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Naruto doesn't belong to me.

Summary: Ino, a devout Christian girl is given the chance of a lifetime! Father Raymond, a priest most favored and high in the church, has selected her to perform a mission for the church and to seek the favor of God almighty.

But what Ino doesn't know is that father Raymond has an arrangement with one of hells most unholy minions. The mission for God becomes a fight for survival for Ino and her best friend, Sakura. Both women must dig down deep in their hearts for faith and courage if they are to escape the deadly trap Father Raymond has lured them into.

They will face horrors unimaginable in this life and death struggled against powerful evil that has roamed the earth for centuries committing unspeakable crime against humanity. Not one single woman sent into the dark and deadly lair of the monsters who dwell beneath, have ever returned. Ino and Sakura do not intend to be victims, but the odds of escaping the clutches of the fiends are stacked against them, but with Ino's faith and Sakura's fierce nature, they just might find a way out of this mansion!

Rating for this chapter: Mature

A Demon's Fate By Within Temptation

Angels have faith
I don't want to be a part of his sin
I don't want to get lost in his world
I'm not playing this game

Haunting Sins

Chapter 3: Their Situation

Sakura just kept running through the endless halls, at this point her eyes were closed, no way was she going to look at her surroundings. She would probably freak herself out more than she already was now.

Fucking Ino, why did she have to scare her shitless like that! That was sooooooo uncalled for! She just had to freak her out. This happens every fucking time Ino knew she was either paranoid or frightened. It was a common thing with Ino to take any opportunity of making her jump and scream.

What a cunt!

She finally found the courage to take a peek at her surroundings. This freaking mansion totally looked like something from a vampire movie, a place where the beautiful maiden would find herself trapped in and become the slave to the vampire who resided within this household. God, the thought ran chills down her arms. For the love the anything good and decent, please just let her imagination just be running rapid.

Why of all places did they have to stay here? Looking back, she desperately wished that she caved and just returned into the cab and go to the nearest hotel. Living in this creepy as hell place wasn't worth it! Despite putting up a strong face, Sakura was very easily startled; hell she was a pussy when it came to children horror movies, as if she had the balls to stay in a real life horror house. Fuck that!

Before she could advance any further, she collided with something hard, a wall so to speak. She bounced off it and slammed into the floor and she heard some unsettling crashes. It sounded like glass. Oh damn, when she opened her eyes, she gawked at the mess she had just caused.

"Oh damn," she gasped. "I'm in deep shit now."

The pictures that previously hung on the wall smashed into the ground. Small glass shards surrounded around her, surprisingly none of them pierced her skin. That was good for her, but she would surely get Ino in trouble.

"How do I fix this?" she asked herself, scratching her scalp. Maybe she could hide the mess under one of the rugs that seemed to appear at every corner. Sure someone might step on the glass through the material, but hopefully they wouldn't know she was the one who hid it. That sounded like a reasonable idea. "Let's do it."

The ache in her stomach suddenly came springing back, it was so unbearable and sudden that she had to slam her hand against the wall to maintain her balance. She felt like she was going to burst. Rather than commencing with her plan of cleaning, she rapidly scanned the halls for the nearest door. Since this was clearly a rich person's home, there had to be a bathroom in every room, right? Let's hope her logic was correct as she slowly limped to the door knob that caught her attention.

"Please, please, please," she begged. "Let there be a bathroom in there, if not I'll commit suicide right now." Sakura threw the door open and almost cried in joy. There before her was a toilet! "Thank-fuckin-lujah!" Not taking in the nice decorations or marble floors, she shut the door with a loud bang and roughly ripped off her jeans in order to remove them, she damn well could have broken the zipper in the process.

Finally, Sakura met ecstasy. "Oh my god, this feels better than sex right now," she moaned. "I've been waiting for this sweet pleasure to come." She leaned back into the toilet. It was like her urine was a fountain that took its sweet time of running out. She sighed in relief as it came to an end. "That was the best piss of my life." She put her pants back on and was happy to find that her zipper was just fine. "Let's not repeat this experience ever again though." Sakura twisted the water knobs and soaped her hands. Working at the bar, she grew the habit of washing her hands with extremely hot water. The heat didn't seem to burn her skin anymore. Once she was satisfied her hands were squeaky clean, she turned off the sink. Reaching for the hand towel that draped on the wall, she noticed something rather eerie.

