Chapter 2: panicked

Rated M: For language and adult situations between consenting adults.

Craig expected Butters' room to be what everyone suspected, likely with children's posters scattered on the walls and fluffy unicorn stuffed animals littering his bed. He was shocked to find that Butter's room was very grown up, tidy, slate blue bed set, periodic table poster… it was really BORING. This is how he imagined Wendy testicle-burger's room looked.

Butters walked over to his closet and carefully opened the door. Ah, there was the inevitable rainbow of color (Did Butters even own any black clothes? Craig's closet looked like an angry bear's dark cave). He peeled off his sweater and placed it carefully on a hanger before closing the door to magic-color-clothes-land.

Craig watched (bored out of his mind) as Butters ran around setting up metal plates, blocks of wood, wires, and most puzzling a bowl of water in various places on his computer desk. He eventually beckoned Craig over to the pile of junk. "Just hold onto these plates first…" Butters backed up with a strange device in his hands, Craig glared at him and narrowed his eyes. "If you put your hands in the water first you should generate more electricity…" Butters mumbled, seemingly to the device.

"Great…" Craig said, unenthusiastically.

"Well," Butters looked up into his eyes for a moment before turning away again, "Do it."

Craig signed heavily before dipping his hands into the cold water and returning them to the metal plates. "Are we going to get an A?" Craig mumbled at Butters.

"Well, I sure hope so." Butters frowned. "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." Butters set the device on his bed and wandered out of his room.

God, Butters is so infuriating sometimes… Craig glanced around, the urge to snoop on Butters growing like an evil bubble within him. Desk drawer, junk. Closet, blinding (But surprisingly no dresses, ha!). Under the bed, spotless. Between the matress… WHOA jackpot. Craig glanced at the door before settling down on Butters bed with his lone pornography magazine. How did he get his hands on this? Don't his morals object? Craig chuckled to himself. The magazine was very explicit, Craig could see Butters enjoying a tame playgirl magazine, but this was some vulgar imagery. He grinned flipping through the pages until he heard footsteps headed his way. He quickly shoved the book into the back of his pants And sat down (trying, but failing to look innocent).

"I should probably head out, I'm pretty tired." Craig feigned a yawn, stretching his arms over his head.

"Well, alright," Butters smiled, "I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Yep." Craig shuffled out backwards to hide the unmistakable object shoved into the back of his jeans.

Butters hated his insomnia; he was nearly always awake until midnight, and sometimes later. He wanted to try all the suggestions like lights out an hour before bedtime, avoiding caffine, lavender soap, ect… but there was only one thing that worked… Butters sighed miserably I'm such a disgusting pervert. He stood from his bed and lifted the mattress just a little bit… it was gone. Did I move it? Butters' eyes widened. What if my dad finds it? He panicked, tearing his room to pieces. Oh no! My dad will kill me! Butters did not sleep that night.

He dragged his feet on the way from his car to his homeroom class. Dark eye circles laughed at him in the mirror this morning. his paranoia was warranted, his father had sent him to three different camps trying to squash the gay out of him, and he had assured his father it had worked the last time Lies.

Craig turned his head when Butters shuffled past him in the hallway, he looked like hell. He was his normal perky self yesterday. "Hey!" He snapped. The blonde turned slowly towards the noise and yawned tiredly. "What happened to you?" Craig snapped.

"Couldn't," Yawn "sleep." Butters rubbed at his eyes.


"I lost something…" Butters frowned and glanced at the ground. Craig's eyes widened, Did he notice? He was sure it had just been sitting there collecting dust.

"What did you lose?" Craig lifted an eyebrow.

"It's … it's nothing." Butters blushed. Craig chuckled.

"Fag!" Cartman walked by and gave Butters a hard shove in Craig's direction sending him flying into Craig's chest.

"Ompf." Butters backed away quickly, blushing even more and looking terrified, "So- Sorry." He looked frightened, what does he think I'm going to do? Hit him for falling on me? Jesus, he's like an abused puppy.

"It's ok," he frowned at the smaller boy, "see ya." Craig stalked off towards homeroom.

"How many guinea pigs have you had in your whole life?" Butters mumbled, leaning down next to Craig's guinea pig tank, which currently had two residents.

"Twelve, total. My mom keeps buying them for me…"

"Well, I just wanted to drop off the lab paperwork, I just did two of them since they're exactly the same. You can add notes if you want." Butters shrugged. Their project was due the next day, they were exchanging information to brush up (Mostly Butters telling Craig what he should say).

"Just put it on my desk, I'll look at it later. Not.

Butters sauntered over to Craig's desk and laid the paper down. A glossy corner of a magazine was poking up haphazardly from the desk drawer as if it had been shoved in there in a rush. Butters swallowed hard. It's probably just a car magazine or something … It couldn't possibly be… Butters grabbed the magazine corner and pulled up lightly. The desk drawer swung open revealing Butters' missing dirty magazine that no one should ever know about. A confused mix of anger and embarrassment ran through his body.

Craig jumped when he heard a loud smack come from his desk. The drawer was opened completely and Butters had retrieved the stolen magazine and slammed it down on Craig's computer desk.

"Uh…" Craig didn't know what to say.

"You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you, that's stealing!" Butters shoved the magazine into his backpack.

Craig was still speechless; he sat there gaping like a fish.

"Just trying to get a laugh at my expense like everyone else?" Butters growled angrily. Craig had never seen him angry, and yet tears were still tugging at the blonde's eyes. "You have no idea how hard it is to be me!" he then lowered his head and the crying started and Craig thought his head was going to explode.

"I didn't take it to make fun of you…" Craig's face felt warm and he was nauseous. He was sure if he opened his mouth again he would puke all over the floor.

"Why…" Butters continued sniffling, slowly backing towards the door.

Craig took a deep breath, he had never intended on telling anyone ever. "I just… wanted to look at it." Craig felt liquid in his eyes. No! no crying, suck it up, you're a man! "I'm sorry, I didn't know it would make you so mad." Craig stopped because he could hear emotion in his voice, which was starting to make him angry, his calm demeanor was a shield he had worked on for such a long time.

Butters looked up again with his wet eyes that hadn't actually shed a tear yet, "I'll see you at school, Craig…" He left, without another word.

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