Chapter 4 (Ian's P.O.V)

It did not take the newbies long to catch on. I walked into the meeting room and sad on a desk. Not to my surprise Night was sitting on the edge of one beside me. She had become a very sneaky girl. Sneaky to the point that she would chuckle and then be gone. As what was now normal Tecna was also describing the logic and math behind are curtain case. Colby was sitting in a chair beside me. He had army cut light brown hair and light brown eyes. He was wearing a nice white shirt. He was also wearing nice black pants and matching shews. He had light skin. "Whats wrong?" He asked confused. I had poked him. " It's just these girls are confusing." I admited, knowing that Night could hear me. I looked at her. She shrugged having got that a lot.

Later I was sitting in the brake room when something very normal happened. "We got a hit." Don called loudly. "Alright. something normal for a change." I sighed.