It wasn't very long when Nava found Niju, he knew where he would be. He would still be in the land that their antsisters lived for generations. The land full of rocks and cliffs, barely any grass. Niju will be there, Nava just need to find them there.

"Niju!" Nava called when their clan's old land. His voice couldn't yell that well though, because of his old age.

"Niju!" he tried to call again, but still…no answer.

Nava was sure he was here but there tons of places Niju could hide, under or behind multiple cliffs or rocks, it was like a maze in a way. But lucky for Niju wasn't too far from him, watching him look for him in the distance….or not so lucky…

Niju was in a stoking position, crawling on the rocky floor, near a cliff next to Nava. He was waiting for the right moment for him to strike at the old wolf.

"One….two…." Niju counted as he whispered to himself, "THREE!"

Niju jumped but Nava was one step ahead of him and stepped out of the way and Niju hit hard on the rocky ground.

"You need to do better than that, Niju," Nava said with a smirk on his face, "after all I have a lot of what did you call them….old tricks of mine?"

"Very funny, Nava," Niju said as he got up and shook himself. "And what are you still here? You're too old to fall into your death in the great waters?"

"Well…you're right I'm too old to cross the great waters," Nava said, "though I wouldn't say I'm old enough to fall to my death yet."

Niju and Nava just stared at each other for a moment. Nava was expecting him to attack him again but he didn't move a muscle, just stood there. Niju was thinking of attacking again but what was the point? He only attacked Nava was to kill him and to end his old ways but what was the point if the other wolves were gone now? There would be no pack to lead. Niju just stood there and thought…what should he do?

"Are you going to do anything else….Niju?" Nava asked, but Niju continued to be in thought.

Nava felt like he should start over, "Niju, I came to find you because we are still a clan, even those is only two of us. We can't survive without each other, because wolves need one and other, so all I ask is for us to let go of the past and look after each other until the one of us leave this world, that is when you or me will be completely only…"

"Ha!" Niju laughed, like he thought it was a joke that Nava offered to be a clan again. "Like I'll look over you, Nava! Did you forgotten already a few moments ago I was trying to KILL you!?"

"Like I said before, we should let go of the past, even if it happened a few moments ago."

"Haha," now Niju was laugh out of controllable, "You'll never change, Nava. I could kill you right now if I wanted too but I don't see the point anymore since you not the leader anymore and the pack is gone to their deaths. So I'm going to let nature kill because I'm not and never watch over you! You can be killed by hunters for all I care!"

Niju walked passed Nava and was walking to the exit of the land.

"Where are you going now?" Nava asked looking over his shoulders.

"I'm to the same plan before the other wolves from our clan left," Niju said, "to steal from the bear clan."

"What!?" Nava now had his entire body facing Niju.

"You heard me!"

"Niju! Stealing from the bear clan by yourself is even more foolish than with the clan! You be KILLED instantly!" Nava quickly stepping forward to Niju.

"Then try to stop me if you can. Even though you still have your old tricks you STILL can't out ran me with your old age."

Nava stopped. Niju was right and for one moment Niju was gone, disappeared into the bushes.

Nava just stood there, still in the clan's old land, when he heard a "Hoo"

Nava looked towards a tree just outside their land. It was an old grey owl, seemed the same age as him. Nava thought the owl looked familiar and then he knew who it was.

"Are you just going to let him go and get himself killed?" the owl asked like a whisper in the wind.

"No, I won't," Nava said to himself and followed Niju.