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Chapter 1

Nothing could faze her ladyship, the sixteen year old Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert the Fearless, of the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea. Nothing at all. Over the eight years since her unlikely salvation, transformation and ascension as a princess of Corona, her courage had become so legendary that no one even tried any more to attempt to get a reaction out of her. No matter the challenge, she stared it down with a courage second to none. Even with all that was going on around her, specifically the honors that were to be bestowed upon her by the Corona brother kingdom of the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords, she was calm and still.

She was biding her time and not quite so intently concentrating on a smooth and flat rock as it levitated in front of her about nine and a half feet in the air. She was playfully skipping it around the room as if she was physically skipping it on a calm body of water such as a lake or pond. Each time the rock appeared ready to hit the wall or sail through one of the many open windows, it suddenly veered towards the center of the room where the cycle began again. Needless to say, she took great pride in her control of the Wirkungen.

Despite her complete focus on the flat rock about 15 feet away from her and zooming around the room in an absolute blur, she knew she had four visitors that were watching her from the slightly open door to her guest room in the palace of the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords. Lightly giggling to herself as she knew what they did not, she suddenly flung the rock with her mind in such a way that it ricocheted off three walls before bouncing the door shut and softly landing in her outstretched left hand as she stood up and smoothed and adjusted her uniform. A surprisingly soft knock, as if the owner of the hand making the knock knew that it was unnecessary, was the only reply.

"Come on in mom, dad, Stephanie and Chelsea."

"Thank you, Becky." Her dad Eugene unsurprisingly stated as he slowly and gingerly opened the door and led her mom and her two constantly giggling sisters, the five year old Stephanie and the three year old Chelsea, into the room; each holding a hand of their mother.

"So, how do I look?" The usually blasé Rebecca asked as she spun around so her parents and siblings could take in her new uniform.

Her uniform, unlike those of other armies of Sonnen III consisted of various blobs of greens, tans, beiges, and greys arranged in such a way that she would easily blend in with any background, whether woods, desert, or urban. The design was developed by Rebecca herself in the aftermath of a vision.

"You look absolutely wonderful, Becky." Eugene stated as he took in the sight of the 5 foot 8 inch tall, blonde hair and blue eyed young woman he had raised since she was but 8 years old; a small tear trailing from the corner of his eye and very visibly moving down his cheek.

"Dad, are you alright?" Becky concernedly asked as she looked closer and noticed what she had never noticed before; a display of emotion on the part of Eugene.

"Yes, Becky, I am quite alright. It is just that I am so overwhelmed by all that you have achieved in the last two years. First you bring back your grandmother's twin sister and her husband, restoring two incomplete families. Then you bring lasting peace to all of Sonnen III; single handedly. I am simply awed by you. Between your actions in Weaseltown…"

"Now, now, dad. It is Weselton, specifically, the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea Protectorate of Weselton; source of the finest rare metals in all Sonnen III; and the crown jewel, pardon the pun, of the new Royal Coronian Transplanetary Constitutional Monarchy upon which the sun never sets and who yours truly rules the largest portion."

"Of course. It is quite rude of me to call one of your domains Weaseltown, isn't it?"

"Yes, dad. Yes it is. The people there absolutely adore me," Rebecca stated as she rolled her eyes and smirked. "And, I suppose that you are also going to recall my role in the reduction to stewardship of the former Kingdom of the Southern Isles?"

"Yes, Becky. Yes I was. I was also going to remark at how eloquently you dispatched not just the evil Hans, but indeed the other 12 brothers, all the uncles and nephews not to mention the king and queen themselves to the wonderful world of oblivion."

"PLEASE! I did not do anything special or new under the sun, so please do not hold me in too much awe. I simply took one from Annabella's playbook; you know, the one she used to dispatch the evil Mordecai and that dates from when she met her soul mate, Lord Andrew of Avandell…" Rebecca began.

