Chapter 3: Flute Solo

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The classroom tables were littered with cheap-crap science projects, several people copping out with a volcano or some hippie pollution experiment. Butters was late for class.

"Where's your partner Mr. Tucker?" The science teacher asked, scribbling something on her clipboard.

"I don't know."

"And your project?"

"Butters has it."

"Hm." She walked away, still frantically scribbling on her clipboard.

Craig had never been so happy to see Butters as he scampered through the door holding a box full of junk (Their project). Thank god! He couldn't afford to fail this class, he'd have to repeat senior year.

Butters was… not happy to see Craig. He slammed the box down on the table in front of Craig and turned away, huffing angrily. "You set it up, I don't care if we fail," his voice was small. He childishly turned his head to stick out his tongue at Craig, showing the glistening little ring Craig had placed there.

Craig frowned, looking into the box. He wished he'd listened, he had no idea how this worked. He snarled at Butters. "Just help me… please?"

"Fine! But only because I'm a nice person, unlike you." Butters said shortly, Craig grimaced. Butters began setting up the project, Craig just stayed out of his way.

Long story short – they got a 'B' on the assignment, thanks to Butters of course.

Craig fell onto his bed after school, it had been the last day and graduation was right around the corner. He was so relieved it was finally over, especially with Butters kind of knowing his deep dark secret (Which was terrifying). Damn He wished he still had that magazine though, he should have hidden it better, or kept Butters out of his room. Still have the internet I guess… He thought, but his chair was so inconveniently uncomfortable.

He plopped down in his cheap rickety office chair. Time for a flute solo, He grinned. The wonders of free streaming porn; convenient yet repetitive. Craig couldn't help it if his mind wandered to some of his friends while watching random strangers; it was all in good fun and meant very little. That guy kind of looks like Kevin and the other guy kind of looks like Token, ha ha why not? Eh? Craig grinned evilly while thinking of his two straight friends fucking each other like porn stars. While nearing the end of his 'solo' his eyes slipped shut for a moment and of all things Butters popped into his head. What the fuck? No! He didn't stop himself though… it was all in good fun… right? When he finished he was bewildered, Butters just made me… Well imaginary Butters begging for my cock did… hm. Craig decided he wouldn't think any more on this, he would just forget it ever happened.

Butters was shocked to find that no one mentioned the magazine or how much of pervert he was or… anything! He was sure Craig was going to tell everyone but no one was even looking at him funny. Whew, dodged a bullet… Maybe Craig really was just curious? Ha Ha that's silly!

He was so glad school was finally over, he could start seriously looking for a college. Maybe he could move to a city where he'd be more accepted, where he could find his prince charming. There definitely weren't any princes in South Park! Except maybe Stan Marsh, he was really charming. Butters laughed to himself, thinking of the anger on Wendy's face if she found out about Butters' occasional fantasies about her boyfriend.

Butters was going to be a real struggling artist abroad, try to become popular and sell out! That was his ten year plan. Photography, drawing, music, whatever he could get his hands on at college. Maybe musical theatre! Oh hamburgers… I don't really know what I want to do….

Butters ran his barbell against the back of his teeth, Oh no! I think of Craig every time I do that! He glanced at the little brown paper bag on his nightstand that Craig had brought him at school, with extra rings; he didn't have to bring them. It had been… nice? No, Craig wasn't nice ever, it had been slightly thoughtful? That didn't sound right either.

It did make him look a little cooler, he stuck his tongue out at himself in the bathroom mirror while gearing up to brush his teeth. Really cool! I wish I had lip rings like Craig. Butters pulled down his bottom lip, thinking about how they'd look on him.

Craig hadn't expected to ever see Butters again (besides graduation), especially not in the tattoo shop. Sure enough Butters' bright smile came through the door

"Hi," Butters started, "Charlie right?" He grinned brightly at the older man, shaking his hand.

"Came crawling back, huh? How's the tongue?" Charlie drawled out.

"Great!" Butters stuck his tongue to show the healed ring perched on his taste buds.

"What can we help you with today?"

"I was thinking about getting one right here," Butters pointed to one side of his lower lip, "And here." Butters pointed to the other side of his lower lip.

"Snakes then? Tucker!" Craig begrudgingly came out from behind the curtain. "Customer." Charlie pushed Butters in Craig's direction.

"What are you doing here?" Craig mumbled at the floor.

"To get a piercing," Butters answered matter-of-factly.

"Riiiight…" Craig turned sharply and started to set up his gear and gloves.

Butters perched himself on the dentist-esque chair, watching Craig prepare.

"You couldn't have gone to a different shop?" Craig questioned as he sanitized Butters' lip.

"This is the only one that's close." Craig grabbed Butters' lip rougher than necessary, "Ow!"

Craig had imagined just last night, those sweet lips wrapped around his…. NO! Craig growled at himself, Butters gave him a worrying look.

It had been happening more and more, Craig's thoughts kept wandering from internet porn to kinky scenes of dominating Butters, tying him up, spanking him, and making him beg… it just wouldn't stop! It was infuriating, especially now that he had this demon at such close proximity.

The first needle went through with more ease than the tongue piercing had been. He won't be able to give a hummer with his lip sore anyways… fuck, stop thinking about it! After the second ring was inserted Butters mouth instinctively snapped shut a little, not his teeth but his lips were pressing gently into Craig's finger. He pulled the gloved finger out a little too slowly. It was kind of … Erotic! Craig stumbled back and knocked over the tray of metal tools.

Butters noticed Craig's arousal but didn't say anything, blushing and turning his head to the side. Maybe Craig got some kind of sick joy out of stabbing people.

Fuck Fuck Fuck! It was a moment of weakness, a kind he'd never experienced before. He quickly slapped on his cold exterior and yanked his shirt down a little. "What the fuck are you looking at?!" He snapped, to make himself feel more in control. It ended up sounding incredibly stupid because Butters wasn't even looking at him when he said it.

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