-Chapter 1: The Beginning-

Echizen Nanjirou was not one of the unintelligent species. It was just that he preferred to act as one out of his obvious laziness and character. He could be serious if the situation calls for it, though his definition of a serious situation might be slightly different from yours. He also had a good sense of humour, if not a little dry and old, and maybe also slightly ticking off some of the more sensible people of the feminine kind, but today was not the day for humour.

A frown etched into the usually carefree man's face, as he flicked forward his arm in a quick motion. However, the moving projectile swiftly and silently curved away, almost flighty. "Ryoka."

The teen who was called out paused her continuous action of manipulating the trajectory of the yellow spheres, and with an almost casual sidestep she caught the item that Nanjirou had tried to intercept a few moments earlier. "Oyaji." She muttered a half-hearted reply. "So, what brings you here, at this time of the day? Don't you have better things to do, like reading those extremely offensive magazines of yours?" she shot an accusatory glare at him.

He replied with a sigh. "Ryoka..." He had wished the his daughter wouldn't act like this towards him. Detecting her irritated mood, he decided to tread a tad more carefully, ignoring her raised eyebrow and her impatient tone of 'Well?'. Scratching his head slightly, he started to regret his brashness at his decision. Yes, a vacation to California sounds just fin-

Leaping to the side, he narrowly dodged the ball that he swore nearly broke the sound barrier, and stared with slightly wide eyes at the teen. "Is that how you treat your father?" He cried dramatically. "Oh, how I have failed your mother. She would surely be sorely disappointed at how her sweet and cute daughter-" Yet again he dodged another shot, this time dangerously close to his head.

"Shut. Up." Ryoka hissed, irate. "Get to your point or I wouldn't hesitate to knock you out of this place with consequences." She enunciated her words menacingly, swinging her racket onto her shoulders. "So get talking."

The older man hesitated for a moment, then steeled his will and shaped his mouth in order to enunciate the next few words.

"I want you to move to Japan with us, Ryoka."

The silence that followed was comparable to an area devoid of life.