Chapter 12: Catatonic, Happy Ending.

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Tweek never thought he'd be able to move out of his parent's house, he'd never really wanted to. He was twenty six years old when he finally changed his mind. He'd been dating Clyde for over five years now and Clyde had received a job offer in Aurora, he would have to move. Tweek had told him he was starting to like being around Clyde more than anyone, including his mother, Clyde made him feel safe.

If he wanted to continue their relationship, which had become quite serious, he'd have to move too. Clyde had even offered to stay at his crappy low-paying job to stay with Tweek in South Park… nonsense, Tweek was ready.

Clyde had made extra-sure to not use any home services or devices that gave Tweek the jitters. Although there was nothing he could do about the gnomes or the voices, he could make Tweek comfortable and had been through enough with Tweek to know how to take care of him properly. 'Taking care' didn't bother Clyde in the least even though Tweek constantly asked if it was getting annoying, Clyde figured if people could love dogs and clean up their shit than he could more than love Tweek who wiped his own ass.

Mrs. Tweak had wholeheartedly agreed to the move, she was getting older and it was harder for her to care for her son. Since being with Clyde Tweek had calmed down significantly, been released from several dangerous medications, and even gained some weight.

Clyde was prepared for the strange barrage of questions when the two stepped into their new apartment, "Are there any sex offenders in the area? Who lives above us? What if they fall through the ceiling and CRUSH US?!I need to google my probability of being stabbed in this part of town…" Clyde had reassured Tweek he'd found the safest gated community apartment he could possibly afford, and they would find a nice place that accepted people like Tweek to work part time, likely a grocery store bagging or fast-food. Clyde knew they'd be happy. He couldn't imagine himself with anyone else.

It was amazing falling asleep together every night, not spending the night at the other's house like they'd done countless times, this time they both belonged in this bed. They were in love

They lived happily ever after. :)