And now this side story is set shortly after the last group stage matches of the Cup;

After the England/United States match, which ended in the U.S's victory and England's elimination, the British fans threw a massive riot quite remisicient of the ones that occur at Muggle soccer fans in the same country; thus, the United States team was left with no time to celebrate, as Professor Frink - the supergenius most trusted by the American head coach Charles Montgomery Burns - activated a remote teleporter and evacuated them out of Wembley Stadium before the raging fans could harm them.

And so, Frink and Mr. Burns, along with Danny Phantom, Phineas Flynn, Gwen Tennyson, Raven, Buttercup, Stan Smith and Rainbow Dash, are now all safely back in their apartment complex on the other side of London, all panting like sick dogs, tired and exhausted without even getting the chance to shower up after the match.

"Now I know why I'm no fan of soccer!" quips Stan. "Their fans are much too crazy for my taste!"

"Yes, well," Mr. Burns chips in nonchalantly, "is everyone alright?" to which everyone nods exhaustively.

"Good," replies Mr. Burns, "because we're going to need every one of you in tip-top condition if we're gonna face Finland in the quarterfinals. Now from what I understand, those guys are supposed to be an easy win for us, but if not all of you are in perfect shape..."

"Seriously, don't you ever think of putting our well-being above our matches?" Gwen asks sharply. "Or better yet, your money-making schemes?"

"I'll have you know, little girl, that-" But before Mr. Burns can get his tirade going, the sound of huge, flapping wings suddenly fills the air. It is Fire-In-His-Loins, the giant amphithere who serves as mascot for the American national team. Towards the end of the match, as Robotboy - the British Seeker - opened fired on him with his built-in machine guns, he flew away to save himself. Only now has he arrived back at the team's apartment; as scared bystanders scatter, he lands on a vacant stretch of parking lot right next to where the team is standing, panting even more heavily than they were when they teleported there, and even more exhausted to boot.

"Y'okay, boy?" asks Danny. As his form of an answer, the dragon reaches up and gives Danny big licks on both of his cheeks. "Looks like he's alright," Danny giggles.

Phineas, meanwhile, is suddenly brought back to reality - in a manner of speaking - by the arrival of their dragon. The fighting that occured between him and England's massive bombardier beetles was sparked when Ferb Fletcher - Chaser for the British national team and Phineas's own stepbrother - ordered the beetle flanking to him to attack, leaving Phineas scalded by the superheated chemicals sprayed from the insect's posterior. Even now, his skin still stings somewhat, and Phineas realizes how much he is still enraged over what Ferb did, though he tries not to let it show in these next words;

"Hey, Professor?" he asks. "Can i use one of your teleporters? I need to go, uh, make peace with Ferb."

"Uh, sure," the professor replies nervously as he hands a spare remote teleporter in his pocket to Phineas. "Just watch your back."

"If you ask me," Phineas intones, "Ferb is the one who should watch his back." And he teleports away.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Rainbow Dash says uneasily.

"I don't sense anything," scoffs Buttercup.

Meanwhile, in a different apartment complex in another part of London, the British national team of Robotboy, Tommy Turnbull, Lola Mbola, Richard and Nicole Watterson, Nigel Uno and Ferb Fletcher are licking the wounds inflicted on their pride by their chaotic loss to the United States and the chaos afterwards, when Phineas suddenly teleports in, scaring them all nearly senseless - but not as much so as Ferb, of course.

"I've got a bone to pick with you, Ferb!" roars Phineas.

"About the match? Please, I was just playing the game like how everyone plays it," Ferb nonchalantly replies.

"That doesn't mean you go and back-stab your own family, you jerk!"

"Backstab?! I was only-"

"Oh, shove it!" Phineas growls as he gives Ferb a rough shove, only to earn a swift sucker punch from him.

After that, everything turns into a blur, basically. Fueled by mutual rage, the brothers exchange punches and grapple with each other, eventually tackling each other to the ground and viciously wrestling with each other, gradually ripping their shirts in the process and leaving Ferb's teammates in an utter dilemma...

"What?" Mr. Burns shrugs apathetically as he answers his phone.