She hastily turned and curled her back into the sink, almost falling into it. A young boy stood in front of her. He clutched tightly to the huge panda plush that oddly had mismatched button eyes. The left was red and the other one was green. The bear had darkish brown stains that seemed to smug into the material. There was the occasional rip here and there, but somehow it was still all in one piece.

Crimson strands of hair bordered his doll like face; his ivory skin complemented his dull jade orbs. She's never seen eyes so dark and empty; it was like they could see right through her very soul. If it wasn't for the huge bags under his eyes, she would have called him adorable. He was void of any emotion, all he did was stare. For some reason it seemed to frightened her.

Taking a deep breath, she straightened her posture. It's just a kid, what could happen? "Hey there little boy, how did you get in here? Do you live here?" she question with the best fake smile she could muster and knelt so that she was the same eye level as him.

He remained quiet, his eyes followed her every movement closely.

Maybe, he was as scared of her as she was of him moments ago. Perhaps, she should sooth him that she was a friend. "Awww, don't be scared, sweetie," she said in a friendly tone.

"I'm going to break you," he finally spoke.

"What?" Sakura was baffled. She couldn't have heard him right. "What did you say, sweetheart?"

His thin lips stretched into the most sinister smirk that she's ever seen. "I'm going to break you." He cackled his rather sharp canines seized hold her gaze. "I'm going to destroy your spirit. There will be nothing left of you until you will be nothing but dead and dark inside." He closed the distance between them and ran his fingers along the veins of her neck. "I'm going to suck every last drop of blood from your flowing veins."

His fingers were ice cold, she jerked back but he held her close by latching onto the back of her neck and pressed her closer to his mouth. "See, Teddy, isn't it wonderful? I can smell the scent of fresh blood. It's so tempting." His eyes rolled back into his skull as he inhaled her intoxicating aroma. "I just might take a taste." Like a silk wetness, his tongue advanced up her neck to the base where her shoulder met her neck. "Teddy, she tastes so sweet. It is magnificent." He giggled in her ear, pulling her hair to the side. "I can feel it, your blood is breathtaking. I might not be able to wait any longer."

Sakura gasped. She didn't understand why her body didn't want to move, what was happening here? Was this boy crazy? She had to break free or she would somehow hurt this kid, she didn't want Ino to get kicked out of here because she had a spasm attack and hurt the owner's child. Thinking fast, she thrust the boy to the other side of the room and sprinted out the door. She had to find her friend and tell her to fuck this shit and find a hotel to stay at.

Her breaths came out in pants; this was too much running for one day for her. On the other end, Ino would have been so proud. One of Ino's many goals for Sakura was for her to lose some weight. This would lead to many arguments sometimes.

She pretty much just followed the halls, every time she came across a corner she just turned with it. Since she closed her eyes the entire adventure up to this point, she had no fuckin idea where she was headed, but hopefully she would run into someone for directions. With any luck, it wouldn't be that creepy little boy. If she saw any inch of crimson, she would just turn around and go down a different hall.

Her heart was still pounding, why was she so flustered? It didn't help that he licked her neck; Sakura wasn't exactly experienced in those sorts of things. That was always Ino's expertises.

Of all the people to give Sakura her first love lick, it had to be a young child! Life wasn't fair, why couldn't it be some hunk off a movie? Perhaps, she needed a nice chiseled guy with nice pretty eyes to stare at her to erase such events from her mind. Oh yeah, that sounded fantastic right now. The fastest way to make her fall in love was with pretty eyes.

As she journeyed further into the darken halls, the candles that were decorated alongside the walls sensed the lack of light and suddenly caught fire. The flames barely gave her comfort of the light, if anything it panicked her more. It caused the shadows to cast high and warp into distort shapes. Sakura halted in her tracks, and stared worrisome at them. "I really hope that those things are electronically. I'm freaked out as it is," she prayed. "I changed my mind, I want to go back home. Fuck the vacation, I'll just go to the beach everyday and call it even."

There was an unexpected slam of a door, it sounded like it was not too far away. "Do you think she went down this way, Teddy?" Sakura shrieked and started power walking towards the opposite direction of the noise. Oh hell no, that kid was hunting down her down now! She ought to find somebody soon or she's going to kill that kid. Sakura will go to jail for many things, hell she's been to jail for stealing, carrying a unregistered weapon, and assaulting people who simply pissed her off, but the one thing she would sure as heck wouldn't go to prison for is murder. She didn't run that way; she was crude and rude and easily angered, yes, but a killer, hell no.

