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Chapter 4

Author's Note:

When we last left the story, Rebecca had given the order that was to resonate around the entire planet of Sonnen III and the five continents of Io, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, and Americus; and, the island territories dotting the six oceans of the Azul Sea, the Nordsee, the Mare del Sud, the Mare Occidentale, the Baltic Sea, and the Mar Oriental.

The Duchy of Weselton's ocean going navy was considered the best of the best among the varied kingdoms, empires, principalities, and republics of Sonnen III. This high regard was based, not on its performance in battle, but on how it looked on paper where it appeared as if it was a first rate force with no other navy coming close in quantity or quality. This sentiment seemed well placed as the navy consisted of 18 corvettes sporting 12 4-pounder naval artillery pieces, 12 frigates sporting 32 8-pounder naval artillery pieces, and another 6 cruisers sporting 50 12-pounder naval artillery pieces. These weapons while seeming impressive at first glance, would be found not only to be obsolete very quickly, but also totally useless in the coming scuffle with the quite unexpected quarry of the two ship fleet of the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea. The maximum range of these weapons was only about 6,000 yards.

The Flynn Rider II, as the lead ship of a new class of warship soon to evolve into the feared dreadnaught and the forefather of the famed battleships of the next century, was such a leap forward in technology that most residents of Sonnen III could be excused for not believing what they saw. First, the ship was quite immense with an overall length of 650 feet and a beam of 75 feet. Second, it was constructed of a newly developed steel alloy that would prove impervious to the armaments of the day. Third, it was powered not by the wind but by a new system that relied on the careful combination of the tears of Rapunzel, Eugene, and Rebecca herself to generate a limitless amount of steam from even sea water to drive a trio of large brass propellers. Fourth, the weapons themselves while not a great leap forward were nevertheless a quantum leap forward in their mounting. Rather than the conventional alignment along the two sides of the vessel, the 18 weapons were grouped into six turrets of three guns each. These weapons had a maximum effective range of almost 15,000 yards and an optimal range of about 7,500 yards. These turrets, mounted fore and aft, would allow these vessels to engage targets regardless of location and bearing and utilized the recent development of electricity as their power source. Finally, the ammunition itself consisted of a massively hardened steel that had the power to punch through light armor and up to 18 inches of oaken hull planks. The Amanda Katelyn was a mirror image of the Flynn Rider II and the two ships were affectionately considered fraternal twins by the residents of Corona.

The thus seemingly justifiably proud fleet of the Duchy of Weselton consisting of 18 vessels or exactly one half its total strength along with its best commanders, and about a day and a half out from the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords and its small and quite limited coastal defense navy, did not know of the changing state of the art. The disaster to befall them was better imagined than contemplated as such a battle had never taken place before. Their shock was to be mirrored by all nations of Sonnen III as the art of war was to have a major makeover and lead to the first 'superpower' to make their appearance on Sonnen III. Luckily for planet, the fair and compassionate Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea was to be given this heavy responsibility first.

The two forces, the two ship Coronian fleet with another still secret weapon in reserve and the 18 ship Weselton fleet were continuing to close the range from the initial 15,000 yards. The Duke's fleet was arrayed in such a manner that six corvettes were in the lead followed by four frigates, and the three cruisers. Two more frigates and three more corvettes brought up the rear. This formation was sure to provide maximum manoeuvrability while protecting the cruisers, or so it was thought.

The lead ship of the Duke's fleet, the very capable corvette DWNS Imperator, was the first to die a quick death at the hand of the Flynn Rider II's mighty naval artillery. The first of three shells fired from the number one battery of the Flynn Rider II slammed into the side of the ship about two feet above the waterline and perfectly aligned with the main powder magazine from a range of 7,500 yards. It was followed, in quick succession, by the other two shells of the foremost turret, with each striking about ten feet to the right, or aft, of the previous round, and even closer to the waterline with the last shell striking a mere three inches above the waves sweeping past the hull. The half second delay, coupled with the quarter second delay between each of the three shells striking its target completely obliterated the ship as the 300 pounds of high explosive, more powerful than anything ever seen on Sonnen III in its recorded, and unrecorded history, exploded in quick succession and set off a massive secondary explosion within the many dozens of black powder barrels that splintered the oaken structure of the ship as if a porcelain tea pot dropped off a three story building. Of the crew, the only survivor was the ship's mascot, a golden retriever that jumped from the stern as she sensed the first shell about to strike. She was later picked up by the Amanda Katelyn as she dried herself on the largest piece of wreckage, foot piece of the rudder.

The twelfth ship in the fleet, the cruiser Vengeance, was the target of the Amanda Katelyn's number one battery. As the Amanda Katelyn smoothly maneuvered away from the Flynn Rider II to gain running room and to better separate the two ship's fields of fire, the three weapons of her number one turret let loose at Captain Forrester's command. The Vengeance, having seen the sudden explosion of the Imperator as it vanished as cleanly as if it had never been there, had just began to make an evasive turn to port when the first of three shells struck it as neatly as the shells from the Flynn Rider II had the Imperator. The turn, while briefly increasing the range to about 8,000 yards, had actually helped ensure that all three rounds struck the ship exactly on the waterline, 15 feet apart. The resultant triple explosion so cleanly blew the bottom of the ship away that the ship sank within 7 seconds with no survivors at all among the crew.

