Chapter 1 (Night's P.O.V)

I woke up with a start. I sighed and pulled off my bright orange blankets. I sat up and stretched out. I got up and walked across my indigo carpet. Once I reached the other side of my room I opened my closet. I then got dressed. I put on a indigo tank top. I also put on bright orange pants tucked into indigo knee high boots. I ran left my room and went into the main Potionology room. I sighed.

Just then Palladium walked in. He had long brown hair with his bangs pulled behind his ears. His ears were pointy to a slight extent. He had light skin and forest green eyes. He was wearing a deep green vest over a faded yellow long sleeved shirt. He was wearing sandy pants, tucked into matching knee high boots. He also wore a red tie. "What's wrong?" He asked kindly. He knew something was up. "Something is going to hap in. I can just fell it." I sighed in response. He nodded a tad confused. "Its just that the detention stability is a bit week it seams. the fact is as followed. The normal ratio is 8s times pier. 's' normally equals 49.2358239 or 49.24. Now 's' is around 1436.29. this is a vary far on the unstable side. We could be facing a inter galactic catastrophe." I admitted worried. " You know i have no clue what that means right." Palladium sighed with a chuckle. "Trouble." I sighed worried.

Knowing the threat called me,and Palladium to her had short curly wight hair and light skin. She wore a blue frilly wore black heals and red framed glasses. Her eyes were a deep blue. "It has come to my attention that the demotions are not safe." She sighed, right as a girl walked in. she had long orange hair in a low pony. She had on a blue and yellow belly tank top and blue bell bottoms on. she was also wearing blue shews. Her name was Bloom. Then another girl walked in. She had short spiked magenta hair. She was wearing a purple and green vest. she had on purple pants and matching shews. Her name was Tecna. "Well you cant be shure." Tecna sighed. then a big black hole opened under are feat. Me, Palladium, Bloom, and Tecna all fell in.