Chapter 6: Practice makes perfect

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Craig laughed, he genuinely jubilantly laughed at Butters' new tattoo claiming himself as Craig's property. "You're going to regret that someday." He snickered.

"I thought you'd like it!" Butters exclaimed joyfully, peering over his shoulder.

"Who said I like it?"

Butters leaned over a little bit suggestively, sticking his ass in Craig's direction. "I thought you might like to have something to read when you finally fuck me. Isn't that why you put it there, so you could look at it…" Craig could happily say he was not easily embarrassed, but this?! Craig blushed furiously. Of course Craig wasn't going to let his cold wall just crumble to pieces because Butters had said 'fuck me', he had a reputation to uphold, and he was supposed to be intimidating!

"Who says I'm going to?" Craig growled, crossing his arms.

Butters stood back up and walked toward the taller man. "I'm not as stupid and naive as you think I am." The image of the very raunchy dirty magazine popped into Craig's head… no Butters wasn't immature at all. "You look at me like you want to."

Craig grabbed the front of Butters' shirt to press him up against the wall and smashed their mouths together painfully. "Fine, you want me to fuck you, I'll fucking shatter you into pieces. Now get out of my fucking shop." Craig gave him a final shove against the wall before exiting the bathroom.

Butters grinned, straightened his clothes and left the shop as instructed.

Butters jumped when a knock came to his bedroom door, he dropped the book he was reading on his bed and pulled his door open. His father was on the other side, he scowled at the piercings adorning his son's face and said, "Someone's at the door for you."

Butters walked down stairs and swung the door opened. Craig was standing there looking pissed and bored. "Sup?" butters said in a small voice, he hadn't expected the other to show up at his parent's house.

"Get in the fucking car!" Craig barked, pointing at the beat up black sadan in the drive way, crookedly parked behind his parent's car.

"O-ok." Butters grabbed his coat and walked quickly over to the car. The inside smelled like smoke and old food and there were burns in the upholstery but he didn't say anything as Craig climbed into the driver's side. "Where are we going?" Butters asked wringing his hands together nervously; Craig might be taking him somewhere private to kick his ass.

"Neither of us has our own place, so I'm taking you somewhere private so I can fuck you." Craig said very bluntly. Butters glanced back at the messy backseat; it didn't look comfortable at all.

"In the car?" Butters asked incredulously.

Craig didn't answer verbally, he just nodded, looking unimpressed, unfazed, and generally bored. Is that how someone usually looks before they have sex? Butters thought. He was excited he was finally going to lose his virginity, he wasn't scared at all (he had practiced with toys before, after all), just pure eagerness enveloped him. "Aren't you fucking scared of me, or nervous or something?" Craig said angrily.

"Do you want me to be scared or nervous?" Butters wasn't sure what Craig wanted at all, he was very difficult to read.

Craig shrugged, growling in frustration. He'd thought Butters would say no, run away, shake like a leaf. Anything but this calm smile the other was giving him. He'd told Butters the previous day that he was going to 'shatter him into pieces' that should have freaked him out, right?

Craig finally parked after a long twenty minute drive. It was the 'point' kids would go to make out with their girlfriends and other such trash, but it was during the day so it was quiet and secluded. Craig sighed while turning off the ignition. "Get in the back." He said without even looking at Butters.

Butters did as he was told without protest, climbing over the seats. Craig wouldn't be able to climb back like Butters, he was too tall so he stepped out of the car and climbed into the back via the door. Craig had decided he was going to treat Butters like an object, like a true slut as his tattoo read, but he couldn't look in those eyes… they were too innocent and it would ruin everything. Craig grabbed Butters' wrist and harshly pulled the blonde on top of himself, the small boy gasped at the quick movement. Craig was still avoiding looking at the other's face, he just needed to get this out of his system.

Butters bravely tried to kiss Craig but the angry man beneath him turned his head away harshly. He watched as Craig reached down to unbutton his own pants, just like in the bathroom yesterday but with other intentions. "I always wanted to know what it felt like to have a pierced tongue on my dick." He mused gesturing at his lap; he was still not looking directly at Butters which made the other boy worried.

