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The character being referred to is the default skin, or "Steve".

Time Knows No Bounds

By GamerGirl54321

"How" was difficult. "Why" was impossible.

The man gazed into the sunset, not really seeing. He had come out almost every day of his life to watch the mass of fire sink into the ocean, signifying its sister Night's arrival. Signaling the others to come and play.

They hadn't gotten him. Yet.

It was shocking how long he had stayed alive. He had woken up one day with no memory of how he got there, just a primal need for survival and his own two fists. Building a home out of nothing. Crafting a weapon for his protection.

But that, too, had its downfalls. What was the point of accomplishing something if you couldn't share it with anyone?

But still he built. Turned his home into a city. Turned the city into a kingdom. But no one saw.

Oh, there were some who shared this with him. But they were passive. Simple farmers with no purpose in life. They barely registered when he filed them to their new home for their own sakes.

After a time, he learned of new worlds. Somewhere else he could explore. The idea filled him with the glee of a child.

So he made better armor, better weapons. And he dove into worlds unseen.

The first was, simply put, Hell. Burning fires and lava everywhere. Crying ghosts capable of detonating anything, everything. Cube-like creatures with cores of magma. Metal demons that could set you on fire from miles away.

But he pressed onward. Gathered the materials he needed and left.

Now he concocted brews that strengthened or weakened the user. Power. Speed. Fire immunity.

He sought out the black creatures for his next trip. He slew them and stole their pearls. Mixing them with what the metal demons had given him and sending them to the sky. They led him to the beginning of his end.

Giddy with anticipation, he leaped. And before him was the world where darkness met light. Where evil made the acquaintance of good. It was Twilight.

A beast resided there, taking to the skies as their ruler. He would see about that.

He jumped as it swooped toward him, grabbing its neck only to be sent flying. Drawing back his bow, he fired an arrow at it. It hit, and the dragon threw its head back and roared in pain. As if in response, one of the crystals lit up and sent a collection of runes at it. They seemed to heal it, and it looked back at him with no mercy in its eyes.

He realized that he would have to destroy the crystals first, and he set about it, shooting them from afar and watching with satisfaction as they exploded with a loud Boom! The beast tried to stop him, but he was unstoppable.

He looked back at it, a dangerous glint in his eye. Drawing back his bow one last time, he shot an arrow at it.

Time seemed to slow down as the arrow spun relentlessly through the air...

And impaled itself in the beast's eye.

It screeched in agony, unable to throw the arrow off. It flew erratically for a few moments before going limp. It rose higher, and higher still, until it burst into millions of orbs that fell to the ground.

Ignoring them, he made for the pit that had appeared underneath the spot where it had died, and climbed up it to the egg that sat there, the ultimate trophy. Claiming it, he leaped once more.

But that had been years ago. Now he sat on the cliff edge, staring at the sunset, contemplating all he had learned. Still the same after all these years.

The sun fell and the moon rose, time and time again. But this would be the last time he saw it. He didn't leave when Night arrived. He stayed there until a pair of hands came and freed him from this mortal earth.