"Mr. Burns," replies the voice of British head coach Professor Moshimo. "We've got a problem. Phineas and Ferb are, uh, duking it out, and it's gotten out of hand real fast. Phineas really is pissed at Ferb for setting the beetle on him."

"I thought I TOLD him and the others that they need to be in top shape for our match against Finland!" Mr. Burns groans. "This stunt could cost us a player, cost us the World Cup, and cost me a fortune! We'll be there as soon as we can."

"You better!" replies Moshimo. "It's only getting worse..."

"Well guys," Mr. Burns announces to his team, "it appears that Rainbow Dash's hunch was right - Phineas is attacking his brother right now as we speak, and we can't afford any injuries that'll take us out of contention and cost me money. He's our teammate, so we gotta step in. Professor, take us to the scene at once!"

"You got it!" And before anyone can object, Professor Frink activates his remote teleporter and instantly transports the whole team to the apartment complex rented by the British national team - to the scene where the two brothers are fighting against each other...

The scene can only be described as chaotic, what with Phineas and Ferb grabbing each other in headlocks, full nelsons and the like while attempting to punch and kick each other in certain pressurepoints that are better left unspecified. As a testament to how pissed they are at each other, their fighting has been sufficiently rough enough to completely rip their shirts off of their bodies, exposing their toned and bruised torsos, which only continue to accumulate bruises and scratches...

While the rest of their respective teammates are paralyzed with shock, Stan Smith and Robotboy coolly nod to each other, implying that they have a plan. And do they ever - before anyone knows it, the fighting has ceased, with Robotboy and Stan both holding Phineas and Ferb at gunpoint.

"Freeze, dirtbag!" Stan snarls at Ferb. "Or it'll be the head this time!"

"You too, ginger!" Robotboy growls at Phineas.

For a second, Phineas and Ferb are both frozen solid, in a manner of speaking. While it is customary at Quidditch matches for characters with guns to not go for kill shots, this is not a Quidditch match, and Stan and Robotboy both appear ready, willing and able to execute the both of them right here and now.

"That's your brother!" Stan rages to Ferb. "Sure, this game encourages violence, but that was anything but friendly competition! And it was so cowardly, too; setting a giant bug on him, indeed. Last I checked, you two were inseparable!"

"And you're to blame, too!" Robotboy exclaims to Phineas. "Your teammates may not know it, but we saw - YOU were the one who instigated the brawl! And after how he got shot and how you got sprayed, this is the last thing you guys should be doing. Especially you, Phineas, when you're on your way to the World Cup finals - maybe!"

"Now, then," Stan says more calm-like as he and Robotboy lower their guns, "just kiss and make up and we won't do anything more here."

For what seems like quite a long time, Phineas and Ferb only look at each other with only the most urgent expressions on their faces. For Ferb, it only now truly dawns on him the implications of his actions; before the match, they'd both agreed that they would play fair (even though nobody else did), have fun, and not let any national rivalries tear them apart. And yet he did just that when he ordered the bombardier beetle to attack. As for Phineas, he only now realizes the irrationality of his response, which only worsens the part about them being torn apart...

...after what feels like forever, the two brothers suddenly and without warning, rush into each other's arms and embrace, both sobbing bitterly and shedding torrents of tears from their eyes. Neither of them are able to catch their breaths and say "sorry," but from these displays of emotion, no words need be said, really.

"Well, look at that," Stan beams. "Guess I've done some real good today!"

"You did excellent!" commends Mr. Burns.

"Whatever," Raven scoffs as she looks away, unwilling to watch the brothers' making up or expose herself to the emotion therein...

After seemingly another long time, Phineas and Ferb finally separate from each other. Professor Frink hands them both tissues to wipe up and blow their noses with. Wasting no further time, he breaks out his remote teleporter and declares, "Well, guys, our work here is done. We best be getting back to HQ now."

As Frink gets his teleporter ready, Ferb turns to Phineas and says, "Hey. Good luck against Finland."

"Thanks," replies Phineas. "And good luck to you and your teammates with addressing your crazy fans!" And the brothers share a laugh, then one more hug, and then Phineas waves Ferb goodbye as he and the rest of the U.S. team teleports back to their quarters, so that Phineas can rest up from his ordeal and that his teammates can get some much-desired R&R before their upcoming quarterfinal match against Finland...