Butters took the hint and scooted down to align his face with Craig's hips. Craig propped his arms up behind his head to try and relax, although in the cramped car one of his long legs was bent a little awkwardly. He left Butters to pull his half-mast erection out of his jeans, the boy's hands brought it fully to life. When Craig felt that wet mouth hit him he arched up making Butters gag a little, but it didn't discourage him from continuing. Craig could tell the other was trying hard to use the ring, to make Craig feel the little piece of metal but he could barely feel it (He'd have to get Butters a bigger one for it to matter). He was going too slow for Craig's tastes so he grabbed a chunk of the blonde hair between his legs and started moving the other boy's head manually. Butters gagged a little more but still didn't pull away or complain. It felt amazing, but at this rate he wouldn't be able to follow through on that promise.

"Alright, as much fun as I'm sure you're having," Craig started while pulling up on the chunk of hair in his fist. He accidently glanced at Butters' face. His eyes were glassy and rimmed with red (probably from the gagging), he was flushed, and his hair was a mess. It was beautiful. Craig pushed harshly on the boy's chest sending him flying back into the opposite door. "Turn around." He growled.

Butters got up on all fours, turning his body away from Craig and glanced out the window to double check no one was around. Craig reached around to unbutton Butters' jeans and pulled them down to his mid-thigh along with his underwear. There was a little pop of a cap behind him, probably whatever Craig had decided to use for lube and Butters suddenly got an idea in his head… "Do you have a condom?" He asked dumbly.

"No!" Craig smacked the inside of Butters' thigh indicating he wanted Butters to spread his legs a little wider. Butters felt something really cold being poured onto his backside and he shivered. Craig didn't bother with any advanced preparation, he immediately pressed his cock against Butters who hissed at the intrusion. Good thing I practiced… Butters thought woefully This is gonna… OW! Butters tensed up but relaxed immediately; he knew tension would only lead to more pain. Butters couldn't help but whimper at the first couple of thrusts that felt like sand paper on fire inside him. He took a deep breath and tried to relax, each movement Craig made was becoming more enjoyable. After a couple of minutes Butters reached down to grab himself, surrendering to the fact that Craig was not going to do it for him.

A few embarrassing involuntary moans and grunts escaped from Butters' mouth at the intense feeling, he started to push back against Craig's thrusts making him go harder and deeper without permission, and he heard Craig moan and it sounded so good. Butters came first, still pushing back against the man behind him to help bring him to completion as well.

When they were finished they both frantically pulled their clothes back on and collapsed into a sitting position. They sat silently for a few minutes; the only sound was their gasping pants of breath from the vigorous activity. Butters snuck a glance in Craig's direction and was shocked to see a vacant wide-eyed stare in his direction. Craig didn't looked pissed off, or cold, or mean, or intimidating, or anything; just in awe of the act that just transpired. As soon as Craig realized how Butters was looking at him he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against the seat in front of him and let out a long shaky breath.

Butters wanted to say something to break the silence so he grumpily asked, "Are you going to take me home now?"

Craig sat up and looked at the blonde, who looked a little upset. What did Craig expect? He hadn't shown the other any compassion and yet… this had been the best day of his life because of Butters. He couldn't have imagined how incredible it would be, he thought sex would be boring and shitty like everything else. He should have kissed the boy next to him, praised him, gave him some foreplay; but he'd been greedy and rude. "I'm sorry." He said, Butters looked at him, blinking in an adorable confused manner.


"I should have… I don't know. Do you wanna… hang out?" Craig tried, shrugging.

"If you want to…" Butters' expression softened. Craig crawled across the backseat towards the other boy, grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him. Those sweet eyes were maddening.

"Thank you." Craig said sincerely. He got out of the back of the car and back into the driver's seat.

"Where do you want to go?" Butters asked, climbing over the seat as he had last time.

"Movies?" Craig said, he wanted it to be dark, he didn't want anyone to see them