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He's late, but he appears at the helicopter pad with a bouquet of roses and a trembling hands.

She takes in his pale appearance and they way he watches Ben with close beady eyes, and she knows that it took a lot for him to show up. She skips towards him and grabs the bouquet out of his hands, "For me? You shouldn't have." She sings songs as she leans up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

Red roses are not her favorite, but she appreciates his attempt at being romantic. She pushes her nose into the bouquet and inhales deeply. "They're gorgeous." She admits with a smile. "Thank you."

He smiles back at her. Slowly, but he smiles nonetheless.

She wants to ask him what happened. What happened between his declarations of not being able to wait until he could induct her into the mile high club, and now, when he can't even look her fully in the eye. But she knows that now is not the right time.

"Now, Mr. Bass," she says taking his hand, leading him towards the helicopter. "I have it on good authority that you plan to induct me into the Mile High Club, and I think I've picked out the perfect outfit for my induction ceremony."


He spends a week holed up in a hotel room in Tuscany with her. And then joins her for a week in France, before he charters the jet back to New York.

She wants to beg him to stay for a few more weeks because his presence has become something she craves oh so dearly. But he's looking at her like a trapped wild animal and she knows that she needs to let him go, or he'll go running.

(She hopes, prays, when she drops him off at the airport, kissing him softly, that letting him go only means that he'll come back to her.)

She stays in Lyon nearly the entire summer, spending time with her Daddy and Roman. She shops, dines, and wanders the streets of Paris.

(She doesn't flirt with any boys. It's pathetic, but she doesn't know where she stands with Chuck. And even though he might be neck deep in whores, she refuses to be the cheater in their quasi-relationship.)

Serena calls her a few weeks before summer ends and begs her to come and spend the rest of her summer in the Hamptons.

She pretends like it's a hassle, but she's ecstatic at the opportunity to see Chuck again.

She wrestles with the idea of bringing a boy home, someone to show Chuck what he is missing out on. She even finds someone who she deems appropriate, but she can't do it in the end.

And it's worth it, because when she steps off the Jitney, he's standing there with a bouquet of yellow roses and a sheepish smile that melts her heart.


They spend their time in the Hamptons curled around each other in his bed.

He tells her about his dad, how the conversation with him had almost prompted him not to come to Tuscany. She wants to tell him that she doesn't want to change him or tame him, but she thinks on some level he knows that, because he showed up at the Helipad.

"I would have never forgiven you," she tells him, "if you abandoned me in Tuscany."

"You would have," he smirks. "I'm very persuasive."

He asks her about Lyon, and she tells him the truth, it was miserable without him. She asks him about the Hamptons, he tells her the truth, he boozed his way through the summer and didn't touch one woman.

"You ruined me, Waldorf," he breathes into the curve of her neck.

She scoffs because he ruined her summer first. He shouldn't be complaining.

(She confirms his story with Serena, because she trusts him, but it's still nice to verify things herself. She justifies this knowing that he probably had PIs trailing her all summer. And Serena confirms his inaction with a small giggle.

"He's really fallen for you," Serena whispers, "He wouldn't even look at another girl, B.")

They're not perfect. He still leers and drinks scotch like an alcoholic. She still lusts after fairytales and romance that he doesn't seem capable of providing.

But in the night when he kisses down the length of her, she thinks that this must be what love feels like.


They come out officially as a couple at the White Party.

They avoid talking about labels with each other, because they're guarded that way, unwilling to put their hearts on the line just yet (or at least he is). But she knows enough to say that he's hers and she's his.

And at the end of the day that's all that matters.


She starts her senior year with a purpose.

She has everything she needs, her Queen B status, Chuck Bass as her boyfriend, Serena as her best friend. Now she needs to focus on what her future.

Yale is still the plan, and she's going to get it.

(It's Chuck that encourages her to apply to other schools.

"Yale is the dream," she argues, irritated he would even try to convince her otherwise.

But she applies to Harvard, Columbia, and Brown with him nonetheless.)


His father dies, and she tells him she loves him, hoping it would be enough for him to stay.

He looks at her coldly, "I guess that's too bad."

And then he takes off taking her heart with him.

But he comes back this time.

He's sitting on her bed with a lost expression, the broken pieces of his heart laid out in front of him. She pulls him into her arms because she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know how to fix him. She curls around him, trying to hold him together long enough for him to figure out how to fix himself.


He inherits Bass Industries, and Jack tries to take it from him.

Jack doesn't win, because Chuck and Blair don't lose to anyone. But Chuck signs the company over to Lily anyway. He doesn't want Bass Industries, not yet, at least.

(If there was one thing Bart cared about, it was Bass Industries. And he may have not loved Chuck, but he trusted him enough to sign the company over to him.

And in a way, it was what Chuck always wanted from him father. Pride.)