Thirty-two Year Previous…

Lady Annabella, still savoring Andrew's touch as he continued to hold her hand, was simply amazed at how quickly and closely they were able to approach the very house containing the evil Mordecai and Andrew's sister, Katelyn. They easily moved from one shadow to another as they grew ever closer to their target.

They soon found themselves right outside one of three well-guarded gates that allowed entry into the compound. They used all available vegetation to mask their location as they formulated a plan of attack. As they silently observed the routine of the sentinels and deduced their unremarkable and easily defeatable guard routines, Lady Annabella, her connection to the flow of the universe still growing and solidifying was both amazed and alarmed as she felt Andrew probing her very thoughts.

"Andrew, what are you…?" She huskily whispered, both disturbed by and elated at the feeling.

"Shhh…;" Andrew softly replied as he tenderly stroked with his thumb the hand he still held. "Please trust me, for I too originate in Avandell. I am sure you know this to be true as you can feel that I have nothing to hide from you. This is our joined destiny. We must join our minds to prevail. This is what has prevented me from freeing my sister for so long. It was foretold to me that one would come to assist me. I am sure you heard me speaking of my disbelief that she who would help me free my sister had finally arrived."

"Joined destiny? Do you know more of our joined destiny? Is it me?" Annabella involuntarily asked, her mind unavoidably wandering from the task at hand as she looked at their joined hands, finally heard the inner voice of the Wirkungen, and took in Andrew's handsomeness.

"Yes, our destinies are joined, in a way. It was foretold to me that you would come at the proper time; you mentioned to me by name. But now is not the time, my darling. I will explain all when we complete our task here. I ask for your indulgence and patience for just a little while longer." Andrew replied as he reached up with his free hand to tenderly caress her cheek, a happy smile gracing his features.

"I understand, my dear Andrew. I can see there is nothing to be lost by waiting just a little while longer and keeping focused on our mission here." Annabella remarked; she smiling and leaning into and savoring the gentle touch of he who she somehow knew was her soul mate.

"Thank you, Annabella."

She was rendered speechless by the feeling and simply nodded in reply.

Lady Annabella, the ever independent and fearless teenager that she was and normally unwilling to let her guard down for even a single moment as she felt it signified weakness, found herself drowning in the feeling of becoming so in tune with another so gifted. She had never felt this way about anyone before and was at first reluctant to embrace it, though this did not last for long. She opened herself up to Andrew and reached out to him as well. As they crouched in the shadows they both slowly allowed the other into their thoughts. At first, their two auras, his royal blue and hers hunter green, fought each other for supremacy as they were both fiercely independent and wary of others. The two teenagers, finally succeeding to calm their minds and savor the growing feelings of affection, soon found that the two auras began to merge into one.

Andrew and Annabella, still crouching right outside the main entrance gate of Mordecai's estate, used their growing connection to actually see inside the entire house. They were both amazed at how clearly they could see every detail of the interior. They could sense both the anger and dismay the other felt at the sight of Andrew's sobbing sister; a huge pile of unremarkable rocks before her. Annabella, unwilling to take it for another second started to stand up when she felt Andrew gently pulling at her hand. She looked down at him for a moment in shock before calming herself…

"Shhh, Annabella my darling. I feel your anger. But, most importantly, I also can feel your impatience. These are the wrong emotions to feel and only strengthen what we must face. Please believe me when I say that I too feel exactly the same as you; but that there is a better, a more subtle, way…"

"There is…?"

"Yes, my darling. Please feel my emotions."

Lady Annabella was absolutely shocked by what she was about to feel. Nothing in all of her learnings and conversations with Mistress Cassiopeia, her mother, even began to prepare her for the shock of what she was feel or to witness. She could easily see that Andrew was both concentrating very intently at front of the house yet was quite relaxed at the same time.

"Do you feel my emotions?" Andrew softly asked as he continued to focus all his energy on one particular area at an unremarkable tree towards the front of the house.

"Yes, I do. You are so calm, even in the face of the brutality your sister endures. But I do not understand."

