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This chapter will take place 2 weeks after the last, before a performance. Sorry if this chap is shorter, since I will not be including an actual song in this one.

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"You look great Maka." Marie said, adoring the new outfit she had put together. It was a simple black dress with lace cut-outs, and an exposed zipper trailing from the base of her neck to the small of her back.

"I really like this look, Marie. Thank you." she praised, watching in awe as Marie finished her makeup.

"Anything for you, girly."

Just as Maka was about to respond, she heard Ox Ford yelling outside the room. Kilik and Hiro were commenting, but were not nearly as worked up as their drummer. He sounded strained, as if he were in pain. The two girls saw Stein go into the room, half-annoyed with the commotion and half-concerned about the unknown cause.

After Marie finished her work, Maka rushed to the common room they shared, seeing Ox Ford looking distressed. "What's going on?"

Kilik sighed, adjusting his jacket. "Ox got a text from Kim."

"I thought they broke up?" She questioned, sitting beside Hiro.

"They did." The blonde man spoke up, clearly agitated.

"What did the text say?" She pestered. Obviously they were not willing to give up information that easy.

"That…that Kim has started a new band. We don't know everyone who's in it, but we know her best friend Jackie is in it with her." Ox answered, his expression a mix of hurt, anger, and confusion.

Maka nodded, looking around at the faces of her bandmates. "Well, are they good?"

Ox pulled up a video on his phone, showing it to everyone. It was crudely shot, most likely by a fan, and showed five people. Two had pink hair and were about the same size - one was singing, most likely Kim, while the other held a bass in his (her?) hands. The man that sat behind a drum set was incredibly intimidating, with large arms, small black eyes, and messy black hair. Beside Kim was a normal looking girl with long brown hair, mean-looking brown eyes, and a guitar in her hands. Lastly, there was another guitarist. She had very long purple hair, amber eyes, and was dressed skimpily to emphasize her assets.

Maka had to admit, their music wasn't bad.

"As you can see," Stein began, arms crossed with a cigarette dangling from his lips, "they are very similar in style to us. I believe they are attached to our rival agency as well."

DWMA was the agency who signed Icon of Originality after they were discovered playing on the roof of a touring-bus, attracting loads of attention. Maka had seen them on TV, since they made the news that day, and fell in love with their music. At the time, she had been dating Justin, and they both adored the new band.

The agency, apparently, had also seem them on the news and offered them a record deal the next day. For a few weeks all that any media platform could talk about was Icon of Originality's debut, but soon enough their attention mellowed. It was during a low period in which Kim and Ox had broken up, leaving the band singer-less.

"What's their name?" Kilik asked, seemingly un-interested in the video.

"I believe it's Sugar Skulls." Ox answered, which made Hiro giggle.

"Such a stupid name!" Hiro managed to get out between laughing fits, clutching his stomach.

Kilik smirked, trying to hold back laughter as well. "It's pretty ridiculous."

"Well," Maka started, standing up, "our show's about to start. Let's go out there and show everyone why they love Icon of Originality." She grinned, sauntering towards the stage.

"Let's do it!" A chorus of cheers interrupted behind her, and they all ran on to stage.

"Are you ready to rock?!" Maka yelled into the microphone, hearing an eruption of screams come from the sea of people before her.


"This is them, huh?" Jackie said, sitting in her living room. Kim had sent someone to their rival's concert, who had filmed their show. Now, three members of the new band Sugar Skulls sat around together, watching their competition.

"Ugh." Kim complained, arms crossed over her chest. "I can't stand that bitch's voice." she spat, glaring at the petite blonde on stage. "She acts like she has so much going on for her, please!"

"I don't know," Blair spoke up, smiling, "she's kind of adorable! I'd love to dress her up, like a doll!" she purred, hearts in her eyes.

"Adorable?" Kim repeated, a scowl on her face. "She wishes!"

"Kim, calm down. You shouldn't get worked up over nothing." Jackie rested her hand on Kim's, hoping to calm her. "You know you have high blood-pressure. If you get too stressed-"

"Shut up, Jackie!" Kim yelled, slapping her hand away. She adjusted her outfit, trying to act more put-together. "I'm fine."

"They seem popular." Blair commented, humming to their music.

"Blair!" Kim scolded.

"Whaaat?" The girl drawled, pouting.

"Don't hum to their music!"

"But I like them!" She whined, looking upset.

"Don't say they're better than us, Blair. What kind of bandmate are you?" Kim insulted, glaring daggers at the older woman.

"I never said I thought they were better." The purplehead smirked, her golden eyes gleaming. In a matter of seconds she went from cutesy and immature to intimidating and serious. "We're ten times better than those kids. Don't worry." She sipped at the drink in her hand, as calm as could be with a murderous girl in front of her. "We're just getting started, Kiddo. Soon, everyone will be talking about Sugar Skulls instead of Icon of Originality. They have no idea what they're getting in to."

Each of the three girls in the room smirked as the video ended. All of them were thinking the same thing: "Bring it on."

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