The ground trembled; as the building in the middle of the testing facility swayed under some great unseen force. It was hard to believe a building constructed of concrete and steel; and not out of crate paper and paste. When suddenly walls exploded sending people, and things fly away from them. This mayhem continued for another ten minutes before another explosion happened at ground level. A few moments later something stepped from outside of the hole clutching a man in a black suit by his throat. The man was firing flames at the creature to no avail as if it were nothing more than a fly buzzing around the ears of an elephant.

The creature let out a roar that vibrated off the surrounding as a slender man step from the shadows. He held something that looked to be a control in his right hand. The man walked up to the beast and the caught prey in its grip. As the mysterious individual got closer to get a better look, he could also hear the man in the suit pleading for some small sliver of mercy from this monster who's hand could easily twist his head off like a twist top on a soda pop at a single word. To which only made the slender man snicker to himself.

"That is truly no way for a top-ranking GSA agent to act in the face of a new mutant is it Agent Thomas?"

The man stops begging long enough for his eyes to peer at the man with the controller.

"Eckhart… How?"

The slender man gave agent Thomas a snake like a smile before saying; "Is the how that important …. let just say that with the timely death of your master Gabriel; It ensured my early release and was easily done by some of the less true believers of his cult. And with that release, I've decided that after the betrayal I received that landed me in the tub it was time for the next phase of genomex, and GSA is at hand!"

Eckhart straightens his suit slightly before continuing.

"See Gabriel wasn't the only special child of genomex; I mean he was patient zero, but he was far from the uniqueness of the children. Take Titan here did you know he from a project Gemini; An, if you know what the term means you can surmise Titan here, has a brother or a sister but for this discussion, I'll tell you he does, in fact, have a brother. A twin brother who in fact looks nothing like him nor does he have same physical power but that nothing here or there. See because of his mutation titan cannot have just a regular governor placed on him. His cells are too dense and become more so when in battle! But if it weren't for you and Gabriel people little insertion that nearly took the organization and me down which would have cost me everything. The development of this governor wouldn't have been pushed up along with his drug therapy. See Titan here would still be in a deep slumber at one of my many black sites, never needing to be subjected to my experiment to control his mind, so he becomes my most trusted agent." He said with a wicked sense of pride and eager to continue his monologue...

" See Titan looks likes like a demon from one of the seventh ring in hell but in truth, he is a very docile and peaceful person when not under my yoke and until now I'd never of had clearance to use my new governor on him that remove free will and unleash his full potential. We got the idea from watching him interact with his brother when they were children!"

Mason looked at the carnage before them all inside of the wreckage that Titan made; there were plenty of dead new mutants that had worked for Gabriel laid in heaps there bodies broken, torn and twisted. Their deaths sadden him, but it had to be done to return the GSA to its rightful place under him. He was also giving Thomas the time to choke out a question or thought maybe both if he felt gracious, but there was no doubt when he became bored he would have titan crush the man throat. Mason could see the man was going to attempt to incinerate him but before he could build up the energy!

Mason tapped the control; Titan's grasp tightens around Thomas's throat causing the man to cry out and lose focuses. He then heard Eckhart laugh and say. "Naughty Naughty; trying to burn me I thought you knew better do it again and I'll have my friend snap you like a twig!"

Thomas looked at Mason with a fury which made him laugh even more; this made him look more demonic in the cast light that bounces off of him. And before Thomas could say anything Mason said.

"Before you ask the governor on my friend was specially built for him and his mutation. If it was used on anyone else, say like you... they die a horrible death!"

Mason was then interrupted when the man in his guards' grasp spat out. "monster!"

Mason brush off the spittle then gave Thomas an annoyed look before pushing button causing Titan to rip off the young man head with his free hand causing a spurt of blood to rush out and Mason to dive behind his beast. Then as Titan drop the headless corpse Mason back away to avoid getting blood on him before signal his brute to follow. Mason then lead as he left the wreckage of the building but as he did the creature form slowly revert to a human form. He was naked as his other form, always shred his clothing but even so. That wasn't the weirdest as to anyone look could see the young man eyes were blank and lifeless like those of a doll at least they could until one of Mason other agent appear and hand the young man a suit and a set of ray band and he started to dress.

"Good job my boy; A few more stops and then we can go home and rest!"