he laughed low in his throat. "More like a sacrifice than a bride, isn't she Naruto?"

The man on the couch sat up and allowed a rather large grin to spread across his porcelain flesh. His exhaustion had suddenly vanished as he sized her up. "Oh yes." His tongue coiled around his fans in slow sensual movement. "I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one." The look in his eyes sent shivers down her spine, not in the pleasurable way she's been experiencing more so that of fear. "Wasn't there supposed to be two girls?"

Itachi didn't even bat an eye as he took his glasses off and wiped them clean with a cloth inside his pant pocket. "I had Gaara and Neji fetch her."

"What?" Ino felt her stomach drop. Sacrifice? What did they mean? What had Father Raymond gotten them into?

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