Chapter 1: Catatonic

Rated M: For coarse language and things of a sexual nature (between consenting adults).

Tweek Tweak loved working at Harbucks, the regular coffee was free to employees and the job itself was fairly low pressure (as long as he didn't work the registers). "One large iced soy café latte coming right up!" Pip's accent always charmed the customers, at least much better than Tweeks stuttering shrieks did.

Pip set the cup down in front of Tweek who let out a little "Bah!" at the sound it made hitting the counter. His shaking hands were accustomed to making each drink on the menu but they still had a tremor to them. Pip had jokingly set up a white board that listed how many days it had been since Tweek dropped someone's drink, today it said '86'. Tweek was relieved, 'WHAT?! That's like almost three months! Oh my god! What if I drop one today?! Pressure… '

"Just… ice and espresso." Craig's monotone drawl spilled over the counter.

"Caramel latte, extra sauce… and whipped cream! Lots and lots of whipped cream!" Clyde was excitedly bouncing next to his best friend. Craig made a gagging noise. Craig and Clyde are both so attractive! They would look so good kissing… Gah, no!

Clyde always talked while Tweek was making his coffee, which made him twice as jittery. "Hey Tweek!"

"WHAT?!" Tweek poured some caramel sauce over his thumb, turning his head violently at the noise.

"Calm down man. We're going to hang out at Token's tonight, watch a marathon of super hero movies. You in?" Clyde did all the talking but Craig looked inquisitive too.

"Oh god! I guess so…" Tweek said with a look of dismay.

"Nothing bad is going to happen, Tweek." Craig added.

"Uh, yeah…" Tweek placed Craig's iced espresso on the counter and turned back to the dreaded whip cream canister. "I'll just take my Diazepam before we go so I don't … do whatever it is I normally… do. Gah!"

"Yeah." Craig agreed shortly.

"No way! I hate when you're on that stuff, you're like a drooling statue." Clyde frowned.

"More normal…" Tweek poured some extra caramel on top of the whipped cream in Clyde's cup and handed it over, a little cream sloshing onto the counter.

Craig and Clyde were showing up soon to pick Tweek up. Tweek stood by his kitchen counter with a mug of coffee and his bottle of pills. No one ever complained when he was catatonic, he was sure it was what kept him having any friends at all. Bottoms up….


"AHHH!" Tweek gathered his things and shuffled out the door to Craig's truck. "Hey! Sorry!" He shouted climbing into the passenger side.

"What are you apologizing for? You didn't do anything." Craig grumbled. Tweek shrugged. During the trip Tweek could feel his medicine kicking in, his body slowly slid against the door of the truck, all shaking and fear gone, all of Tweek gone...

"Ug, he took that fucking zombie shit, didn't he?" Clyde said poking at Tweek's shoulder.

"He said he was going to," Craig shook his head, "It's probably for the best." He stopped the engine and the two men worked together to pull Tweek into a standing position. He could walk a little but he just stared ahead with deer-in-headlight eyes, as if his brain had been turned off.

Token turned at the sound of his friend's entering. "Oh, you brought a Tweek, how thoughtful," He joked, "just throw him on the bean bag." They followed the order, dropping the limp boy into the bean chair. Craig stooped down and rubbed Tweeks back for a minute, "you need anything, buddy?" he asked softly. Craig had always had a soft spot for Tweek, even he wasn't sure if it was genuine concern or pity.

"Coffee." Tweek whispered in reply, staring at the ground in front of him.

"Of course." Craig left to seek out Tweek's coffee in Token's kitchen. Clyde frowned at the slumped form that was once his friend. How could Craig agree with this drug bullshit!

Clyde pulled out his phone and typed into the search browser 'Diazepam side effects'. Drowsiness, Memory problems, Dizziness, spinning, restlessness, muscle weakness, nausea, drooling, slurred speech, blurred vision, double vision, mild rash, itching, loss of sex drive… Holy Fuck! That's just the common side effects!

Clyde kneeled next to Tweek and tapped his face lightly, "hey, you there?" no answer. "What if I was going to stab you right now? Would that make you do something… anything…". Tweeks shoulders lifted briefly in a small shrug. Clyde backed up for a second at the response. "I wouldn't do that you know…" he added. Tweek nodded mutely. "Say something." Clyde whispered desperately.

"Something." Tweek slurred. Clyde sighed as Craig walked back into the room with a mug of coffee for Tweek.

"Don't patronize him, Clyde." Craig growled.

"I'm not!"

Token set up the first movie and ordered a couple pizzas before they all settled down.

Clyde couldn't stop staring at Tweek. It's not as if Tweek noticed the attention, he was in a world of nothing, clearly. He was skinny - too skinny - 'I drink coffee instead of eat' skinny. His hair was a little shaggy, in need of a cut, he's probably scared of haircuts, his parents would have to dose him for that too Clyde cringed. His soft facial features which were normally scrunched up and twitching were serene… temporarily. When Clyde had been crouching next to him earlier, he could smell Harbucks all over Tweek, as if he had bathed in the espresso roast.

Two hours into the movie (Two hours into 'Tweek watching' for Clyde) Tweeks pills were wearing off somewhat, Clyde could see his jaw clench every now and then, and Tweeks eyes would dart around every few minutes. Tweeks deep blue eyes caught Clyde's brown ones and stared for a moment. He didn't jump or shout, like Clyde had expected, he stared back. Clyde flushed and looked toward the screen. When had they switched to this movie?

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