"Mordecai's house is enchanted and feelings of anger and aggression fortify its defenses. What is needed is a large amount of positive energy; energy that will overwhelm it. That is why I have been unable to prevail previously. I did not possess enough positive energy. Now, with your help, I can channel this energy in such a way as to defeat this enchantment and render Mordecai vulnerable to normal weaponry. But first, let me get rid of our three uninvited guests."

"Our three uninvited guests…; what…?" Annabella began to ask before her thought was interrupted by Andrew.

"Watch the three guards." Andrew replied with a grin, as he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly there were three very bright glows and the three guards had vanished into thin air, their weapons clattering onto the ground where they once stood. Lady Annabella was thunderstruck for she had no inkling that such power could exist.

"Andrew!" Lady Annabella blurted out in a coarse whisper. "Where did they go?"

"I sent them many miles from here. By the time they realize what happened, where they are and manage to return, the battle will be over and my sister will be free. Now, let's move closer to the house."

"But… How did you gain such power?"

"I will explain all, I promise. Suffice it to say that you too have the same power I have. You just need to learn to channel it so to let it flow through you, as I have."

"Ok…, I guess." Lady Annabella responded, no other words coming to mind as she reeled from yet another shock. "Let what flow through me, Andrew?"

"The Wirkungen."

"The what?" Annabella replied, her confusion written across her face and prevalent in her thoughts.

"The Wirkungen is the life force that connects all living things to all other living things. In other words, through us flows the power of the entire universe. There is nothing beings such as us cannot do when we set our minds and our hearts to it. Some of us, such as those who call Avandell home, are actually able to channel it in such a way that we can do what many of the locals would consider magic or witchcraft. We must therefore be very careful on how and when we use it. Let's join our minds again, and I will demonstrate our power for good. Just follow my lead, my darling Annabella, and we shall prevail."

"Ok. I trust you, implicitly, my dearest Andrew." Annabella replied, knowing how true the words of Andrew were.

Andrew could only respond with a bright smile to her encouraging words.

Andrew reached out, yet again, towards Annabella; stating, "Now focus your thoughts on that tree that seems so out of place. It is, in fact, the source of the evil enchantment."


"Remember, only happy thoughts." Andrew reminded her.

"I've got it, Andy." Annabella replied, though not sure where the nickname suddenly came from, but quite able to think of how happy she could be living out the rest of her life with a remarkable young man named Andrew.

"I know you do, Annie." Andrew laughingly replied as he not only quickly felt he was winning her heart over but also feeling her 'tough guy' façade slowly crumbling in the face of his charm.

The two teenagers, their two minds once again as one, focused their happy thoughts, thoughts that centered on the adoration that they felt for the other, against the tree of evil. First Andrew and then Annabella raised their open right hands towards the tree. Andrew, standing to the right of Annabella, placed his left hand around her waist to help steady them as she leaned into him for support. As they faced towards the tree, standing almost cheek to cheek, they pushed out with all their might and energy. The combined happy aquamarine aura slowly moved towards the black aura emanating from the tree and surrounding the lands around the house. Small tendrils of aquamarine energy soon began to lead the front edge of the expanding bubble of their aura. The aura of evil, emanating from the tree, soon felt the encroachment of the happy thoughts and struck back at them, fiercely.

"Ow...!" Annabella remarked at the sting of negative energy as it hit her gloved hand, though easily maintaining her focus.

"Yes, it can be painful. You did very well in maintaining your intense focus. But now watch what we can do…"

"What can we…?" Annabella reluctantly asked feeling defeated before she even began, before suddenly stopping as she easily sensed where Andrew had focused his happy thoughts and allowing him fully into her sub-conscious.

"Annie. We need to…, hit…, it…, right…, THERE!" Andrew stated as he suddenly took over control of both their happy emotions, emotions of love and wonder, and let loose with a massive spike of positive energy. The aquamarine tendril of positive energy, this time surging out with an unbelievable amount of massive positive potential, struck dead center on the weak point of the black aura of evil and quite easily and suddenly slammed through both the aura as if a hot knife through warm butter and then into the tree itself and for one split second it seemed as if nothing had happened. The black aura having never been exposed to such a huge amount of happiness, briefly expanded for a moment around the impact point, before suddenly retreating back into the tree causing the tree to begin an ominous glow, leaving the house completely unprotected, before...

