The Penultimate Chapter

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Nick, Beth, Emily, Tom and Philip arrived at Shaun's house.

"Hey guys, come on in" said Shaun

The 5 entered Shaun's house.

"So, Ghostface can't get all of us if we stick together" said Shaun

The 6 sat in the living room.

"Well, we're here till morning, what do you want to do to pass the time?" asked Beth

"How about we watch the Stab movies?" suggested Shaun

"Really? You wanna watch the Stab movies when the ACTUAL Ghostface is at large?" asked Tom

"Ever hear the phrase, know your enemy?" asked Shaun before starting the first Stab movie

Later, Philip heard a noise outside.

"What was that?" asked Philip

"I didn't hear anything" said Nick

"I'm going to investigate" said Philip

"I'm going with you" said Beth

"Me too" said Shaun

The three left.

"This is it, in a couple of hours, it will be the anniversary of the Woodsboro Massacre" said Tom


Philip, Shaun and Beth were investigating outside.

"I don't see anything" said Philip

Philip walked a little further away from the other 2. A loud thud is heard. Philip returned to the others.

"Guys?" asked Philip

He looked around a fence. He didn't see anything. He turned around to see Ghostface.

"GUYS!" yelled Philip

Philip tried to run off but Ghostface stabbed him right in the back. Philip turned around, Ghostface turned him around and stabbed him once. Philip kicked him off and was able to remove his mask.

"You?!" asked Philip

Ghostface put the mask back on. Philip ran back to the house.

He slammed the door open.

"Philip! What happened to you?" asked Emily

"Ghostface, it's..." said Philip

Before Philip could reveal who Ghostface was, the masked killer stabbed him in the back, deep enough to kill him. Ghostface stood at the door.

"Ghostface!" said Nick

Ghostface held the voice changer to his mouth.

"That's just the gimmick name, you know me as..." said Ghostface

Ghostface removed his mask


Tom, Emily and Nick were in shock.

So Shaun is Ghostface

But what's his motive?

Find out next time in the final chapter