She heard footsteps follow up close to her, so close he had to be behind her. Her power walk immediately turned into a fast jog. Her legs screamed to stop and rest, but she wouldn't allow herself the pleasure. First, she needed to get a good distance away from that child! Sakura glanced over her shoulder, but there was no one, just shadows. It was strange, the footsteps felt like they were above her, but where was he? Maybe the sound was just echoing throughout the confines of the household.

The next thing she knew, she ran into something, again. What was this place? "I swear I keep running into walls here, what's up with this place?" she grumbled, rubbing her throbbing cheek. But this time, she didn't fall to the ground. An iron grip held her waist in place, the long arms coiled tightly around her hips.

"What do we have here?" A soft melodic voice inquired.

Sakura jolted straight and stared into the most enchanting and gorgeous ivory eyes she's ever seen. They even had hints of lavender around the edges of them. They called out to her, tugging at her person in a way that left her utterly immobile. She could feel her skin crawl, the intensity of his gaze was so powerful, so captivating. She felt the over flowing need to run her fingers across his porcelain skin, to press her lips against his flesh to taste the flavor that would only belong to him. The thick scents of roses were imprinted on his dark clothes, she deeply wanted to bury her nose in his chocolate locks and breathe in his person. It looked so luscious and smooth, she craved, no yearned, to tangle herself in his mane.

He inclined his head close to hers; his icy breath blew in her sensitive ears. Sakura almost released a moan she was holding in. "Are you lost, Pinky-chan?"

That seemed to slap Sakura out of her trance. Oh hell no! No man has any right to call her pinky unless he was her boo or a good friend, and unfortunately for him, he was neither her baby daddy nor acquaintance. Despite being so damn sexy, she wasn't going to take that kind of shit from anyone, not even from this sex god.

She placed her hands against his hardened pecks…oh god, they were so hard. He must work out or something, but god damn. Maybe she should just let him say what he wanted so that she could feel him some more.

No, no, no!

She mustn't be weak!

Her priority was to find Ino.

"Sorry, man. I have to find my friend, so can you let me go, please?" She had to force herself to speak those undesired words. Sakura would much rather say, 'can you take me to your room so that I can run my tongue on your neck?'

He gave a sly smile. "Why? I can feel your excitement, you'd much rather stay here with me?" He lifted one of his hands from her hip and traced her bottom lip with his thumb. "Let's stay like this, Pinky-chan."

It was so damn tempting! His allure was too damn great. She could feel herself lean into him; his full lips were so close. In a matter of moments she could have been kissing this dude, but she heard a cry not too far off in the hall. It sounded real close.

Wait, a second, was that Ino's cry? This had to be the worst fucking timing in the fucking world. When she finds Ino, she would wring her little neck for ruining her moment with making out with the hottest piece of ass she's ever seen. She once again pushed against his chest and halted his movement.

"Sorry boy, I have to get going now." She turned and tried walking away, but he quickly grabbed her wrist and twisted her back. His other arm clung around her head, digging his nails in her scalp. The small sensual circles he messaged felt so good. It was like he was trying to ease her tension and distract her from her goal.

"What's the rush, Pinky-chan. Stay here with me?" The young man dug his nose in her rosy locks and inhaled her smell. "Mmmmm, you smell so nice and sweet, how about we go up to the roof and make love under the stars till the sun came up."

Oh how she would love that idea, but her loyalty to Ino was much stronger than her lust for a man she's just met. Fully coming back to her sense, she tried prying his fingers from her wrist, but it was proven futile, he had a fucking good grip, the best she ever came across. Working at a bar, she's often had to deal with drunks who didn't understand the meaning of no and thus she had to kick them out or get rough with them. More times than not, she got rough with them, but damn this guy was really strong.

"Let me go!" Sakura began to struggle, if she didn't get away now, she would probably take up his offer. For some odd reason, he appeared surprised at her attempts of escaping, it was as if he wasn't used to getting rejected. Sakura couldn't blame the poor boy, he was fuckin hot, if Ino wasn't here, she would have surely lost her virginity already to this guy.

There was only one option she had left. The trump card she knew that would always seem to snap any man out of his persuasiveness. Well, it worked at the bar most of time, let's hope it works now. She lifted her open palm and smacked him across the cheek as hard as she could manage. The left side of his face flushed crimson, applying some rosy color that really seemed to suit him.