"GET DOWN, ANNIE!" The quite alarmed Andrew now yelled as he turned away from the house and tree, pulled her down to him and covered her with his body.

Annabella, too shocked by his warning to heed it, could only let herself be pulled willingly into his strong arms as he turned his back towards the house and covered her with his body.

The ferocity of the shock wave as the tree exploded into many millions of tiny splinters knocked Andrew back several feet, across the street actually. As he soared across the street, he pulled Annabella into him and used his powers to lessen their coming impact with a row of hedges and the brick wall behind them...

As the pair flew across the street Andrew, still tightly holding on to the shocked and listless Annabella, reached out with the Wirkungen and not only slowed their fall towards what should have been a massively painful impact with the ground but also reoriented them so that they softly landed on their feet, their swords out at the ready.

"Let's go, Annie!" Andrew shouted as he took her hand in his and sprinted back across the street towards the evil lair of Mordecai.

"With pleasure, Andy!" Annabella replied, sporting a huge grin on her flawless features.

Mordecai, shocked by the destruction of his enchanted tree of evil and the irreparable damage to his once impenetrable house, could only stare with complete and total apprehension of the sight of the splintered stump of the tree that had once seemed so totally and completely invincible as he looked through the massive opening in the front wall of his house. Before him, not even five feet away, standing taller than ever and even more imposing in his all black uniform stood Lord Andrew of Avandell, his sword held at the ready. Beside him, and drawing even more apprehension from Mordecai, stood the daughter of Mistress Cassiopeia, Lady Annabella; she too holding her Sommerswerd at the ready.

"Um. Hello? How are you?" The now terrified Mordecai mumbled; his power all but destroyed.

"How are we?" Lord Andrew spat back.

"Now, now Andrew. We can be more civil than that, can we not? I do believe WE are doing quite well, Mordecai. Thank you very much." Lady Annabella replied as she took a lesson from Andrew's play book and, instead of using her sword in anger, used her head instead, going so far to sheath her sword as unnecessary and tenderly patting Andrew's hand. "I do not think the same can be said for you, though."

Andrew couldn't be happier at Annabella's change of tact as she faced down he who had caused so much pain to so many people. He said as much to her through their now cemented link with the other.

"Wh… What are you going to do with me?" The absolutely fearful Mordecai mumbled; his attention firmly on the two teenagers.

"Andy? ANDY!" The quite surprised Katelyn yelled out as she first peered towards and then walked through the tattered remains of the front of her former prison and saw her brother turned savior and ran out towards him.

"KATIE!" The similarly surprised Andrew yelled in reply; as he knelt down to hug his sister.

Mordecai, seeing Andrew distracted by his reunion with his sister, attempted to flee…

"Oh…, no…, you…, DON'T!" Annabella stated as she reached out with her free right hand. The power of the universe, finally free to flow through the young seventeen year old as she no longer blocked its flow with her impatient thoughts and feelings, surged massively and powerfully out of her body and reached out and took hold of the now quite impotent and terrified Mordecai by the ankle and lifted him up over fifteen feet in the air as if a rag doll and then threw him bodily against a nearby wall where he hit with quite the loud thud, as if but a child's play thing, before falling to the ground head first and knocking him completely unconscious. While the amazed Andrew and Katelyn hugged each other in total joy of their unexpected reunion and watched in absolute awe and wonder, Annabella, finally free of her self-induced inhibitions, now quite easily channeled the massively powerful Wirkungen to securely tie him up, as well. Nearby vines, responding to the slight hand motions of Annabella, rapidly surged towards Mordecai and securely wrapped him up in a cocoon of vegetation as if he was but the prey of a spider. Finally with a snap of her fingers, the now powerless Mordecai found himself secured in an inescapable enchanted cell back in Avandell, never to unleash evil on the world again; to the great delight of Annabella's mother, Cassiopeia, who also found herself quite shocked when, with a sudden bang and flash of light, the now humble Mordecai materialized as if an exhibit animal on display.