"I'm going to do this right," he murmurs in front of his father's grave.


They go to Prom. She wins Prom Queen because he stuffs the ballot box. And he wins Prom King because he stuffs the ballot box, also because he refuses to lose to Nate Archibald again, even in title.

(Because if she's Queen of the UES then he's her King, always.)

They graduate. She gets into Yale, so does he.

(The Bart Bass Memorial rotunda becomes a thing, because it's hard enough to get the board to look past their past discretions.)

But more importantly, they do it together.


She breaks up with him many times over the course of their time in New Haven.

And every time he shows up on her doorsteps with Peonies because he never once thought that was the end of them. And every time she took the peonies, and him, because she never really meant it.

She's the one that screws up in the end. She manipulates him for her own gain. And he finds out.

He breaks up with her once, and it's the first time she thinks there is an end to them.


She goes out that night, because she can't spend another night curled up on the couch watching Audrey and eating her way through a pile Godiva and Macaroons and drowning her sorrows in Dom.

Her roommate is the partying type, and they head to a club. Blair wears a short dress that rides up if she even moves an inch. And the more she drinks, the less she cares.

She stops caring and just dances. Sweaty drunk bodies surround her, but she loses herself in the music. Eventually there's someone behind her, and he's moving to the beat of the song, rubbing himself up against her. And she just doesn't care. She grinds against him, trying to lose herself in the thumping beat of the bass.

She looks up and he's standing there, in front of her. His eyes are hardened flint as he takes in the sight of her up against some nameless guy. He grabs her arms and drags her out of the club, and she's not coherent enough to protest.

He takes care of her that night, holds her hair back when she's bent over the toilet, lets her curl up in his arms when the tears overtake her because he broke up with her, stops her when her hands fumble towards the buttons of his shirt, lets her pass out on his bed while he crashes on the couch, because apparently he's honorable now.

She wakes up in the morning with a pounding headache and anger.

"You broke up with me," she says furiously, hitting him over and over again until he knows how much he hurt her.

He frowns at her. "That doesn't mean I don't love you."

It's not the first time he's said those words, but it stops her.

"What?" She looks at him, tears swelling in her eyes.

"I love you, Blair." He runs a hand through her hair. "And what you did really hurt me."

"I said I'm sorry," she pleads.

"I know," he says soothingly. "I just needed some time."

"Needed?" She looks at him hesitantly. She can't bring herself to hope, but it bubbles up in her chest nonetheless.

"Last week's incident took longer than anticipated to move past," he admits. "But seeing you last night," he trails off. "I don't want to lose you, Blair."

She inhales sharply.

"So don't," she whispers, letting him pull her close.

They're not fixed, not by a long shot. But they're getting there.


She graduates and her mother hands her Waldorf designs.

He graduates and takes over Bass Industries.

She's always at the atelier learning how to run a fashion empire and he in the office taking his father's place, but doing even better.

At the end of the day, they come home to each other.

It's not perfect or glamorous, but it's all they need.


He proposes onto of the Empire.

It's fitting in a way. It's his first hotel, symbolic of their future together, and rooftops have always been their thing.

There are string lights everywhere, peonies, and Dom. It's perfect, everything she's always dreamed of.

(She thinks that he might have lifted the scene straight from her scrapbook, but with some tweaks.)

But all she can focus on is him and that perfect Harry Winston ring.

"Yes," she shouts, not caring who hears. "Yes, I will."


They get married in Paris.

She starts planning a huge church wedding. But her mother interferes intent on making her daughter's wedding the social event of the century. She can't find the wedding dress that feels right. The cater can't seem to get their order right. And the florist can't accommodate that many peonies.

She curls into him one night, exhausted by how many things are going wrong. "Let's elope," she suggests.

He looks at her incredulously.

"This big fairytale wedding isn't work out," she explains. "We already pushed out wedding date back twice. I want to be married to you. I don't care what I'm wearing or how many peonies I'm carrying or where you are. I want to be Mrs. Bass."

They don't actually elope, because he loves her too much to do that to her. He flies their family to Paris, she pulls some strings with Vera Wang, her Daddy buys her a bouquet of pink peonies, and they pull together a wedding.

Cyrus officiates, her Daddy walks her down the aisle, Serena is her maid of honor, Nate is his best man, and everything is perfect.

"Do you, Chuck, take Blair to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Three words, eight letters."

"Blair, do you take Chuck to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"One word, three letters. Yes."

She barely hears Cyrus pronounce them man and wife before Chuck dips her back and kisses her passionately.

She's married.

"I love you," he murmurs as they pull away. She caresses the length of his face and smiles.


They honeymoon in Europe, jumping from country to country with the Bass Jet.

They spend nearly their entire honeymoon indoors, buried under mountains of sheets, naked, intertwined, and happy.