She felt his grip loosen. Yes! Sakura took this chance to move herself away and ran towards the direction of Ino's cry. Taking a peek over her shoulders, she was astounded to see that the boy was smiling; he rubbed his hand over the wound treasuring the hot sensation. He was smiling? It almost seemed like he was in pure bliss, that he enjoyed the pain. What the hell, what kind of dude liked being slapped? Putting that thought to the back of her head, she pursued her search for Ino.

She was definitely sure that it came around this hall. It sounded so close it had to be here!

What was that?

There was a sound. It was faint, but it's there. She pressed her ears to the nearest door and listened. There were muffled voices behind it! Could this be it? Sakura waited a moment to make sure her friend was in this room, if not, it would be extremely rude if she just barged into a random room. For all she knew, who ever were behind door number one could be having sex. She sure as hell didn't want to walk in on that.

"T-t-his must be a misunderstanding, I'm s-s-ure of it." Ino stuttered.

There it was! That was her friend's voice for sure; she would never mistake it for anything else! This was her queue, Sakura almost ripped the door off its hinges and advance in the room.

The moment she entered, her heart skipped a beat. She could feel her breath caught in her throat, almost afraid to release the air. The man that stood in the center of the room was so bewitching, so enchanting, so…so mesmerizing. It only took a split second for their eyes to meet, bright crimson met emerald, and just like that she could feel herself melt, the spark that she craved had ignited. A burning inferno so profound and powerful erupted deep within her as if awakening a beast that so desperate wanted to be free of its cage. It wanted to carve her claws on his body forever imprinting her claim on his perfection, stating for all to see that he solely belonged to her and her alone.

It was like they were the only ones present in the room, the other people and furniture that surrounded them faded away till only they remained. That for an instant, time stood still. She was afraid if she let go of the mouth full of air that she would ruin this moment, forever.

How could such a creature exist? This must be a hallucination. There wasn't a person alive that could be this perfect. She noticed everything wonderful about him. His luxurious locks had this unique combination of shades of violet and black that had hints of gray at the tips. She wondered if it was just as soft as it looked; it probably was, but she would confirm that later. The way he combed it to the side in a fashion that was so painstakingly neat triggered her desire to mess up his mane in the most filthiest ways possible, to become the woman that would triumph over this poised and composed being.

Itachi's presence alone demanded respect and obedience from her, in which she was willing to comply. If she had too, she would follow this man straight to hell in order to be with him for all eternity. Even the way he dressed had her hot and smoldering; Sakura always had this weird fetish for strict and stern man especially if they were clad in formal attire. Of course, wearing glasses was also a plus. Couldn't you imagine it? Making love, no, getting fucked mercilessly by a man while he wore a lavished suit was utterly arousing. Tearing off his spectacles and allowing the monster to truly ravish her sent shivers down to her knees. To have his gloved hand punishing her bottom and entering her untouched orifice had her cheeks blaring crimson.

The sheer notion of him disciplining her for being bad left her sweltering for his touch. Looking back, she was so very happy that the man in the hallway didn't get a chance at her virginity because she sure as hell wanted this guy to be the one, her first, and hopefully her only master. Master. The idea of calling him master almost came naturally to her, it was strange, this really baffled her, but who really gives a shit right now?

Her heart fluttered, pounding so hard that her chest felt so tight. Just with the mere sight of him, she could feel herself want to be enclosed by his embrace, to allow him to take her away from all her hardships and sorrows. To have his succulent lips pressed against her own in a way that would leave her gasping for air. What was wrong with her? Never before has a man made her felt this way before. So lewd, so dirty, and so damn horny.

"Ah, so you are the other prospective bride." His rich, melodious voice floated around Sakura. She could listen to him talk for hours, his voice was utterly sexy. The wetness between her legs became more prominent.

"Sakura?" Ino whispered softly, almost broken.

It was as if a hand had wiped around her sudden lust for this man that she suddenly noticed her friend. There Ino was on the floor, laying there so afraid to move. Her petite form was trembling uncontrollably. Her eyes shined with a fear that made her heart ache.

Sakura was pissed off.

Fuckin enraged, more so.

This sight before her utterly applauded her. Someone was going to pay dearly for this.