The present…

"Yes, I suppose the reduction of 25 of the meanest people on all of Sonnen III to mere cube encased toys is pretty awesome." Eugene remarked as he took in the sight of the 25 cubes, each containing a convicted criminal that never were never far from Rebecca.

"Yes. I especially like the one that I put that despicable Hans in, especially after all he did to Elsa and Anna. It seems like a tropical paradise of sun and sand until…" Rebecca stated, as she picked up an enchanted cube and not so gently shook it causing a sudden snow storm to spring up obscuring the entire scene.

The once benign tropical scene now mimicked that of Arendelle at the height of the Great Freeze. The snow within the cube soon rose to the waist of the prisoner.

"Rebecca!" Rapunzel shouted as she saw the tropical paradise replaced by a blizzard of immense proportions that all but obscured the now blue hued and shivering former youngest prince of the Southern Isles as the snow climbed even higher and soon rose to his shoulders as he stood there helplessly.

"Awww, mom. Can't I have some fun with the ultimate 'snow' globe? Even if it is not a globe in the conventional sense?" Rebecca pleaded with a smirk a mile wide.

"Absolutely not, Rebecca! You must be better than that piece of filth," Rapunzel stated as she snapped her fingers and the blizzard suddenly disappeared, to be replaced by a scene of sunshine and balmy mid-70 degree temperatures.

Rebecca was saved from further admonishment from either of her parents by a firm knock at the door.

"Come on in, Kai." Eugene said through the closed door to the loyal Arendelle Chief of Staff.

"Thank you, your highness. My lady, it is time." Kai stated as he opened the door, walked in, and gestured for the family to follow him out onto the palace courtyard.

"Duty calls." Rebecca stated as she picked up her equipment belt, fastened it around her waist and strapped the twin holsters to her lower thighs right above her knees and inserted her two one-of-a-kind Model 1840 42 caliber Beretta semi-automatic silenced pistols (the first of their kind anywhere on Sonnen III and personally designed by her in response to a vision), each with 13 round magazines. On top of all of this she put on what she had taken to calling her tactical vest (again designed in response to a vision) that contained extra ammunition.

"This way, my lady…" Kai calmly, although with great difficulty, stated as he opened the double doors leading out onto the courtyard.

The sight that greeted Rebecca would have probably overwhelmed anybody else. As far as the eye could see there were people. Flapping in the breeze were the purple and green banners of Arendelle, the purple and gold banners of Corona, the blue and silver banners of Constella, the green and gold banners of Estrella, and the silver and black banners of Orion. In the harbor, tied up so close to each other that one could walk across the entire harbor without getting one's feet wet were ships of every description. Foremost among them being the 650 foot long, 75 foot wide super-dreadnaught of the Coronian navy, the Royal Corona Navy Ship (RCNS) Flynn Rider II, the new personal ship of Crown Princess Rapunzel and the flagship of the navy whose commander happened to be one Fleet Admiral Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert. As it was, the imperturbable Rebecca barely stifled a yawn as she simply waited in the wings for King Christian to call her forward, which occurred quite quickly.

"Good people of Arendelle and guests and visitors, it is my extreme pleasure to welcome you here as we honor one of Corona's finest, Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert for services to the crown of not only Arendelle, but indeed all kingdoms of Sonnen III. Rebecca, could you please come forward?" King Christian requested as he stood at the end of a 75 foot long red carpet; his wife to his left and his two daughters, Crown Princess Elsa and Princess Anna to their mother's left; and gestured for her to come forward as her parents and two sisters looked on proudly.

The cheering, that surprised many although not Rebecca, left many a people deafened as Rebecca walked forward and into the history books…

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