The fourth and seventh ships, the corvette Triumph and the frigate Defiant found themselves also quite overmatched by the combined fire power of the Flynn Rider II's number two and number three turrets and soon joined the Imperator and the Vengeance on the bottom of the Azul Sea.

The proverbial turkey shoot continued as the fourteenth and seventeenth ships, the frigate Allecto and the corvette Defiant, soon fell under the guns of the Amanda Katelyn's number two and number three turrets as well, and were soon joining their fellows at the bottom of the Azul Sea.

Rebecca, watching with growing excitement as she saw the Duke's fleet suddenly cut by one-third, could hardly wait for her aunt and uncle, on board the Annabella Marie, to eliminate with one single salvo another eight ships. Amanda and Rupert, feeling their niece's growing excitement, yet quiet detachment, decided to speed things along a little bit and to change their targeting to match the need for maximum destruction in as short a time as possible. They said as much to her through their thoughts.

"We are changing our targeting to include the two remaining cruisers." Amanda softly stated.

"Yes, I agree with your sentiment…" Rebecca was heard to whisper.

"My lady?" Admiral Wilhelm asked in response to his commander's voice.

"Just watch…"

On board the Annabella Marie…

"You may fire when ready, Mandy." Rupert stated as he finished changing the targeting to the appropriate eight vessels.

"Here goes nothing!" Amanda replied as she quickly depressed the two firing buttons that simultaneously launched the eight torpedoes, as Rebecca called them, in two sets of four at their targets.

On board the Flynn Rider II…

Rebecca had barely uttered those words when the second, third, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, and fifteenth ships of a battle line that once contained 18 ships all suddenly disappeared in towering explosions as over 500 pounds of an even newer and even more powerful explosive let loose. To say the crews of the two fleets were shocked was to seriously underestimate things. The corvettes Avenger, Viper, Subjugator, Basilisk, and Devastator; along with the frigate Eclipse; and the cruisers Bellatrix and Conqueror so suddenly and violently joined their fellows that again it seemed as if the fleet had never existed.

Rebecca, in her moment of triumph and somehow sensing the worry coming from the palace in Arendelle decided to reassure them.

"Captain, I'll be in my cabin for a brief moment. Please allow the last ships to survive as a war prize for our friends in Arendelle. Inform the survivors to remove all offensive weapons and ammunition."

"As you wish, my lady." Admiral Wilhelm stated as he signalled the Amanda Katelyn to move closer to the four remaining ships; ships that had lowered all sails and raised white bed sheets to the top of their main masts in the planetary wide signal of surrender.

Rebecca, having entered her cabin began to calm herself so she was more receptive to the ebbs and flows of the Wirkungen, sat down before her massive desk and began to reach out to her grandmother's sister's family.

In the Royal Arendelle Ball Room…

The worry on the face of King Christian von Arendelle was plain to all to see as about five days had passed since the order to sortie the Arendelle navy, coast guard in all reality, had been given. While the old adage of no news is good news was usually true, in this case, no news simply made the waiting all the more excruciating. It was to the great credit of Elsa, that the temperature remained a balmy 75 degrees throughout the kingdom and in the ballroom. The entire family was deeply engrossed with their dancing lessons as their way to try to minimize their worries and concerns and as a coping mechanism that they did not see what little Olaf suddenly began gesturing to moments before finding his voice.

"LOOK!" Olaf finally blurted out as he pointed towards the middle of the room.

"What is…?" Anna asked before being stunned into silence by the sight before her.

"Wow…!" Synnøve stated as she too took in the most amazing sight that she had ever seen.

"I knew everything would be alright…" Kai was heard to whisper to an obviously relieved Gerda.

"Are you ever wrong?" Gerda relievedly and jokingly asked in return as she gently nudged him in the ribs with her elbow.

"As the king's most trusted advisor, I certainly hope not." Kai modestly replied.

So, what did the august group see that left them so much in shock; you ask? Well, let me tell you!

In the middle of the room, the tables and chairs having been placed along the sides of the room to allow for more space for dancing, first appeared a tiny yellow dot the size of a cantaloupe. The dot hovered there for a moment about eight feet above the floor. The group stood there awestruck, and slowly moving towards the outer wall and out of the way, as the yellow dot first changed to a wonderful blue hue and then aquamarine. As they all, to a person and a snowman, stood there with their mouths literally touching the floor, the now aquamarine orb soon grew to over 25 feet in diameter. It soon filled about a quarter of the amply sized ball room. The opaque orb, effectively blocking sight through it, soon cleared and took the form of a wonderful seascape. While the formation of an orb in the middle of any room might tend to freak people out, this was not quite the case as the vision that soon appeared before them left the royal family of Arendelle both shocked and relieved.