"What the hell? Are you okay, Ino?" Sakura slide on the marble floor and embraced her friend, squeezing her tightly. On instinct, Ino buried her face into the embrace. She was so scared; everything that just happened was too much to take in.

Ino was on the brick of tears. It was quite clear that she was doing all she could to keep in the emotions. Someone was going to die tonight. If there was one thing in the world that Sakura despised above all else is someone making her dearest and closest friend shred tears. Not on her watch. She didn't care if she went to jail for this, no one makes Ino cry, no one!

"Ah, look at them on the floor, so delectable and succulent." It was the same man who Sakura ran into in the hallway. He leaned his arms against the back of the loveseat and grinned. His orbs fixated on their fallen forms. She didn't like the way he looked at them like they were a piece of meat. Twisting her body, she blocked his view of Ino. He found this very amusing as he cocked his head to the side and winked. Sakura really had this need to bash his head in now, forget that he's sexy, she'll murder this fucktard.

Suddenly a flash of crimson was besides him, it was that young child she was trying to run away from! What are these people? "I am feeling king of puckish."

"Should we have a nibble, Gaara-kun?"

The child nodded with a small smirk "Yes."

In a swift moment, both were before the girls. Sakura narrowed her eyes and held her friend as tightly as she could, covering any opening they could access. She didn't care if she would be their main focus as long as they didn't touch Ino.

"Pinky-chan, when you inflicted that slap on me, if felt so wonderful, let me return the favor." He inclined his head closed to her, his breath puffed against her lips. It was clear he was getting excited as he stocked his frosty hands around her neck, slightly applying pressure on it, not enough to choke her but enough to send goosebumps down her spine. "I can feel it, you like this, don't you? Your blood tells me so." He laughed; his tongue glazed the border of her lips. Sakura flinched back from his touch.

Gaara brushed his lips against her shoulder, a light feather motion. She was really beginning to regret wearing a tank top today. Her skin crawled. His fangs scrapped her flesh in lustful movements that left her cheeks flaring red. Why did she enjoy this torment? Was she a sick woman for liking it? But she couldn't help herself, it just felt so good.

Itachi frowned and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Now you two, don't you think that behavior is a little impolite towards a lady you only just met?"

Neji laughed. The sound seemed to rub over her skin, like the brush of fur. Warm and felling ever so slightly of death. "Isn't it common to taste something that looks delectable? Isn't that right, Gaara-kun?"

"Yes." Gaara continued his sweet torture on Sakura's shoulder. He was giving such tender attention to it that she couldn't help but lean into him. He grinned slightly at her eagerness. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you? You filthy human woman." Gaara captured her ear between his teeth and nibbled it a little. "You get turned on by a young boy, how sinful." He giggled.

Itachi would have rolled his eyes if it wasn't the improper thing to do. "Back to the matter at hand." He turned his focus on the girls. "It is not a misunderstanding, you are here for a reason. For the sake of formalities please allow us to introduce ourselves. I am the eldest son, Itachi." Itachi motioned to the man that Ino had had the privilege of meeting. Ino couldn't help but take a peek at him.

Shikamaru smirked and crossed his legs. "Next time we won't be interrupted. You won't be able to get away from me," he promised.

"The second son, Shikamaru. The third son, Naruto."

Naruto grinned at them and even laughed when Ino coward back into the protection of her friend's embrace.

Itachi signaled at the young child with the stuffed panda bear. "The fourth child, Gaara."

Gaara cuddled his bear and smiled. Sakura didn't know whether it was a genuine or fake smile, but all she knew was it gave her the creeps. "Please let me sample you again sometimes," he said joyfully.

Itachi gestured to the man with the fedora hat. "This is the fifth son, Neji."

Neji's glimmered with an emotion she was unfamiliar with as he inclined his head at her direction like a gentleman. "Pleased to meet you, Pinky-chan. Let's get along, shall we?" Sakura would like nothing more than to spit in his face and march out of this room like a prima donna. He could kiss her ass before she would ever get along with this dick.

"And the last son, Sasuke."

Sasuke tsked and turned his head away. "What a waste of time. Why do I need to be present for this?"

"This has to be a mistake." Ino fought to keep her voice level, keeping herself protected in Sakura's hug. "Father Raymond never mentioned anything about brides." She hid herself deeper into the confines of Sakura's breasts. "And besides, you all are…kind of creepy." Those last words almost came out muffled, but they could understand it. "I need to contact Father Raymond."

