Maka had grown accustomed to the room, even living with Death and Kid. The two people she couldn't stand were the twins. They would never leave her alone, always bugging her about Soul and Star (god bless their souls if those two actually had to be in the company of these lame-brains), or asked the most idiotic questions she could imagine.

Well, one day Maka had enough of the brats, who just happened to live above her. Kid and Death had gone to do some errands, so it was only the three girls in the house. Over the last few days, one of them being her birthday (of course these people didn't know, only Soul, Star, Azura and Free knew) and she had gotten a few things she had been pining for. Free and her occasionally talked about music, and Maka mention she had busted her amps - more like, they caught in fire after BlackStar spilled something on them and never told her. So, on her birthday, the two had presented her with a new set of amps that she could only have dreamed of owning.

Whether for pure entertainment or revenge, Maka would never tell which, she plugged her guitar into her amps and turned the volume up to 10. Resting her hand underneath the neck, her other on her hip, she glanced at the time: 5:30. On Kid's list of how the house was run, it stated that everyday at 5:30 the twins would be taking a nap (lazy people, indeed) in their respectable rooms.

Standing by her piano, she grinned, yelling "Wake up call!" And started playing a random song that popped up in her head, almost flinching herself at how loud it was. Thank you Free and Azura, these amps ROCK.

"MAKA!" She heard the two yell, but not before two thumps on the ceiling above her - most likely the two falling out of their bed.

"You are such a pest!" "Why did Death take you in?! You're nothing but a rat!" "I can't believe people actually enjoy being in your company!" Insult after insult could be barely heard above her until she heard a simultaneous:

"Turn that shit off!"

All the while, Maka only proceeded to play more, standing on her piano bench and shamelessly rocking out. Even though it was for revenge (I guess Maka would actually tell which one), she was still having fun. It had been a few years since she had really gone all out on her guitar, and it felt good. Actually, scratch that. It felt fucking awesome.

Now, Maka - whom was laughing her ass off the entire time - stopped playing and unplugged the amps, making sure everything looked how it was before (even turning the volume dials back to 0) and sat on her bed. Twin sounds of footsteps echoed on the stairs, accompanied by screams of protest and annoyance.

Liz was the first to stomp into her room, her hair sticking up randomly and her clothes rumpled. "Damn, looks like you really did need that beauty sleep, huh?" Maka said from her spot on the bed, a book in her hands. She couldn't hold back the smirk as Liz went off yelling about how rude and how disrespectful it was to wake someone up like that.

Neither of the two had noticed Patty, who now had Maka's guitar in her hands by it's neck. "Die!" and a smash was all that was heard for a few seconds, before Maka's face was red and a vein was pulsing on the side of her neck. "What the fuck did you do?!"

Across the room in a flash, she had Patty against the wall terrified. If looks could kill, Patty would have been dead three times over by now. Even Liz was upset, her sister went to far.

"Why would you break my guitar, you giraffe-loving freak?!" Squeaks of fear could be heard from the smaller blonde, who had only then realized her mistake.

"L-Liz said she wanted to smash the guitar to bits...I was only doing what she said!"

No words could describe how pissed Maka was, her hands were shaking-itching to hit someone. Before she gave in to her urges, Patty was across the room by her sister, both shamefully cowering in fear by the door.

While the twins were both orphaned and adopted, Maka had been through a 'happy' family, divorce, being blamed for said divorce, being disowned twice, and taking care of her 'Papa's' bullshit. She was a hardened heart encased in a steel wall with no openings. Eyes ablaze and muscles tense, she turned towards the sisters and grinned out a "get out" that made knees give out and hearts stop from fear.

Those two. Those two fucking girls. She loathed them.

Grabbing her coat, she stormed downstairs and walked out into the cold. Instantaneously, she felt calm. After fixing her jacket, Maka walked towards the Parlor, hoping to sketch out some designs and possibly get a new tattoo from Free (she preferred his work over his companion's).

"Maka!" Free greeted, his voice doing wonders on her nerves. Free always calmed her down, no matter what had happened.

"Hey Free." Jacket now hung up, Maka trudged over to his area of the shop.

"Need another fix, eh?" In the Parlor, instead of saying they needed new ink or a new tattoo, they called it a fix, because every single one of their customers were regulars and were pretty much covered in more ink than skin.

"Hell yeah. Think you can do the Aries constellation on my left shoulder blade?" Maka's zodiac sign was an Aries, and she had been meaning to get the constellation tattooed sometime.

"Of course. Want the Libra on the right?" Free asked as he got his needles ready, waiting for Maka to remove her shirt and sit down.

"Why Libra?"

"They're opposite signs. You're most compatible with Libras."

"Hm...okay, that sounds good. I like it. Do both."

"Greet!" After pulling up the constellations, Free got to work. The feel of the needles across her skin relaxed Maka and she closed her eyes, feeling like she could fall asleep. She guessed people could really get used to anything.

After a while, Free announced he had finished, only to discover the blonde had fallen asleep. Pulling his phone out, he called Star and asked him to come pick Maka up from the shop, since he didn't have the heart to wake her. Despite being a tattoo artist and having a tough demeanor, he had a soft spot for his family.

The next morning Maka woke up in BlackStar's apartment, shoulders wrapped and still slightly swollen. Said owner of the place was asleep beside her, his head resting on her shoulder. She noted they were both in a sitting position on the couch, with her jacket as a blanket. A dull throb called itself to attention on her shoulders, making her recall where she had been the other day.

Just as she was about to wake up Star, her phone vibrated inside her jacket pocket. As she pulled it out, she remembered when Kid had given it to her:

"Pink?" She inquired about the color, taking the phone from his hand.

"I didn't really know what color you would have liked, so I just grabbed one." He stated, slightly defensive.

"No, it's okay. Thank you." Maka smileg slightly at the taller male, appreciating his thoughtfulness.

Another buzz grabbed her attention as she unlocked the phone, seeing 10 missed calls and 20 texts from Kid.

"That damned thing wouldn't shut up yesterday." BlackStar grumbled as he woke, stretching his limbs almost like a cat.

Ignoring him, she opened the text she had just received from Kid:

"Please come home. I'm worried abbot you. -DTK"