"Mrs. Bass," he murmurs over and over again, as if he couldn't get enough of her new name.

"Say it again," she smiles softly. She loves the way it rolls off the tip of his tongue.

"Mrs. Bass," he purrs. "I love you."


Two months later she's throwing up, her ankles are swelling up, and her breast are tender.

It's not like the last time, not like when she was in High School. She's desperate to find out, so desperate that she ventures out to the store herself. She takes the test and waits for him at home with a giddiness that nothing can temper.

She can't think of a proper way to tell him. Lingerie got them in this place in the first place, dinner seems cliché, and she refuses to do something so pedestrian like buy their unborn child an I Love My Daddy onesie.

She ends up falling asleep waiting for him, curled up onto of their bed, her hands curled around her waist protectively.

He gets in late, and she wakes up when he gently picks her up to place her under the covers.

"You knocked me up, Bass," she murmurs half asleep. "Congratulations."

His ecstatic kisses wake her up fully.


She starts showing early, and they find out at her second appointment it's because she's pregnant with twins.

Chuck stares at the monitor in fascination as she rolls the word Twins around her head as if everything would suddenly fall into place.

A baby was one thing, but two babies?

She rolls her eyes at Chuck as they leave the Doctor's office, "You would knock me up twice, you Basstard."


She knows that beneath the excited exterior, the scars are still there.

He won't talk about it, but she knows that Bart Bass did a number on him. He grew up believing that he was responsible for his mother's death, and no matter how much she attempted to convince him otherwise, there would always be a part of him that would carry that weight.

She sees it in the way he watches her protectively as her belly swells with their children. The way he eyes the path in front of them, moving anything that she could possibly stumble over. The way that he constantly insists she remains stationary, insisting that whatever she needed he could do it, or at least hire more help to make sure she didn't have to do it. The way that his eyes widen fearfully when the Doctor brings up the risks of multiple births when she encourages them to set a date to induce labor around her 37th week.

"I can't lose you," he mumbles fiercely into her neck, later that night. She knows that he thinks she's asleep, he wouldn't have said it otherwise. His arms curl around her stomach protectively. "I can't become my father."

She doesn't say anything, lets him believe she's asleep, and when she wakes up the next morning, he's back to his overprotective self, thrilled about the babies.

And she lets him be overprotective without compliant, not because she enjoys the pampering (she does), but because she knows he needs to do it for his own peace of mind.


They argue over names because they can't seem to agree on anything.

"Harold Bass," Chuck asks her incredulously. "Really, Blair? Harry Bass." He stresses. "I know you adore Harold, but I refuse believe that would extend to subjecting one of our unborn children to a name that rhymes with—."

"What would you suggest?" She cuts him off, slamming the baby name book closed. "And don't suggest Bartholomew. I will not name one of our babies after a Simpson character."

"Or my father," Chuck snarls back.

"You won't let me name him after my father," Blair argues.

They come to a compromise eventually, when they find out she's carrying one boy and one girl. "You name the boy, and I'll name the girl." She suggests, flipping through the book casually, though she already knows the perfect name.

"I already know you're going to name the girl Audrey, Blair," Chuck rolls his eyes.

Blair keeps her face blank. "You never know, Bass. I might just go crazy on epidural and name our baby Bliss Bass, so I'd keep your mouth shut if you know what's best."


She's still a meticulous planner, so of course, she has a birthing plan.

She goes into labor, Chuck grabs her hospital bag and calls around the Limo, they go to Lennox Hill and she'll receive an epidural, Chuck would sit with her until her family arrived, and when it was time to go to the Delivery room, Serena and her mother would accompany.

It's supposed to be simple.

But because Chuck's an ass, he objects to her plan.

"You're not riding in my limo," he blurts out when she tells him the plan.

"What?" She asks in a dangerous voice.

He squirms for a moment. "What if your water breaks? You don't want to get fluids all over the seat."

"I don't?" She raises an eyebrow, her voice rising several pitches. "What I want, is a comfortable stress free ride to the hospital. Which you will provide with your infinite wealth and personal limo, Bass." She shrieks. "Or you will be riding a separate cab to the hospital after calling a town car for me."

He wisely doesn't argue with her birthing plan after that.


She goes into labor early, and Chuck's not there.

In the heat of the moment, she calls Chuck and screams at his voicemail for abandoning her during her labor.

In reality it was her fault. She had been so sure she'd make it to 37 weeks that she had practically forced him out the door on that weekend business trip.

Her only comfort was he was already on a plane ride home and was due to land in another hour.

On the other hand, the whole thing could be over in a matter of minutes.

"We'll continue to monitor your progress," her Doctor shoots another look at the fetal heart monitor she's hooked up to, "but if there's any sign of distress we will need to preform an emergency C-section."

"God, Chuck," she wails at the ceiling. There was a birthing plan, and even without being there he was screwing it up.