"Not without this here." Shikamaru commented.

"My phone!" Ino checked her pockets and her phone wasn't in there. How did he get it? Was it at the time they were on the couch? "Please, give it back."

"Should I?" Shikamaru held his head with his fist and cocked his head to the side, tampering with her Iphone, staring dully at the device. "So this is the new technology kids these days have."

"Give it back to her, damnit!" Sakura bellowed.

Shikamaru waved the phone in the air. "Ah, ah, ah, I don't think so." Just as he was beginning to have fun taunting her, Sasuke tore the phone from his grasp and crushed the device effortlessly. Shikamaru rolled his eyes and slumped back into the chair.

"Get lost!" Sasuke roared at the girls. "Your presence is unwanted here. Leave!"

Sakura just could feel her shoulders begin to tremble, not in fear, but in total rage. That was their only communication device they had! Sakura's mobile phone broke last week and she never found the time to replace it, so she relied on Ino's. Never had she felt the need to tear a person limb from limb. Not only have they wasted their time, they disrespected them! And breaking Ino's phone was a big no-no! That thing was expensive as hell, they were going to pay for it if it's the last thing she did.

Neji grasped Sakura's shoulders and separated her from Ino. She thrashed about doing all she could to break free, but he was too strong. She even tried clawing at his flesh, but her nails only left red trails. He pressed their bodies tightly together, Neji sighed at the contact. "There, there, Pinky-chan, you and your friend are about to come good friends with us, so you don't need that silly cell phone anymore, right?" Her friend was once more on the floor alone and huddled to the far corner.

Sakura gritted her teeth. "Fucking bastards," she breathed. She was tired of this, no more mister nice guy. It was time to end this and get the fuck out of here.

"Mmmmm?" Neji kissed her cheek. "What did you say, Pinky-chan?" He buried his face into her soft hair.

She clenched her fists. "Fucking bastards!" She repeated loudly, her voice rang in the small room. Gaara flinched away hiding his face with his teddy bear. "Get your filthy hands off of me!" With the strength she never knew she had, Sakura landed a punch square in the middle of Neji's face. She almost grinned wickedly when she heard a sickening cracking noise; this dumbass deserved a broken nose. The impact sent him across the room and slamming him into the same couch as Naruto. The chair flopped backwards, but the two boys didn't land with it.

The two stood next to the chair staring at it in distaste, they moved so fast that Sakura couldn't even keep up with their movements. "Oi, you bastard, watch where you fly," Naruto bared his fangs at Neji, swinging his fist.

Neji waved him off. "Yay, yay, yay." He shared a look with Sakura that promised her that he would repay her for this. "My, my, Pinky-chan, you are certainly full of surprises today, but." He materialized in front of her.

Sakura gasped and cringed back. "What are you?"

"It isn't fair that I get to enjoy myself so much and I don't do anything back in return." He grasped her face and held her head in place so that she looked directly in his eyes. She tried to turn away, his gaze was terrifying, it was like he was piling her clothes off, but he dug his nails in her chin ceasing all movement. "Please, let me give you pleasure." He opened his mouth wide and revealed his sharp fangs.

Sakura's eyes widened as she thrust herself away and fell to floor with a scream. She swiftly crawled to Ino's side once more, she could feel it the wooden floors scarp her knees but she ignored the pain. "Are you guys' v-v-vampires?" she stuttered.

Ino gasped at the realization, this made sense now! Shikamaru was cold to the touch, if anyone was that cold they surely would be dead, but here he was kicking and alive. No wonder he gave off the vibes of death and this explains the sexual allure that all of them possessed. Vampires being natural predators, they had to attract their pray somehow. Oh thank god, she was really afraid she was actually attracted to these guys, but it was all because they were vampires…this didn't seem to calm her down in the least.

Sakura leaned herself close to her ear. "Ino, don't you carry a cross with you? This would be a good as time as any to use it!" she whispered harshly.

That's right! She always wears the Rosario that her mother gave her when she was a child still experiencing the power of Christ. Ino dug into her shirt and practically ripped the silver cross off her neck and shoved it in front of her like a shield. "Take this!"

A moment past and still nothing happened. Instead of cowering in fear like they expected, if anything they appeared amused, Neji and Naruto appeared they were ready to burst out laughing.

