The final chapter

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Shaun stood at the door, standing above Philip's corpse.

"Shaun, you're Ghostface?" asked Nick

"Yeah! Surprised?" asked Shaun

"A little bit" said Nick

"Wait, where's Beth?" asked Tom

"She's knocked out on the side of the house" said Shaun

"Why did you do this?" asked Nick

"I had a motive for almost everyone, you see, about a year ago, I dated Scarlett, then she broke my heart and left me for Philip, that just made me sad, then a few months ago, she appears at my doorstep revealing that she's pregnant, that drove me over the edge" said Shaun

"What about everyone else?" asked Emily

"Ah yes, my next target, Megan, that little BITCH, she didn't care about who she hurt just so long as she got her own way, I put her out of her misery. Keith, I saw that as an opportunity to assign blame to Nick and take any possible suspicion away from me" said Shaun

"What about my Aunt?" asked Nick

"Her? Her death was just simply to send a message. Those 2 loser cops, I needed a way to get to Tom to help lower your defences, but before that, I snuck into Emily's hospital room and stole her glasses so I could frame her for everything" said Shaun

"Why are you after me?" asked Nick

"You? Your reason to die is alot more personal, but you are not going to live to hear it" said Shaun before pulling out a gun

"You're a fucking psychopath" said Nick

"Thank you" said Shaun, before shooting Tom in the leg.

"TOM!" said Nick

"I wouldn't bother, I would be interested in saving my own neck" said Shaun

Emily and Nick ran to hide. Shaun followed them and kicked Tom in the face to knock him out.

Nick and Emily hid in the basement.

"Emily, if we don't survive this, I just want you to know that I like you, a lot, I've always wanted something to happen between us, romantically" said Nick

"Nick, I feel the same way" said Emily

Shaun found them and charged at them.

"LOOK OUT!" said Nick

Nick got out of the way but Emily got stabbed right in the back.

"AAAAGGGGHHHH!" yelled Emily in pain

"EMILY!" yelled Nick

Shaun walked towards Nick, Nick tried to back away but Shaun stabbed him right in the gut.

"AAAAAGGGGH" yelled Nick in pain

Nick fell to the ground.

"Before you try to kill me, you have to tell me! What's your motive for me?" asked Nick

"Did I ever tell you the story of my Uncle Bill?" asked Shaun

"No" said Nick

"Actually, he was my Uncle Billy" said Shaun

Nick was starting to realise what was going on.

"Billy Loomis, he was my uncle, I never met him but your mother killed him and you never kill a member of my family, then your mother killed my Aunt Debbie" said Shaun

"So, you're going to kill me because my mother killed 2 serial killers?" asked Nick

"This is good old family revenge, Sidney Prescott killed my Uncle and Aunt, so I kill her son, and Nick..." said Shaun

Nick stared at Shaun

"It's midnight, you will be known for dying in the anniversary of the first Woodsboro Massacre" said Shaun

Nick kicked Shaun away and got to his feet. Nick tried to snatch the knife away from Shaun but Shaun fought him off. Shaun then hit Nick in the face, knocking him back down.

Shaun stood over Nick. Nick looked around and saw a meat spit that Shaun's family used for Barbeques.

"Say hello to my Uncle for me" said Shaun

Nick grabbed the meat spit.

"TELL HIM YOURSELF!" yelled Nick

With one fluid motion, Nick jabbed the spit right into Shaun's stomach. Shaun fell to the ground.

"Nick" said Tom, who was just entering the basement with Beth, who had regained consciousness

"I got him" said Nick

"Great" said Beth

Emily regained consciousness.

"Agh, what happened?" asked Emily

"Nick got Shaun" said Tom

Nick pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket.

"I can't believe that I never found out what this means" said Nick

A hand reached for the knife. Shaun gets back up.

"Hey, I'm not finished yet" said Shaun

Shaun ran at the survivors but they all moved out of the way, Nick grabbed the gun and quickly shot Shaun in the head.

"I think that's what it meant" said Tom

==The following morning==

Lucy Riley was outside the house.

"Lucy Riley reporting from the sight of the final killings of the recent Ghostface Serial Killings, what started as the murder of an innocent girl turned into a massacre. The 4 survivors are Nick Prescott, Thomas Kevins, Emily Lorrens and Beth Hardway, the 4 survivors reported Shaun Lake as the Ghostface killer, revealing his motives as revenge and anger" said Lucy

Nick, Tom, Emily and Beth were limping home.

"This was exhausting" said Tom

"Yeah, it was, like a real life horror movie" said Beth

Nick looked at Emily.

"Hey, Tom, Beth, you two go on ahead, we'll catch up with you later" said Nick

"You sure?" asked Tom

"Yeah" said Nick

"Alright" said Tom

Tom and Beth left, Nick and Emily looked at each other.

"So.." said Emily

"So, you know I like you now" said Nick

"I knew the whole time" said Emily

"Really?" asked Nick

"Yeah, everyone knew" said Emily

"God dammit" said Nick

"And, you know that I like you now" said Emily

"That, I do, so, you wanna see a movie some time?" asked Nick

"Sure, just no horrors" said Emily

Nick and Emily both laughed

"Alright then" said Nick

"Oh, one more thing" said Emily

"What?" asked Nick

Emily leaned in and kissed Nick, she put her arms around Nick's neck and Nick put his hands on her shoulders.


That's the end of that, just so you know, I'm going to make a sequel with the 4 survivors in college.