Serena holds her hand tightly and speaks about all the joys of parenting that are sure to follow the birth. Her family is on a flight from Paris. Dan is running back and forth, anything to avoid her wrath. And Nate is at helipad waiting for Chuck to land to make sure that he heads straight for the hospital.

"Serena," she grasps the collar of her best friend's dress. "Why did I marry Chuck Bass? Why did I let him impregnate me?"

"Because you love him?" Serena offers weakly.

Blair glares at Serena. "Not enough," she growls out her stepfather's favorite phrase.

They don't wheel her into a C-section, but she dilates to ten centimeters around the time that Chuck runs in disheveled in only a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbows and black dress pants. She forgets every bad thing she's ever said about him, she forgets that he's not supposed to actually be in the delivery room according to the birthing plan, because she didn't want him to see her like that, but Serena is useless and her mother isn't here.

And Chuck is everything she needs right now.

She tosses the birthing plan right out the window.


She names the girl Audrey Evelyn, and Chuck laughs because he knew it.

(But secretly, he's touched that she picked his mother's name for their daughter's middle name.

He'll never admit to it, but she knows.)

He names the boy Henry Nathaniel.

"Henry," she muses, rolling the name over her tongue, staring at the baby in her arms.

"You don't like it?" He looks at her a bit nervously. He's holding Audrey to his chest protectively. He had barely been able to let her go since she had been placed in his arms. Already an hour and she's got him wrapped around her finger.

"I love it," she says looking up at him, a bit startled with how much she actually loved it. "It's perfect."

He smiles widely.


She barely gets any sleep the first few months.

She steps down from Waldorf designs for a few months as a sort of Maternity leave. Her mother rises into her old position and happily takes over. Chuck lets Jack take some of the reins of the company. And the two of them spend a few happy, exhausting months doting after their two children.

It's her mother who brings up the idea of a trip. "You and Chuck have been running yourselves ragged looking after my adorable grandchildren," her mother coos at Audrey, "you need a break. Why you simply won't hire a nanny, I will never understand."

Blair holds Henry in her hands, looking over the designs for the fall line. "It's not that simple, Mother. We can't just leave the twins and run off to some corner of the world. And Chuck and I refuse to hire a nanny as long as we are still capable of raising our children. Henry and Audrey will not grow up the way we did."

"So stay in the country and leave the twins with me," her mother offers, ignoring Blair's jab. "Or go abroad and leave them with your father."

Blair looks scandalized at the suggestion.

"I'm not asking you to give them up to a third world orphanage, Blair," Eleanor rolls her eyes. "Your father and I are more than capable of taking care of the babies. It's just a break for you and Chuck."

"You think Chuck and I need a break?" She asks curiously.

"Every couple needs a break now and then, my dear," Eleanor laughs. "And if you don't mind me saying, Chuck's been looking a bit neglected, lately."

She rolls her eyes at her mother's insinuation. It wasn't like the sex had stopped. Even if he was a father, he was Chuck Bass. It just was a bit quicker than they were used to. No time for foreplay or passion.

And as she continues that trail of thought, she has a horrifying realization.

They had become boring.

"Oh god," she murmurs appalled. "Mother, I have to go." She grabs Audrey and marches out of the Atelier.

She books them a room at a Bed and Breakfast, close enough to Manhattan that they can be home within an hour, but far enough that she considers it a vacation. She makes Dorota swear up and down to watch the babies closely when they are with Eleanor. And for an extra measure, she makes Serena and Lily promise to check in while they are gone.

"We are going away," she announces when Chuck is barely through the door.

"What?" He looks at her with furrowed brows.

"A vacation, without the babies, just us," she says, walking towards him, placing her arms around his neck.

"A vacation?" He repeats slowly.

"You're awfully slow today," she comments. "You and I are going away for a few days. We are going to bury under a pile of sheets where you will ravish me so thoroughly I don't remember anything except you. The children will stay with my mother and Cyrus, and Dorota, of course."

"Really?" He smirks, catching on. "A vacation, just for the two of us."

"Yes," she breathes out, leaning towards him.

"We should get started on that," he lifts her and spins her towards the bed.


The most important thing is, they live.

Even more importantly, they live together.

She doesn't feeling anything for Nate but a fond appreciation for his husband's best friend. Vanessa isn't anything more than a passing phase in their lives after her final breakup with Nate.

She meets Louis, at a state dinner in Monaco that she attends with her husband. She enjoys a friendly conversation with the future king, but she goes home with Chuck to their two children, with another along the way.

She never falls for Dan, not even for a moment. He continues his tortuous on and off relationship with Serena that causes her best friend to crash on their couch more than once. Chuck does business with Raina Thrope, but that's it. And his Serena is his sister, nothing more, nothing less.

They will never be perfect, but they are together, so everything is right.


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