"Is this a fake cross, Ino?" Sakura said in-between her teeth, inching closer to the door. If things go bad they might need to book it soon. "Cause I don't see them cowering in fear right now."

"Honestly." Itachi shook his head as he took a seat. "Did you really believe that fairy tale written by a mortal claiming that vampires are vulnerable to garlic, holy crosses, and sunshine?" He crossed his legs and intertwined his fingers. "This just goes to show how foolish and arrogant mortals are." He gave them a look; there was something about this look that made the girls very terrified for their lives. "That makes me furious."

Sakura suddenly stood up. "Ino, you need to get out of here." She took a step towards in and made a boxer stance, ready to battle. "I'll stay and hold them off, you need to find the exit and call for help."

"I'm not leaving you!"

"You have no fucking choice! If one of us dies then so be it, but if both of us dies I will not allow it." Sakura locked her gaze with Neji; she was really inching to have a fight with him. When Ino didn't make a move, Sakura shot her a glare from the corner of her eye. "So help me god, I'll fucking throw you out of this room if you don't leave this instant!"

When Neji saw that she broke eye contact, he lunged at her. Sensing this upcoming attack, Sakura delivered a harsh punch that shot him back. He wiped his cheek and gave her a fang filled smile that almost made her turn back and run, but she would stay and fight.

"Leave!" she barked.

Neji came in for another attack, but Sakura side stepped the tackle and quickly kneed his gut. She was proud of herself when she knocked the breath out of him, or what she thought was considered knocking a vampire's breath out. A normal human would have already fallen limp on the floor but all this guy did was evaporate and appear in front of her ready for another chance.

Ino forced herself to get up. No matter what she thought, Sakura was right. She needed to get out and find some help, the sooner the better. Taking one last glance at her brave friend who landed another hit on Neji, she bolted out the door into the dark halls.

Sakura sighed in relief. "Good, she got away."

"I don't think so." Shikamaru sighed taking his leave through the door.

"Not on my watch, asshole!" Sakura reached to grab for his shirt collar and pull him back, but the next thing she knew, her other arm was twisted behind her back painfully. "AH!" Sakura yelled. It appears Itachi took advantage of her guard being down and made his move. She leaned forward hoping to ease some of the pain, she glanced up to the door and Shikamaru had already made his escape. "You son of a bitch," she hissed.

She was rewarded with Itachi twisting her arm harder, almost forcing her down to her knees. "Your manners are deplorable." Sakura tried shaking his grip, but it was no use, he was too strong.

Neji frowned. "Awww, Itachi you ruin my fun. I was really starting to enjoy that."

Itachi ignored him. "It appears I have to discipline you in the proper ways of this household." He drove her to her knees. "I will not tolerate this behavior." Sakura still trashed about, if she had to break her fucking shoulder to get free, she had no other option. "I will also not tolerate this rebellious attitude." Itachi slammed her entire upper body onto the floor.

Sakura groaned. "Kiss my ass," she said in between breathes.

Itachi narrowed his eyes, his glasses falling slightly down his nose. "It appears you don't know your place here, yet." He released her arm and adjusted his spectacles back in place. "I will allow you off this time, but next time, don't think I will tolerate this insolence from a slave."

Suddenly, Sakura's world went black.

Ino ran through the halls in haste. She had to find the front door, remembering back, she tracked her steps back when Itachi took her through the house. For once her memory was spot on; she could feel herself smile in glee as she recognized the direction she was going, she advanced down the flock of stairs that she knew where it lead too. In no time she found the door that she desperately wanted to find. Ino griped the door handle and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge! She raddled the knob and slammed her fists against the wood. "Open up!"

A hand slapped against the wood by her face. Ino gasped whirling her body around and pressed her back against the door.

"Where are you trying to go?" Shikamaru purred. He leaned his head close to hers, barely brushing their noses together. Though his face looked like he was bored, his slanted eyes told otherwise. "Please humor me by screaming at the top of your lungs." His other arm trapped her in place. "You can't get away from me now."

Ino shoved her elbow on his arm and broke his trap. "No!" She dashed back up the stairs. As she advanced away, she could hear his laughter ring throughout the halls. It left goosebumps up her arms. Why was he still sexy to her after she found out what he was? Sure vampires are awesome creatures, but only in books, not in real life.

