Severely Injured

Niju slowly opened his eyes. He was in a cave, but it wasn't a bear cave. Somehow he was back into his clan's old home.

Niju tried to get up but his injured side was still bad and so he collapsed on to the rocky floor. There was nothing else to do but to wait until it heals, likely the bleeding stopped though. Niju leaned closer to his injured side and licked his wound. It even hurts when he tries to lick it.

"Oh, finally awake," said the same voice Niju heard before he blacked out.

This time Niju knew who it was. It was Nava.

Nava was at the entrance of the cave, actual looked like he was relieved that Niju was alright.

"I didn't need your help, Nava," Niju growled, "I can take care of myself."

"Oh, sure you can," Nava said jokingly as he walked towards Niju, "It seemed that you could when those bears swarmed in on you."

Niju growled again but didn't say anything this time.

Nava put down his head to observe Niju's injury and started licking it. Niju tried to hold back his howler but the pain was so bad that he couldn't help it.

Nava stopped and lifted his head, "hurts?"

"I don't need you to lick my wounds," Niju growled, completely ignoring Nava's questions, "I can lick it myself!"

Nava just laugh slightly. "Are you really going to do everything yourself with an injury like this? The bear clan got you too good, Niju."

Again Niju didn't answer, just kept on growling.

"Now, your wound will heal but it will take time, you'll be lucky if it's heals up before the first snow fall of winter," Nava paused before he spoke again, "it's probably for the best though…it'll keep you for trying to do stupid things again…"

"Ha," Niju all of a sudden chuckled, even doing that hurt, "just as when my side heals I'll go back stealing from the other clans! I won't stop even if it's KILLS me!"

Nava just sighed and put his head down. "Then you still decided to not be a clan with me again…"

"Nava, I'll never be a clan with you EVER again," Niju growled again, "And if you don't follow my ways and help me then I couldn't CARE less if you die just to stick by your ways! I'll ONLY let you near me now ONLY to help me heal! GOT THAT?"

It took a bit but Nava finally nodded softly and walked back to the entrance of the cave. But before he left he said to Niju, with a soft quiet tone, "I'll be back tomorrow morning to check up on you….goodnight…"

Niju didn't say "goodnight" back.

It was now late at night. Niju was fast asleep in the cave but Nava was still up. He was the very same cliff that sat Aleu that very night not so long ago. Nava watched the waves of the ocean, thinking about Niju until he heard a "Hoo" again.

Nava looked up the sky saw that grey owl again.

"Nava," the old owl said, "so we meet again."

"Grawl," Nava felt relieved now, "it has been a long time since we talked, hasn't it? Though you still come when I need you."

"Of course," the owl chuckled as he flew down next to Niju, "that's my job after all."

"Of course," Nava began to chuckle too but then looked down the cliff with sad eyes.

"Still don't know how to stop Niju with this nonsense?" Grawl could read Nava like how humans could read their books.

"No," Nava said, "Niju think this is what he should do and he's too stubborn to listen to me…for one the those few times I'm stumped of what should I do…but I guess that's way you are here, huh Grawl?"

The old grey owl nodded.

"What do you I should do?" Nava asked.

"Nava, I think you are focusing too much on the present," Grawl paused with a smile on his beak, "why don't you focus a bit on the past for Niju?"

After he said that Grawl flew up and flied back towards the direction which he came. And in only a few moments he disappeared, no sign that the owl even came.

Grawl never gave Niju a clear answer, just like all the others do for theirs creatures that they guide. They let the creature think about what they say and figured out for themselves. Nava thought of what the old owl said and then…he knew how to help Niju…