The Bear Clan

The bear clan territory looked very different from the wolf clan's. First of all instead of rocks and cliffs there were trees and a lot more grass and all were surrounding a huge long river. There were many bears around and in the water, trying to catch whatever salmon is left before winter comes and will make them hibernate.

Niju was hiding the in bushes near the river, licking his lips as he saw a pile salmon that was closest it him. He pretty sure any of the bears haven't seen him yet or smelled him out so Niju crawled up to the pile and was about to grab a big chuck of it with his teeth. Sudden he was interrupted by a growl. It wasn't like a growl from an adult bear, it was more like a scared sort of growl.

Niju looked around the other side of the pile and saw a bear cub. The bear cub obviously noticed Niju and was backing away, trembling with fear. Niju knew if he let the cub go the other bears would know he was here so he jumped on the poor defenseless cub and grabbed the cub with his teeth.

This was not a good idea because as soon as picked the cub up the cub started to cry out. Niju plan was to kill the cub before it drew attention but it was too late and already an adult bear was charging straight at Niju.

It was the cub's mother, a huge brown bear. It tackled Niju and he flew into the water. Likely for Niju it was the swallow end. When the mother bear tackled him Niju released her cub and the mother and her cub were running away, to let the other bears to care of the intruding wolf.

Niju had angered the entire bear clan now and dozens and dozens of enormous bears swarmed in on him. Niju tried to escape by exiting the place he came from but bears circled around him, closing the gap.

There was only one thing Niju can do now. FIGHT.

Niju jumped on the bear that was blocking his exit. This was also wasn't the best idea because just as he attacked the bear raised his claw and SLASHED at Niju.

Niju fell hard on the ground. The bear, that was the cub's father, slashed at Niju's side and was heavily bleeding now.

This was now the bear's chance and they came closer to Niju, ready for the kill. Niju tried to defend himself but he was losing so much blood he almost couldn't move.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Niju growled in his head, I CAN'T die, I'll find a way to get out of here.

But Niju was so much blood now that was beginning to faint. The bears laughed and came even closer to Niju, their teeth and claws ready.

Was this the end?

All of a sudden a voice came and stopped the bears from finishing Niju. Niju knew that voice, it so familiar. But thanks to the blood lose Niju closed his eyes before he saw who it was and now everything was blackā€¦