She could find an exit later, but she needed to get away from Shikamaru. There was no way she would allow herself to be hypnotized by this vampire! She's read enough vampire novels to understand the way they think…well hopefully. If Itachi was correct, then everything she knew about vampires was false. She would absolutely lose her advantage. Please let any of her vampire novels be correct about any vampire weaknesses. Let's hope their weakness to silver stayed true.

Running through the halls once more, she scanned the area. Did they have any silver based items? Candle holders, silverware, anything! But deep down she knew if they were truly weak to the element silver, they wouldn't have it lying around randomly. Her heart dropped in her stomach and twisted around. Would they be able to survive this ordeal? The trickle of tears wetted her cheeks; she didn't want Sakura's sacrifice to be in vain.

At this point the only thing she could do was run and survive. If any vampire movies she's watched in the past reveal the psychology of a vampire's mind, she already knew they were hunting her. There was no way they would allow pray to escape; this was a tactic they used to give the victim a false sense of security until they strike.

This positively terrified her.

She didn't want to die yet, not when she's barely lived her life. Before death, she wanted to experience the joy of marriage and the fulfillment of raising a child. She mentally slapped herself. What was she thinking! She wasn't going to die here; she's going to find a way out and burn this building to the ground. Going through another corridor, she halted in her tracks. There was a pile of shattered chains that rained in that small portion of the hallway, a lock split in half laid on top of the mass. Next to it, a door was left ajar.

Curiosity took its toll, did someone break the locks? Why? She cursed her snooping nature as she wondered into the dusty room. Compared to the large room she was previously in, this space was rather tiny, homier more so. It was odd she felt comfortable here. Ino closed the door and snapped the lock in place. Optimistically, this would provide her with some protection.

The walls were cracked and smothered with darkening mold that spewed out a rotten scent that caused Ino to gag. She could still feel her blood rapidly pumping through her body; her breath came out in short pants. She needed to calm herself down or they might find her. Ino wasn't stupid she knew all too well that her fear would be her undoing, vampires wanted, craved, the fear in a pray. If she gave them what they wanted, she would be pissed as hell, rather not give them that satisfaction.

All the furniture and paintings within the murky room was covered in white sheets as to preserve it. Proceeding further into the room, there was a table filled, no overflowed, with multiple exquisite and clearly expensive jewelry.

The rocks on the rings were larger than that of the ring band itself, in a way it was kind of ridiculous. Someone must have loved themselves very much or had many wealthy admirers. The fine quality of the jewels was piercingly superb. Fancy perfume bottles were spread amongst the bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The trinkets were all lavish and extravagant. Necklaces spilled out of the delicate jewelry box, it was small and carved to a unique design that she found utterly appealing. It looked like something she would have in her own collection. Ino found herself stroking a sapphire stone that connected to an earring. The diamond was smooth against her finger tips. It's been sometime since she's last wore any earrings. Her gaze lingered on the jewelry some more as she continue her exploration.

There were large window doors that lead to a stone balcony. It gave a perfect view of the rose garden below. It's already nightfall, how long have they been here? Where has the time went? The moonlight and stars explained it was late.

Ino abruptly noticed there was a woman on the terrace. The woman wore an obsidian dress that fitted her petite form perfectly; the edges of the garb had white ruffles that coiled around her in lovely patterns. Her porcelain flesh was radiating under the rays of the moon. The one thing that really captured Ino's eyes was the woman's lengthy blonde locks, it spilled down her lower back trailing along her spine and curling at the swell of her rear. Under the night sky, her tresses were beautiful. Ino envied her; it took a lot of work to maintain her hair, if she didn't straighten her hair for more than a day it would turn into a huge afro.

The elegant woman slowly swirled her neck towards Ino.

The instant their made eye contact, Ino felt an immense pain in her chest. It kept building and building until she couldn't take it. It felt so tight that she couldn't even breathe; she pressed her hand against her heart hoping to ease some of the pain.

"What is this?" she hissed. Ino gasped out harsh breaths; her vision was beginning to fade. No! She couldn't die like this? Was she having a heart attack? Impossible! Her legs became shaky as she thrust her back into a nearby book case. Particles of dust blanketed her body as books smashed into the ground around her. She hacked out her lungs as she too joined the books on the floor. Ino glanced back up and noticed the lady had disappeared. Was she even there to begin with? Did she imagine her? Her questions were left unanswered as she watched the room spin around her, her sight faded until she met nothing but the silent darkness.

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