As they continued to watch, the view seemed to move forward rapidly across the wide ocean expanse and soon focused on a series of eight sailing vessels. The Arendelle royal family very quickly recognized the first two and the last two ships as their own. Specifically, the corvette Royal Arendelle Coast Guard Ship (RACGS) Ellida accompanied by the frigate RACGS Freia were leading the former Weselton navy frigate Dauntless and corvettes Avenger, Devastator, and Adamant. The frigate RACGS Desideria and the corvette RACGS Nornen were bringing up the rear. The interlopers to this amazing sight were happily amazed to see the purple and green colors of the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords flying from the highest mast of all eight vessels.

"What a remarkable turn of events. What amazing tale this will turn out to be…" King Christian softly spoke.

"Yes! Yes, it is and yes it will be. You are also correct that this story will soon be known throughout Sonnen III as the shot heard round the planet." The easily recognized voice of Rebecca boomed throughout the ball room.

"Rebecca?!" The group called out.

As they watched, the scene rapidly moved away from the eight sailing ships and towards a pair of massive ships with immense weapons located fore and aft. The image continued towards these two vessels and soon moved to the admiral's cabin of the Flynn Rider II and the figure of one Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert. She looked absolutely awe inspiring in her jet black garb as she stood before her chart table.

"My friends! I hope I find you in good spirits."

"Yes! We are definitely in good spirits now!" Synnøve happily remarked.

"I sensed your distress and felt I needed to let you know that all was well. I guess you now know that your navy has now been doubled in size, although your new ships are completely unarmed and in serious need of a refit."

"I am sure that will not be an issue, your highness." Kai stated as he began to take down notes to ensure the refit was accomplished as quickly as possible.

"Thank you, Kai. So, Rebecca, what is your plan now?" Christian asked as he first looked to his aide and then to the princess of Corona.

"My plan is to send the Flynn Rider II to the Kingdom of the Southern Isles where it will destroy their navy and take the royal family captive pending trial in Corona."

"Then…?" An obviously quite eager Anna asked.

"I will, along with the Amanda Katelyn and its fiery captain, will go to the Duchy of Weselton, and capture what is left of their navy and take the Duke and his henchmen captive; again pending trial in Corona.

"Thank you for your report. When will we see you again?" Elsa asked.

"I calculate that these two operations should take about five days. After a quick stop in Corona to drop off the prisoners, I'll head your way with my parents and grandparents. It should be about a fortnight."

"So, see you soon, then Becky." Olaf said to the amusement of all present. For being a snowman, he had a great sense for how to cheer people up and indeed has been recognized as the most important component to Elsa's continued control, second only to her sister Anna; that is.

"That's right, Olaf! I cannot wait for my warm hug!" Rebecca remarked as the rest of group smiled at Elsa's creation.

The conversation ended, the orb suddenly shrunk back to the size of an orange prior to disappearing completely. The royal family and their trusted aides all fell to their knees in joyful and tearful relief and gratitude to the skill and daring of a warrior princess.

"She is certainly fearless, isn't she?" Anna asked.

"Yes! She shall soon be known as Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert, the fearless." Elsa confidently stated as she looked to her family.

Back on board the Flynn Rider II…

Rebecca, her conversation completed, went back out on deck.

"Orders, my lady?" Admiral Wilhelm asked.

"Signal the Amanda Katelyn to approach. I will transfer my flag to her and head to the Duchy of Weselton. You will take the Flynn Rider II to the Southern Isles, along with the Annabella Marie, and destroy its military through a series of careful bombardments. Lord Marcus and Lord Johannes will then go ashore with Amanda and Rupert to take the entire royal family prisoner."

"We will then head back to Corona?" Captain Callahan asked.

"Yes, my friend. They will then stand trial. While the son may not be held for the crimes of the father, I am a firm believer that Hans is trash because of his mother and father."


"May you have good hunting." Rebecca stated as she eagerly leapt the ten feet between the two vessels."

Rebecca, now on board, gave Captain Forrester the order to post her colors."

"Aye. My lady."

The crew smartly raised her four silver starred blue banner to the top of the Amanda Katelyn's main mast.

"Let's go, captain. Next stop Weselton."

"Aye, my lady. XO, all ahead full. Helm, steer course 230 degrees.

"All ahead, full." The XO repeated.

"Steer course 230 degrees." The helmsman repeated.

"I estimate a two day voyage at our normal full speed of 30 knots."

"I concur." Rebecca stated as she plotted the course on the chart at the rear of the bridge.

Two days later…

The Amanda Katelyn, sitting still about 5,000 yards off shore and parallel to the coastline was waiting for the right time to strike. The nautical twilight was giving way to the glow of the normal dawn.

"I see our targets." Rebecca stated as she looked through her powerful binoculars at the Duke's fleet as it rested at anchor, although this was not her target.

"I have targeted all the port facilities and the guardhouse and armory." Captain Forrester stated.

"Very good. Let's wait about another five minutes and give them the wakeup they will never forget."

"Aye, my lady."

Rebecca, seeing the glare of the sun blinding the guards trying to look off shore, gave the order.

"Captain, you may fire when ready."

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